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Fresh Piadina (5x120g) - La Piadineria di Riccione


This thin Italian flatbread is typically prepared in the Romagna region. Unlike the doughy and light tortilla, this piadina is tastier and crumblier and can be stuffed with many things. 

This flatbread is best eaten when hot and filled with salami, prosciutto, bresaola, vegetables, cheese or eat it with chocolate spread or jam as a sweet treat. You can find some easy recipes on the packaging of the piadina to give you some more inspiration. 

Sardinian Bread "Pane...
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Sardinian Bread "Pane Carasau" (250g) - Piaceri Italiani

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Very thin and tasty flatbread, made without preservatives. Ideal to be served, hot or cold, with cheeses, salads and a glass of wine, or to be dipped in your favourite sauce. The original recipe is very old and was conceived for shepherds who used to stay far from home for long time. Made from hard wheat bran, salt, yeast and water.

Homemade Freselle from Calabria (400g) - Borghi d'Italia


Freselle are a bread typical of South Italian regions such as Calabria and Apulia. Best when lightly moistened with fresh water and served as an appetizer in the style of bruschetta, dressed with chopped tomatoes, olive oil, and fresh leaves of basil.

This irresistible artisan version made in the province of Cosenza, in the region of Calabria, is particularly crunchy and can be also a great substitute for bread, best with vegetables, cheeses, Prosciutto Crudo or salami.

Sliced bread for bruschetta-400g-Gecchele-bread-bruschetta-sliced bread
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Sliced Bread for Bruschetta (400g) - Gecchele

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Sliced bread ready to be toasted and dressed for your perfect Italian Bruschetta!

Toast the bread and drizzle it with chopped tomatoes and a hint of garlic, and sprinkle it with a bit of oregano; add some extra-virgin olive oil on top and enjoy it! This bread is ideal for your Aperitivo with a delicious charcuterie and cheese board.

Organic Spelt "Gallette" Crackers (120g) - Fiorentini


Light, crunchy and tasty crackers, with a unique thinness, ideal for different types of diet: made only with selected and blown organic spelt, they keep all the nutritional properties. Low in fat and high in fiber, they are excellent as a substitute for bread, as a snack or tasty appetizer, together with your favourite sweet or savoury ingredients.

Suitable for vegans.

Organic & Gluten-Free Corn "Gallette" Crackers (120g) - Fiorentini


Light, crunchy and tasty crackers, with a unique thinness, ideal for different types of diet: made only with selected and blown Italian organic corn, they keep all the nutritional properties of the cereal. Low in fat, they are excellent as a substitute for bread, as a snack or tasty appetizer, together with your favourite sweet or savoury ingredients. And they are gluten-free.

Suitable for vegans.

Sfoglie Crackers with Olives (190g) - Pavesi


Thin, crunchy oven-baked saltine crackers enriched with the flavour of green and black olives, making them even more delicious. These crackers are ideal to make your own canapes. Try them for your Italian Aperitivo at home, for example, but you can enjoy them at any time of the day.

Corn Breadsticks (150g) - Le Sfilatine


Crumbly breadsticks made with corn flour following the most traditional recipe. You can have them as a healthy substitute for bread or as an appetizer together with a board of cheese and charcuterie, or a snack at any time of the day.

Traditional Taralli with Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (300g) - Piaceri Italiani


Crispy and crumbly savoury snack, ideal for a light and tasteful break!

Tarallini are a delicious snack obtained by the simple processing of flour, oil and wine. There are different types of taralli, from the classic made with white flour, to those with fennel, or chilli. In this recipe of taralli, they propose the classic taste with extra virgin olive oil.

Taralli with a Hint of Chilli (300g) - Piaceri Italiani


A savoury speciality from the Italian region of Apulia... for chilli lovers!

Taralli are amongst the best known snacks in southern Italy. Typical dish of Apulia, the flavour of these taralli biscuits is unique. Fragrant, crisp and tasty, these chilli Taralli are distinguished from others by double cooking, which makes them unbeatably crunchy.

Taralli flavoured with Fennel (300g) - Piaceri Italiani


Naturally handmade, ideal to serve with your aperitifs, this kind of taralli is also a perfect match to any of your meals and a simple, yet tasty and genuine snack.

They are made following old recipe with the main ingredient varying depending on the flavour, in this case: fennel. Selection of the best ingredients and accurate baking make these Fennel Taralli exquisite to eat during the meal or as a tasty snack throughout the day. Bear in mind that they can be quite addictive!

Golden Salted Croutons (75g) - San Carlo


The authentic Crostini Dorati (golden croutons) combining tradition and quality. Genuine and fragrant slices of fried bread. Rich in flavour and always crispy, excellent as a quick snack or to prepare delicious canapé recipes paired with a drink. Also great in fish soups, creams, with mussels or clams.

Cocktail Snacks (150g) - Cameo


A delicious mix of 3 mini savoury snacks: pretzel, salty sticks, and saltine crackers. The perfect combination to enjoy during your aperitivo at home or for a picnic, ideal also to be shared with friends or family.

2 Pre-Baked Bases for... 2 Pre-Baked Bases for...
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2 Pre-Baked Bases for Focaccia & Pinsa (460g) - Mister Pinsa


A pack of 2 artisan pre-baked bases to make your own focaccia bread, Roman pinsa or even compact pizza at home.

Fancy creating your own gourmet Roman pinsa or compact pizza? Simply top these bases with your favourite ingredients such as mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, basil, oregano, olive oil, Parma ham, olives or salami. Prefer making crispy focaccia bread? Just top them with extra-virgin olive oil, a bit of rosemary and salt to taste.

However you like them best, turn your oven up to 250°C, then place your topped dough bases on the grill and cook them for around 5 minutes... and they are ready to be served!