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Mackerel fillets in olive oil (250g) - Maruzzella


Unbeatable in both flavour and health benefits, especially as it\'s paired with olive oil.

Fished in the Atlantic ocean, mackerel is tasty food, packed with nutrition. Mackarel fillets are recommended for preparing quick and easy, and thoroughly enjoyable and nutritious meals.

Anchovy fillets in olive oil (80g) - Maruzzella


Anchovy fillets are particularly indicated for those wanting to give a touch of flavour to appetizers, first and second courses, pizzas…

Your kitchen should never be without these fish for lunch, even at the last-minute: all you need is a touch of creativity.

Seafood Salad (240g) - Di Forti


Try this Unique Seafood Salad marinated With Parsley And Garlic!

The freshest Italian seafood salad and a true delicacy. A symphony of flavours from the sea, from the delicate prawn to the pulpines of squid, this has a combination to satisfy the seafood lovers!

Bluefin Tuna Roe (100G) - Armatore


A dry cured salted fish roe of tuna

The Bluefin Tuna Roe, also known as Bottarga has a delicate aroma and it’s know as the Mediterranean’s caviar. It’s obtained from the roe pouch of the Bluefin Tuna, which is progressively pressurized, salted and dried really slowly, following the natural method.The Bluefin Tuna or Thunnus thynnus’ fleshes are rich in proteins and Omega3 with an incredible nutritional value. Armatore bluefin tuna is fished exclusively in the Mediterranean Sea, where the best examples swim, in the full respect of the fishing sum assigned.