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Cow's Milk Ricotta Cheese (250g) - Sterilgarda


Ricotta is a fresh, soft and just slightly salty Italian whey cheese made from cow\'s milk. This additive-free ricotta is excellent as an ingredient for both savoury and sweet cakes (including quiches and cheesecakes), as a topping for pasta or pizza, or simply on its own on a slice of fresh bread. 

Ricotta Salata Cheese (100g) - Pinna


Ricotta Salata is a dry, salted ricotta made from sheep\'s milk and aged for 90 days. An extremely tasty table cheese, Ricotta Salata is typical of Sicily and Sardinia, great when grated and used as a topping to pasta or risotto, or shaved in fresh salads.

This product comes in vacuum pack.