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Truffle Cream (90g) - Lemme Tartufi


Great for first courses and hot starters, it is ready to use; just dilute it with a bit of cooking water or broth and drizzle over the pasta. To enjoy with extra virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese and parsley.

Organic Legumes &Veggie Purée Baby Food (140gr) - Alce Nero


Alce Nero organic vegetables and legumes baby food is made with Italian ingredients, with the legumes and vegetables grown outdoors. The clean, essential recipe has been designed to leave the flavour of the vegetables intact and provide your children with nourishment free from added flavourings, starches, colourants, preservatives and oil. 

Sourdough Bread "Struan" - Sliced (800G)


A light sourdough loaf with its distinctive sour flavour.  WE ALLOW TO PURCHASE JUST 1 LOAF PER ORDER.

Also, please be aware that if your order includes the Sourdough bread, you must select 2 days delivery date from your order, so we can add a freshly baked product.

If not, please, be aware that we will delay of 1 day the order.