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Shelled Sicilian Pistachios (50g) - Bacco


These authentic Sicilian pistachios by the historical company Bacco in Bronte are shelled and not peeled for the best taste. After harvesting, pistachios are left under the sun to dry and are then packaged without adding salt, thus being poorer in sodium than pistachios imported from abroad. 

They can be eaten as a snack (munching dried fruit is a Sicilian tradition that sinks into the mists of time), or as a garnish on sweets and ice cream.

Marsala "Floriovo" (75cl) - Florio


Marsala is an iconic Sicilian sweet liqueur wine, often paired with Italian desserts, enriched with the natural substances of egg yolk. This amber-coloured Marsala with coppery reflections is reminiscent of caramel due to its brightness, characterised by sweet notes of cotton candy and marzipan, followed by notes of aromatic and medicinal herbs with slight mineral puffs. The taste is warm, mainly sweet, and delicate. It is rich in returns of dried fruit and a long persistence of toasted almonds. 

This wine is excellent for flavouring marzipan, making Tiramisu and Zabaglione. You can also use it to make sauces, but it is also a good company for fruit pies and dry pastries. You can drink it on its own as a dessert wine or as an after-dinner drink. 

Freshly Grated Parmigiano...
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Freshly Grated Parmigiano Reggiano (60g) - Parmareggio

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Freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese with a sweet and balanced flavour. The quality of Parmareggio is available in a handy Open & Close bags with a freshness-saving zip, in doypack technology. Season you favourite pasta or main dish with exquisite grated Parmigiano Reggiano in few seconds!

This product is naturally free from lactose due to the characteristics of its production.

Gluten-Free Chilli Pepper Cream (90g) - Orominerva


Delicious chilli pepper cream with a very pleasant, medium hotness. For lovers of stronger flavours, this chilli pâté is excellent for seasoning bruschetta, appetisers and aperitifs, but also for enriching white and red meat dishes. Also ideal for vegetarians, it is garlic-free, and it does not contain gluten, lactose, lysozyme and nuts.

Marinated FRIARIELLI in Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (270g) - Orominerva


The iconic \'Friarielli\' (also known as \'Broccoli di Rapa\', \'Cime di Rapa\' or, in English, Broccoli Rabe) of the finest quality, freshly marinated in extra-virgin olive oil.. They are excellent as a side dish for meat, sautéed with sultanas and pine nuts or used a filling for quiches and savoury pies, together with ricotta. Excellent on pizza with sausages or in a sandwich with a burger patty and a mild cheese.

Fresh Yeast (50g)


Fresh yeast is a living micro-organism that starts to ferment when flour or sugar is added to it. This releases carbon dioxide, which makes the dough rise. Adding sugar to fresh yeast makes it easier to mix into the water and encourages it to ferment.

It\'s ideal for pizza dough, bread and baking.

Yeast for Pizza "Mastrofornaio" (3x7g) - PaneAngeli


Dried yeast ideal to make mixtures that require a slow rise, such as pizza, bread and savoury cakes.

This yeast is only added to the flour, along with 2 teaspoons of sugar. When using this yeast is necessary to the dough before baking.

It contains 3 sachets of 7g each, for a total of 21g.

Potato Starch "Fecola di Patate" (500g) - Paneangeli


Fine and impalpable, used primarily in the preparation of desserts more delicate and friable dough and light or as a thickener for sauces, gravies, sauces and soups.

The Paneangeli Potato Starch is carefully selected and is suitable for any type of dessert: cakes, biscuits, puddings and creams. It can be used to partially or totally replace the flour, to obtain crumbly and delicate sweets.

Extra Fine White Sugar "Zefiro" (1kg) - Eridania


With its pure crystals, this Italian granulated sugar is ideal for all your everyday recipes.

Pure and incredibly fine crystals that dissolve quickly, without leaving lumps: this is the secret to adding a delicate sweetness to your spoon desserts, fruit salads, yogurt and drinks. An ally always by your side in the kitchen.

Freshly Grated Pecorino Cheese (100g) - Cento Bontà


Freshy grated cheese with a soft and delicate taste, made with a blend of Pecorino sheep\'s milk cheese (70%) and other aged cheeses (30%). Packaged in a resealable bag to preserve its aroma and texture, this grated cheese follows a long aging process that guarantees the natural absence of lactose and gluten.

Ideal for seasoning your favourite pasta and for many more tasty recipes.

Double Cream (200ml) - Panna Chef


If you love cooking, with a little imagination you can find a thousand uses for your "Panna Chef". Thanks to its creaminess, it is ideal for seasoning a first course of pasta, binding all the ingredients together. It\'s particularly creamy and homogeneous and wraps every dish with taste, giving a "CHEF" touch that makes every occasion special.

Sunflower Oil (1L) - Del Borgo


Obtained from sunflower seeds of Italian or European community origin, it is refined for consumption in all types of cuisine, excellent used raw for light food or for frying vegetables and meats.

Rich in light green polyunsaturated fatty acids, it is particularly used for the preparation of cooking sauces, such as mayonnaise, or for covering and preserving pickles.

Golden Salted Croutons (75g) - San Carlo


The authentic Crostini Dorati (golden croutons) combining tradition and quality. Genuine and fragrant slices of fried bread. Rich in flavour and always crispy, excellent as a quick snack or to prepare delicious canapé recipes paired with a drink. Also great in fish soups, creams, with mussels or clams.

Capers in Vinegar (100g) - Belotti


Delicious capers preserved in vinegar. Capers are amongst the finest in the world, bursting with fragrance and flavour and extensively used in the Mediterranean Diet.

Capers are ubiquitous in the typical cuisine from Pantelleria, but also in traditional Italian cuisine. They are very versatile, ideal for seasoning cold dishes, such as salads or veal in tuna sauce, but also for hot dishes, as a complement to meats and fish, as a pasta seasoning, for tomato-based sauces and to prepare the "Puttanesca" sauce.

Ketchup-calvé-250g-tomato sauce
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Ketchup (250g) - Calvé

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Calvé ketchup comes from a simple and genuine recipe, which does not contain preservatives or thickeners and, as per law, dyes. Moreover, with only 15 Kcal per serving, it allows you to taste your dishes lightly. It can be included in a varied and balanced diet with the tranquility of a recipe made with natural ingredients.

Pure Anchovies Paste (55g) - Iasa


Anchovy paste: the secret ingredient you don’t know chefs use to expand the flavour! Anchovy paste is ideal for canapé and finger food or as a topping to your favourite pasta, and it goes well with cocktails, beers and sparkling white wines. 

Grated Tuna Bottarga (50g) - Iasa


Italy\'s best kept secret enhances any dish with a wonderfully intense sea flavour.

Bottarga di Tonno is the salted, pressed and dried roe of tuna that has been fished in the local Italian waters. An ancient, sunbaked ingredient belonging to the Mediterranean coastline it is strongly associated with Italian cooking, particularly that of Sardinia. Rich, and intensely savoury, it enhances any dish with a wonderfully intense sea flavour.

Rosemary Molise...
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Rosemary Molise Extra-Virgin Olive Oil in mini tank (100ml) - Orominerva

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Extra-virgin olive oil flavoured with natural rosemary extract.

Only the best olives from the region of Molise are selected to produce this extra virgin olive oil, which is then cold-pressed using a traditional stone-mill. Intensely perfumed and slightly piquant, this olive oil will surprise you for its fruity, rich taste. 100% pure and 100% Italian, use it in soups and pastas, or top your tomato bruschettas with it. Either way, enjoy it!