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Sweet & Savoury Christmas Hamper


The ultimate Christmas hamper to satisfy both your sweet and savoury cravings! Make someone\'s Christmas very special with lots of amazing Christmas treats including also one bottle of red wine and one of white wine.

Classic Panettone Christmas Hamper


Panettone & Prosecco is the most iconic pairing for an Italian Christmas! Surprise your loved ones with this amazing hamper filled with goodies such as Aragostine, Oat Cookies, Almond Nougat, Cantucci, and of course your classic Panettone & Prosecco!

Classic Pandoro Christmas Hamper


A wonderful classic Pandoro hamper makes for a perfect Christmas gift! This hamper is packed with delicious almond treats, as well as some Prosecco & Pandoro. It is the perfect gift for everyone!

Chocolate Lover Christmas Hamper


Our \'\'Chocolate Lovers Hamper\'\' is the ultimate gift for any chocoholic. Inside this hamper you will find the most amazing Italian chocolate treats, like a Cocoa Panettone and some Baci di Dama biscuits, and to make it even better some Prosecco to go along with it!

Pistachio Lover Christmas Hamper


Who doesn\'t love Pistachio? This hamper is filled with delicious, artisanal Pistachio products. And to make it even better, we also added some Prosecco! For any Pistachio lover, this is the perfect gift, especially around Christmas time.

Pan d'Oro Linea Luxury... Pan d'Oro Linea Luxury...
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Pan d'Oro Linea Luxury (700g) - NaturaDolce

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A soft, bright yellow cake, dusted with delicious powdered sugar. Pan d\'Oro is perfect for the festive season. It is a unique experience of  taste, and brings to mind the ancient flavour of the tradition of fine artisan pastry.

Classic Panettone Linea... Classic Panettone Linea...
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Classic Panettone Linea Luxury (800g) - NaturaDolce


The delicious Classic Panettone by NaturaDolce is of high quality, and made with love, care, and skill. Making Panettone is a long process by a slow natural leavening; this is what gives the product its unmistakable softness, fragrance and taste.

Enjoy it yourself or gift it to your loved ones; Panettone is perfect for any festive occasion.