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Shelled Sicilian Pistachios (50g) - Bacco


These authentic Sicilian pistachios by the historical company Bacco in Bronte are shelled and not peeled for the best taste. After harvesting, pistachios are left under the sun to dry and are then packaged without adding salt, thus being poorer in sodium than pistachios imported from abroad. 

They can be eaten as a snack (munching dried fruit is a Sicilian tradition that sinks into the mists of time), or as a garnish on sweets and ice cream.

Shelled Almonds (150g) -... Shelled Almonds (150g) -...
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Shelled Almonds (150g) - Ventura

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Natural, crunchy shelled almonds with no preservatives. This practical 150 gram pack makes them ready to use, perfect for an afternoon snack, or a delicious ingredient for your sweet and savoury recipes. These almonds, selected and packed in Italy, are also a natural supplement for athletes who need to recover after their training session.

Walnuts-ventura-shelled walnuts-80g-noci-snack
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Shelled Walnuts (80g) - Ventura


Delicious shelled walnuts, perfect for a great snack. A natural food supplement which is useful for the proper functioning of the cardio-circulatory system as well. This product contains two 40-gram packs, so it easy to bring along on the road.