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Fresh Seasonal Red Apples (~500g)


Fresh and vivid red apples, with a pleasant sweet note.

Eat them as a snack at any time of the day, or cut them into slices for a fresh salad together with walnuts and balsamic vinagrette, or even bake them with pork chops or sausages.

Fresh Seasonal Golden Apples (~500g)


Undoubtedly one of the most important apple varieties of the 20th century, both as a commercial variety in its own right, and as breeding stock for many other varieties. Very good flavor when home-grown.

Golden Delicious apples are firm, crisp, and white-fleshed. These apples have a balanced sweet-tart aromatic flavour, which has been described as honeyed. The flavour varies depending on where these apples are grown; in a cool climate, the number of acid increases, actually creating a sweeter flavour. When grown in warmer areas, the acid content is lower, creating a milder flavour. The sweet-tartness of the Golden Delicious means this apple is a good fresh eating variety. Fresh, raw apple slices may be added to green salads, fruit salads, or grain salads. Golden Delicious apples also have the necessary acid content and stability for baking. They can be baked into crisps, crumbles, tarts, cakes, galettes, and breads. Apple slices may also be cooked down into preserves and kinds of butter, or pureed into sauces and soups.

Fresh Abate Pears (~500g)


It\'s the best pear in the kitchen. Abate\'s fruits are good if consumed fresh, but the sodium pulper makes Abate the best pear in the kitchen. Remarkable are the recipes that see Abate cooked in red wine or served together with chocolate as a dessert.

This pear is a big sized fruit, slightly elongated shape with a wide base, dark skin, sometimes a total russet, white-yellow and medium-thin flesh, slightly granular, with good taste and aroma. It is usually eaten at the end of a meal, above all in combination with soft and blue cheese, ideal when cooked with a thin layer of caramel before serving.

Fresh Seasonal Lemons (~500g)


Fresh lemons for an authentic, irresistible Mediterranean scent.

Whether it is a light squirt over the top of grilled fish, meat or even avocado, or the strong zing within a Pannacotta, the zesty fruit is sure to not disappoint. These fresh lemons are the perfect ingredients for your homemade cakes, juices and cocktails.