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Wholemeal Cuor di Cereale Fruit & Fibre Biscuits (300g) - Gullón


A wholemeal snack with oat flakes, a high fibre content and a tempting mix of fruits. Discover a healthier way to take a break with these irresistible rolled oat biscuits, to be enjoyed at any time of the day! Gemmole do not contain palma oil, any additives, colourings or hydrogenated fats, and are free from genetically modified ingredients.

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Nesquik Cocoa Cereals (375g) - Nestlé

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Delicious chocolate flavoured breakfast cereals with crunchy cocoa cereal balls that turn the milk chocolatey. It contains 9 vitamins and minerals including iron and calcium, and has no artificial colours of flavours. Nesquik cereals are made from 45% whole grain, and are high in fibre.

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Fitness Original Cereals (375g) - Nestlé

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These unique breakfast cereals provide a great-tasting start to the day. Delicious flakes made with whole grain and important vitamins and minerals. Now with wholegrain oats, wheat and rice as well as B-vitamins contributing to normal energy-yielding metabolism.

Baiocchi (Pack of 3) -...
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Baiocchi (Pack of 3) - Mulino Bianco


Baiocchi are made with two fragrant shortbread biscuits with an unmistakable shape that enclose a soft filling made with 100% Italian hazelnuts and cocoa.

This single pack of 3 is perfect for a short break at work or school, but equally good to end a great dinner on a sweet note.