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Seasoned Truffle Salami (250G) - Salumificio Peveri


Italian Salami with freshly grated truffle.

This seasoned truffle salami by Peveri Carlo is cured with real pieces of Italian Truffles for a fuller taste and amazing aroma as you slice. Only made with the finest pork and truffles. Excellent as an appetizer or for a gourmet sandwich. Vacuum-free, peeled product.

Salame Strolghino (220G) - Salumificio Peveri


Short-matured salami, prepared with fine grinded Culatello meat (the lean leg meat of domestic pig)

The relatively short curing time results in a very tender salami. It is particularly lean and has a sweet, delicate flavour. The Strolghino Salami is prepared with the addition of a small amount of salt and spice.