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FROZEN Potato Chips "Leggerezza", 50% Lighter (600g) - Orogel


Freshly frozen crispy and tasty potato chips, ideal to be oven-baked just as they are, and 50% lighter than standard ones. Having less calories and fats, they are the perfect addition to your meal for everyone to love. 

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Salted Popcorn (32g) - Amica Chips


Grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy this crispy deliciousness. Ideal for a movie night, a long trip or as a snack at any time of the day. This handy bag makes it easy to take it with you wherever and whenever you want. 

Artisan "Albicocca" Apricot Biscuits (200g) - Loison


These "Albicocca" apricot biscuits have a lovely fragrance that comes from the velvety sweetness of the fruit. Their shape represents the simple and round shape of an apricot.

The ideal snack for a pre-dinner drink together with a glass of wine or some fruit juice, they are obviously great at breakfast or with your afternoon tea.

Artisan Canestrello Biscuits (200g) - Loison


Canestrello biscuits are white, flower-shaped biscuits with a hole in the middle. The biscuits are made with butter and pure vanilla to create rich and fragrant shortbread cookies.

The name is said to come from the word “Canestro” which refers to a type of straw basket. These baskets were used to cool the biscuits after they were baked.

Panatine Corn Croquettes with Cooked Ham & Cheese (2x87.5g) - Rovagnati


Two croquettes with natural corn breading and Rovagnati high quality cooked ham and cheese.

Free of gluten and palm oil and ready in just five minutes in the oven or in the pan, Panatine are ideal for a quick meal or yummy appetizer. Full of flavour and made of wholesome ingredients like corn breading, cooked ham all are completely free of gluten, added glutamate and palm oil. Nutritious and appealing for even the youngest palates.

Gluten-Free Chilli Pepper Cream (90g) - Orominerva


Delicious chilli pepper cream with a very pleasant, medium hotness. For lovers of stronger flavours, this chilli pâté is excellent for seasoning bruschetta, appetisers and aperitifs, but also for enriching white and red meat dishes. Also ideal for vegetarians, it is garlic-free, and it does not contain gluten, lactose, lysozyme and nuts.

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Fiesta (400g) - Ferrero

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EXP. DATE 20/05/2022

Fiesta is a pre-portioned sponge cake filled with orange cream and covered with chocolate, the ideal snack for a tasty break at any time of the day. As it contains a tad bit of Cointreau liqueur, this snack is not suitable for children.

Each pack includes 10 snacks.

FORMAGGINI Stracchino Cheese Triangles (140g) - Nonno Nanni


Enjoyed by adults and children, these tasty Formaggini by Nonno Nanni are creamy little triangle-shaped pieces of cheese with a delicate taste of Stracchino. They can be tasted at any time of the day, spread on fresh bread and crackers, or simply dissolved in an Italian minestrone as well as broths and soups. They are preservative-free, have no polyphosphate, and are rich in Calcium and a source of Vitamin A.

Unsalted Artisanal Butter (250g)-butter-italian butter-unsalted butter-artisanal butter-parmareggio
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Fresh Unsalted Butter (200g) - Parmareggio

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Fresh cow\'s milk butter made from cream from dairies located in the provinces of Modena, Parma and Reggio Emilia, in Emilia-Romagna with a unique and unmistakable flavour, and a delicate and creamy taste. Versatile in the kitchen, it is an ideal ingredient to season pasta dishes and to prepare tasty recipes, but also to be enjoyed on its own spread on bread.

Organic Spelt "Gallette" Crackers (120g) - Fiorentini


Light, crunchy and tasty crackers, with a unique thinness, ideal for different types of diet: made only with selected and blown organic spelt, they keep all the nutritional properties. Low in fat and high in fiber, they are excellent as a substitute for bread, as a snack or tasty appetizer, together with your favourite sweet or savoury ingredients.

Suitable for vegans.

