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Nutella (200g) - Ferrero


An authentic taste of hazelnuts and cocoa with a unique creaminess which intensifies its flavour. A classic Italian experience! Enjoy your breakfast in many ways with the great and unique taste of Nutella spread... and do not forget to reuse the empty jar of Nutella as your water glass!

Natural Pistachio Spread (150g) - Bacco


A fine spread of extraordinary quality for all those in love with genuine food. Handmade sweet pistachio spread produced only with the finest Sicilian Bronte pistachio nuts, Nocellara dell\'Etna olive oil and sugar. Completely natural, this spread is lactose-free and preservative-free, therefore suitable for those with particular dietary requirements.

Let the taste and goodness of real Sicilian pistachio nuts inebriate your senses. This product is 100% natural and completely free from GMO, milk, dairy, emulsifiers, hydrogenated fats and palm oil.

Pistachio Cream "La Golosa" (200g) - Bacco


An extremely delicate and genuine pistachio spread in which the distinctive flavour of the pistachio nuts. Try a single teaspoon for 100% pleasure, even better if spread on fresh bread, pancakes or as a cake filling!

This sweet spread is produced in a town called Bronte on the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily. The location is known for its Bronte pistachio. The properties of the lava soil give this pistachio a unique, fragrant taste.

Fig Extra Jam (400g) - Vis
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Fig Extra Jam (400g) - Vis


High Fruit Rate Fig Jam (65g per 100g) enriched with sugar and lemon juice. GLUTEN-FREE

Natura Golosa Fig extra jam is a tasty, genuine and natural preserve, for this it is perfect to transform in a party every moment of a day, starting from breakfast. Thanks to the 65% of fruit, Natura Golosa Fig Jam is a perfect mix of tradition and innovation: a new taste, able to conquer the most refined palates.