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Fine Italian Pastry Assortment "Dolci Momenti" (350g) - Lazzaroni


A fine assortment of delicious pastries including biscuits and small wafers covered in milk chocolate, shortbreads with a cocoa heart, biscuits flavoured with lemon and covered in hazelnut grains and many more! They are perfect with your afternoon tea, for breakfast or as a delicious snack at any time of the day. This elegant box is also perfect as a dessert when having guests over or as a handy gift.

Lazzaroni was the first Italian company to produce biscuits industrially, and has been marketing Lazzaroni branded biscuits and pastries since 1888.

Prosecco + Biscuits Box Set


Looking for a handy, tasty and bubbly gift box?

We have created a unique set including premium organic Prosecco and a fine selection of biscuits and pastries: artisan apricot biscuits, a tray of Aragostine pastries filled with hazelnut chocolate cream and a whole box of fine assorted biscuits and pastries.

These products can come together with your personalised hand-written gift card. Simply do not forget to leave a gift message as a comment at checkout, we will do the rest!

Amarettino d'Italia biscuits (100g) - Matilde Vicenzi


These delicious little Amarettino d\'Italia biscuits are made with a special ingredient: apricot kernels, which provide the unique, bitter-sweet taste. With its round shape and characteristic flavour, it is one of the most famous traditional Italian biscuits.

The crunchy texture and delicious taste of Amarettino d\'Italia biscuits makes them perfect for a snack any time of day, or as a special touch in your most mouth-watering dessert recipes.

Artisan "Albicocca" Apricot Biscuits (200g) - Loison


These "Albicocca" apricot biscuits have a lovely fragrance that comes from the velvety sweetness of the fruit. Their shape represents the simple and round shape of an apricot.

The ideal snack for a pre-dinner drink together with a glass of wine or some fruit juice, they are obviously great at breakfast or with your afternoon tea.

Artisan Canestrello Biscuits (200g) - Loison


Canestrello biscuits are white, flower-shaped biscuits with a hole in the middle. The biscuits are made with butter and pure vanilla to create rich and fragrant shortbread cookies.

The name is said to come from the word “Canestro” which refers to a type of straw basket. These baskets were used to cool the biscuits after they were baked.

Classic KRUMIRI Biscuits (290g) – Bistefani


Following the ancient recipe of the Piedmontese master bakers, these Krumiri biscuits are perfect as a snack or just as a simple breakfast option. The biscuits are sweetened with honey for a rich and tasteful experience.

The name and shape of the biscuits come from Domenico Rossi who was inspired by the moustache of Italian king Vittorio Emanuele II in 1878, as Rossi created the biscuits as an homage to the king.

Gluten-Free Biscuits with Honey "Fior di Miele" (250g) - Mulino Bianco


Gluten-free shortbread biscuits made with cornflour and enriched with wildflower honey. A simple recipe, prepared exclusively with ingredients from naturally gluten-free raw materials, for an extremely tasty and light shortbread biscuits containing all the sweetness and goodness of wildflower honey.

It contains 6 perfect single serving size packs, ideal for breakfast or as a snack to be enjoyed anywhere.

Macine (350g) - Mulino Bianco


Shortbread biscuits prepared with simple, natural ingredients, including fresh eggs from free-range hens, and enriched with fresh cream. Rich tasting biscuits with an extremely pleasant and genuine flavour. Ideal for everyone\'s breakfast, they can also be eaten at any time of the day as healthy food. Best served with a cup of tea, coffee or dipped in hot milk. 

Wholemeal Gemmole Biscuits (350g) - Balocco


A delicious, healthy alternative made with whole-wheat flour, high-quality fresh milk, fresh eggs from free-range hens and cane sugar, with a mix of precious sprout of spelled, wheat and buckwheat cereals. Perfect for breakfast or a quick break at any time of the day, together with tea or coffee.

Wholemeal Cruschelle Biscuits (350g) - Balocco


Whole-wheat shortbread biscuits made with whole-wheat flour, high-quality fresh milk, fresh eggs from free-range hens, cane sugar and a high content of fibre. Goodness, well-being and naturalness in a single biscuit with a distinct flavour. Perfect for breakfast or a quick break at any time of the day, together with tea or coffee.

Baiocchi (Pack of 3) - Mulino Bianco


Baiocchi are made with two fragrant shortbread biscuits with an unmistakable shape that enclose a soft filling made with 100% Italian hazelnuts and cocoa.

This single pack of 3 is perfect for a short break at work or school, but equally good to end a great dinner on a sweet note.

Kinder Cards (128g) - Ferrero


From the very first bite, you can perceive the heart of these fine biscuits combined with milk and cocoa, for a surprising taste experience. Its innovative cocoa wafer does not melt, so it is ideal to be kept in your bag.

Cuor di Mela (300g) - Mulino Bianco


Delicious biscuits filled with apple jam and soft pieces of apple: simply irresistible! They can be enjoyed any time of the day, especially tasty when served with a cup of tea and a bit of honey.

Now in a bigger pack for the same price.

Nutella Biscuits (304g) - Ferrero


A crunchy biscuit with your favourite Nutella hazelnut spread with cocoa. Either for breakfast or for your coffee break, Nutella can now also be eaten in biscuit form! It is the perfect choice alongside your morning coffee or cappuccino.

Tarallucci (400g) - Mulino Bianco


A classic Italian biscuits like grandma used to make. These fragrant pastries are light and delicious, making them an ideal way to start your day. Perfect for breakfast and ideal to dip into your morning milk, tea, or coffee.

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Low-Calorie Pavesini Biscuits (200g) - Pavesi

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Light, sweet Italian biscuits melting into your mouth. They have no added fat and this makes them a great snack for anyone who wants a quick low-calorie snack.

You can use them as an ingredient for your homemade Tiramisu!

Tuscan Almond Cantucci (250g) - Masini


When it comes to the absolute best Italian snacks, none will leave your mouth watering quite like \'Cantuccini alla Mandorla\' - crisp almond biscotti typical of the region of Tuscany, and well-known and appreciated all over the world.

Delicate and crisp, they\'re made using a traditional recipe of just a few ingredients including toasted almonds flavoured with natural vanilla. Ideal to enjoy at the end of a meal accompanied by a classic Tuscan Vin Santo or a good dessert wine. Also excellent with a cup of coffee or cappuccino or a refreshing cup of ice-cream.

Cocoa Ringo (165g) - Pavesi


These delicious Ringo by Pavesi are made of 2 biscuits (one milk and one cocoa) filled with cocoa cream. Ideal for breakfast or as a coffee break. Most loved by Italian teenagers. Free from palm oil.