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Nesquik Cocoa Cereals (375g) - Nestlé

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Delicious chocolate flavoured breakfast cereals with crunchy cocoa cereal balls that turn the milk chocolatey. It contains 9 vitamins and minerals including iron and calcium, and has no artificial colours of flavours. Nesquik cereals are made from 45% whole grain, and are high in fibre.

Fitness Original Cereals (375g) - Nestlé


Fitness Original breakfast cereals provide a sensible, great-tasting start to the day. Delicious flakes made with whole grain and important vitamins and minerals. Now with wholegrain oats, wheat and rice as well as B-vitamins contributing to normal energy-yielding metabolism.

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Organic Spelt Porridge (250g) - Alce Nero

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Exp. Date 19/03/2021

This organic porridge is made from one of the most ancient Italian cereals: spelt, without added flavourings and sweeteners, and is made in a factory that is certified for the manufacturing of foods for infants. Instant cream enriched with vitamin B1.