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Organic Oat & Brown Rice Soup (500G) - Alce Nero


The soup with brown rice and oats and dried tomatoes is produced with Italian cereals and legumes. This soup is ready in just 3 minutes, ideal for those who do not want to give up the quality of the raw materials and an appetizing taste, but have little time to devote to cooking.

For an optimal result it is recommended to pour the contents into a pot, heat it, season to taste and serve.

Organic Vegetable Soup (500G) - Alce Nero


Alce Nero organic minestrone contains no added fats and is made using Italian legumes and vegetables. The recipe blends the flavours of seven kinds of vegetables, giving this dish a pleasant taste and making it easy to make – it’s ready in just 3 minutes. Alce Nero minestrone is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to give up quality ingredients and a delicious taste, yet who doesn’t have a lot of time for cooking. For best results, we recommend adding the contents to a pot, heating them for 3 minutes and then adding some extra-virgin olive oil and serving.

Organic Vegetable Bouillon (100ml) - Alce Nero


Alce Nero vegetable stock cube is made without palm oil and the recipe, which has been specially created with four different kinds of vegetable (onion, celery, carrot and parsley), is particularly delicate. Available in a convenient box containing 10 stock cubes.