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christmas cake-dolciaria loison-1kg-classic pandoro-pandoro
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Classic Pandoro (1kg) - Loison


This lovely Pandoro is the ultimate Italian Christmas dessert. It\'s a naturally leavened product, with the typical shape of Pandoro; a star. The cake is decorated with sweet icing sugar.

pandoro-natura dolce-700g pandoro-natura dolce-700g
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Pan d'Oro Linea Luxury (700g) - NaturaDolce


A soft, bright yellow cake, dusted with delicious powdered sugar. Pan d\'Oro is perfect for the festive season. It is a unique experience of  taste, and brings to mind the ancient flavour of the tradition of fine artisan pastry.

panettone-800g-naturadolce-classic panettone panettone-800g-naturadolce-classic panettone
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Classic Panettone Linea Luxury (800g) - NaturaDolce


The delicious Classic Panettone by NaturaDolce is of high quality, and made with love, care, and skill. Making Panettone is a long process by a slow natural leavening; this is what gives the product its unmistakable softness, fragrance and taste.

Enjoy it yourself or gift it to your loved ones; Panettone is perfect for any festive occasion.