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  • Region: Trentino South Tyrol

Lagrein Grieser Alto Adige DOC 2018 (75cl) - Bozen


Strong, warm Lagrein with a distinct aroma of ripe blackberries, fine mountain herbs and a smoky grilled charcoal note.

The full taste is beautifully balanced with a wide, long finish. Medium body, a harmonious drink, with an aftertaste of pressure and accentuated cherry notes.

Special with red meats.

Pinot Noir Meczan 2018 (75cl) - Tenuta J. Hofstätter


The Meczan Pinot Nero is distinguished by its varietal character, its distinctive aroma and fruity character, its bright ruby color with garnet reflexes, and its fresh, stimulating bouquet with seductive hints of woodland berries and cherry. Meczan is harmonious on the palate, it has a sappy and mellow with impressive fruit taste. Pinot Nero was successfully introduced into Alto Adige on the beginning of the 19th century. 

It is recommended to combine it with red meats, lamb, poultry, game, and venison. 

Pinot Nero Blauburgunder Alto Adige DOC 2018 (75cl) - Bozen


A fruity flavour best served with dark meats or medium aged cheeses.

Pinot Nero, also called Pinot Noir, originates from Burgundy and has been cultivated in South Tyrol for more than a century. The grapes for this lovely wine grow in selected vineyards on the slopes around Bolzano, and have been carefully selected by the head winemaker himself. A rich ruby red colour, this Pinot Nero has a floral aroma with fruity notes of raspberry and plum, as well as hints of violet, spice and liquorice. Its delicious fruity flavour is accompanied by a medium bodied structure and expertly incorporated tannins.