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Fresh Seasonal Aubergines (~500g)


Use fresh aubergines for a traditional Sicilian \'Caponata\' or \'Pasta alla Norma\', or combine them with stronger flavours such as goat\'s cheese, figs, bacon or anchovies. For an interesting Italian-style dish, slice it, then top with pesto, a slice of beef tomato and mozzarella and a drizzle of olive oil, then put in the oven for 15 minutes. Voilà!

Fresh Seasonal Potatoes (~650g)


Fresh potatoes ideal for making delicious purees, mashed potatoes or classic Italian gnocchi. Also excellent as a side dish, both fried and baked, and to be used for jacked potatoes. They can also be boiled and then served, for example as a salad, as they retain moisture very well. A superlative potato variety for all uses!

Fresh Seasonal Radicchio (Unit)


Radicchio is one of the most iconic Italian vegetables, with a nutty taste than its wine-red leaves.

In Italy, Radicchio is classically added to risottos and tomato sauces or simply grilled and dressed in olive oil. The bitter flavour pairs well with sweet sour, fatty and salty accompaniments such as citrus, pear, pomegranate, tomato, balsamic vinegar, walnuts, anchovies, cream based dressings and sauces, candied pecans, salted meats such as bacon and salami, black pepper and provolone, parmesan and gorgonzola cheeses.

Fresh Seasonal Fennel (unit)


Fennel is one of the most underutilised vegetables, but is crunchy and has a sweet and anise-like flavour. This fresh vegetable can be eaten in various ways. When raw, its crisp texture is similar to celery and perfect in a salad. Fennel caramelises when it is cooked and it gets a sweeter and tender taste. It can also be roasted or added to soups or sauces. 

Don\'t know what to do with the leaves? They can be chopped up and used to flavour hot and cold dishes just like other herbs. 

The perfect combination is a pasta or risotto with fennel. It can also give your pizza that extra flavour you\'ve been looking for. 

Fresh Vine Cherry Tomatoes (~250g)


Tomatoes are an all-rounder, which is why you should invest in the very best. 

With a rich, full-bodied, mildly acidic flavour, cherry tomatoes are a staple in Italian cuisine. You can cook them for your own Passata and then use as a base for a range of pasta dishes, or simply eat them raw in a caprese salad, roast them in the oven or cut them and use them as the perfect topping to your own pizza.

Fresh Vine Tomatoes (~500g)


You can almost taste the Mediterranean sun in these high-quality vine tomatoes.

These delicious and colourful tomatoes are as natural as they come. Their robust flavour is the perfect pairing for an array of Italian meals. Eat them on their own or inside a sandwich, panini or piadina. You can also roast them and serve with white fish, or simply add them to your favourite pasta.

Fresh Seasonal Courgettes (~500g)


Thanks to their subtle yet filling flavour, courgettes are exceedingly popular as a replacement for standard carbohydrates.

Endlessly versatile, courgettes can turn any store cupboard ingredient into a respectable meal. Thanks to their subtle yet filling flavour, courgettes are currently a buzzword in the food world with health fanatics using them to make courgetti (courgette spaghetti) or zoats (zucchini oats), replacing standard carbohydrates. To eat them the Italian way, add them to pasta alla norma, turn them into a gratin or blend with Parmigiano into a fresh tasting but hearty soup.