Organic & Gluten-Free Corn "Gallette" Crackers (120g) - Fiorentini


Light, crunchy and tasty crackers, with a unique thinness, ideal for different types of diet: made only with selected and blown Italian organic corn, they keep all the nutritional properties of the cereal. Low in fat, they are excellent as a substitute for bread, as a snack or tasty appetizer, together with your favourite sweet or savoury ingredients. And they are gluten-free.

Suitable for vegans.

Kinder Cioccolato (50g) - Ferrero


A little box of 4 Kinder milk chocolate bars, ideal for keeping any child or adault happy. Kinder Cioccolato was created in 1968 with the joy of children in mind: in each individually wrapped bar, you will find the intimate taste that has always accompanied entire generations. And it is free from gluten.

Fresh Butter with Summer Truffle (80g) - Beppino Occelli


A unique butter made in Italy by an artisan family business. Composed of 91% of cow\'s milk butter made following the traditional recipe of Beppino Occelli that guarantees the absence of any artificial flavouring. With an extraordinary amount of summer truffle (6%) and hydrolysed milk proteins, this butter is rich in alpine floral essences that give extra taste to the butter. Excellent as a cooking ingredient for pasta, fondues and pâtés, this summer truffle flavoured butter can be simply spread on croutons or bread for a tasty and delicious aperitivo, or added in curls on fried eggs, just before serving.

Milk-free & Organic NOCCIOLATA Hazelnut Cocoa Spread (270g) - Rigoni


Organic spread made with cocoa and hazelnuts, produced with carefully selected ingredients only. Thanks to the quality of the ingredients and a very meticulous manufacturing process, Nocciolata is free from gluten, milk and dairy, and is vegan friendly. Naturally creamy, it is delicious when spread on a slice of bread or rusks, for breakfast or at any time of day.

Suitable for vegans.

Cocktail Snacks (150g) - Cameo


A delicious mix of 3 mini savoury snacks: pretzel, salty sticks, and saltine crackers. The perfect combination to enjoy during your aperitivo at home or for a picnic, ideal also to be shared with friends or family.

Golden Salted Croutons (75g) - San Carlo


The authentic Crostini Dorati (golden croutons) combining tradition and quality. Genuine and fragrant slices of fried bread. Rich in flavour and always crispy, excellent as a quick snack or to prepare delicious canapé recipes paired with a drink. Also great in fish soups, creams, with mussels or clams.

Wudy Snack Grill Pork Frankfurters (100g) - Aia


This tasty pork würstel is one of the most popular frankfurters in Italy. It is gluten-free and dairy-free. 

The pack contains four tasty pork frankfurter sausages, great for a quick snack or to be served as a part of a fun and yummy meal. They can be cooked on the grill or on a barbecue for a couple of minutes or simply eaten as they are. Fantastic when eaten in a hot dog with ketchup or mayonnaise, and great when used as an ingredient in salads, pies, or as a topping to your favourite pizza. 

Baiocchi (Pack of 3) - Mulino Bianco


Baiocchi are made with two fragrant shortbread biscuits with an unmistakable shape that enclose a soft filling made with 100% Italian hazelnuts and cocoa.

This single pack of 3 is perfect for a short break at work or school, but equally good to end a great dinner on a sweet note.

Corn Breadsticks (150g) - Le Sfilatine


Crumbly breadsticks made with corn flour following the most traditional recipe. You can have them as a healthy substitute for bread or as an appetizer together with a board of cheese and charcuterie, or a snack at any time of the day.

Kinder Cards (128g) - Ferrero


From the very first bite, you can perceive the heart of these fine biscuits combined with milk and cocoa, for a surprising taste experience. Its innovative cocoa wafer does not melt, so it is ideal to be kept in your bag.

Kinder Brioss (270g) - Ferrero


Kinder Brioss expertly combines a soft sponge cake, naturally leavened, with a rich 100% Italian milk filling. A soft and delicious brioche, simple and nutritious, it is perfect for breakfast or as a snack at any time of the day, as it is of the right size to be kept in your bag.

This pack includes 10 brioches.