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Prosciutto San Daniele - Aged 18 Months, Sliced (80g)


San Daniele is a fine ham, unique for its sweet and delicate taste. It can be considered Italy\'s most precious type of Italian charcuterie along side with the Prosciutto Crudo di Parma. 

Prosciutto di San Daniele is produced only in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The secret to its famously good taste? The exceptional micro climate here in the hilly area around the town of San Daniele, where winds blow down from the Alps to meet the breezes coming in from the Adriatic Sea. This optimum environment and age-old maturing techniques combine to give Prosciutto di San Daniele its natural trademark taste and texture, which keeps perfectly without requiring any preservatives.

This product comes in vacuum pack.

Spicy Salsiccia Salami (360gr)-spicy salami-suppa Spicy Salsiccia Salami (360gr)-spicy salami-suppa
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Spicy Matured Sausage (~360g) - Suppa

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This \'Salsiccia\' sausage is pleasantly spicy, perfect for a picnic or Aperitivo as it can give extra colour to your charcuterie plate. Great with bread but also in a pasta sauce or as a pizza topping, cut in little cubes or sliced. Lactose-free & Gluten-free.

This is a medium spicy salami, prepared according to the most traditional Calabrian recipe, from Italian shoulder pork pulp, minced with chilly and salt only, stuffed into natural casings, matured and smoked in a natural way.

Halal Beef Spicy Nduja Spreadable Salami (~340g) - Suppa


Soft spreadable spicy salami made from selected halal-certified beef, flavoured with top quality chilli pepper, aged and smoked naturally.

Good as an appetiser or a starter or to prepare delicious and exquisite recipes that exalt it flavour. This halal nduja is made from genuine beef meat whose origins are controlled and certified. Only basic ingredients as the traditional family recipe wants. A perfect gift for all the halal salumi lovers!

Spicy Nduja Spreadable Salami (~400g) - Suppa


A palate invading, sensory addictive fiery pork paste from Calabria. It\'s the must have ingredient for a bit of a kick!

Nduja is a unique \'salume\' from Calabria: a soft spreadable salami obtained from selected pork meat, flavoured with top quality chili, matured and smoked in a natural way. The strange name is related to the French andouille and, though nduja is also packed into that rather worrying lower end of the gut to form its singular shape, it has nothing to do with the much more polarising (and let\'s face it, poopy) andouillette. Thinly spread on toasted bread, on pizza, used as a base for a stew or in a pasta dish with shellfish or stuffed squid, it spreads its rich flavour and tingling spiciness in the subtlest way right into the part of the brain that stores the best memories of food. You will want more.

Freshly Breaded Chicken... Freshly Breaded Chicken...
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Freshly Breaded Chicken 'Cotoletta' with Turkey (2x110g)


2 fresh and crunchy chicken \'Cotoletta\' (Italian for \'Cutlets\') of around 110g each that will delight your taste buds! Enriched with nutritious turkey, these crispy cutlets are full of flavour thanks to their breading made from wheat flour seasoned with paprika and turmeric.

Ready meal. Simply cook them in a frying pan for 3 minutes or in the oven at 225°C for 10 minutes.

Keep them in a refrigerator. They can also be safely frozen.

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Spicy Caciospianata Salami, Sliced (80g) - San Vincenzo


Caciospianata is a cured meat typical of the province of Cosenza, in the southern region of Calabria. It consist of spianata, a salami made from pork leg, minced and spiced with a hint of chili. The salami is then wrapped by melted Provolone cheese, made with cow\'s milk. Excellent when finely sliced and served as a starter or as a pizza topping.

Garlic Salame sliced - vacuum packed (80g)-sliced salame-garlic salame-la glacere
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Garlic Salame, Sliced (80g) - La Glacere


This salami is cured with fresh chopped garlic, which gives it a distinctive flavour. It\'s great on pizza, for sandwiches and also delicious on its own as a cold meat or when served with apple and sweet pickle.

Typical Friulian salami, obtained from the finest cuts of pork. When cut, a smooth, compact slice, from coarse grinding. The taste and aroma are enhanced by the right balance between garlic, wine, salt and black pepper. This product comes in vacuum pack.