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Serralto Malvasia Bianca IGP 2017 (75cl) - Coppi


Serralto Malvasia Bianca IGP is a bright golden yellow wine. The wine has attractive floral and fruity notes, notes of white peaches and apples, nuances of musk and hints of herbs. The taste has a complexity of floral and fruity notes, characterized by a full body, refreshing acidity and light sweetness.

It goes well with appetizers like ham and melon, stuffed snails, and hummus with tahini.

Flaminio Lazio IGT 2017 (75cl) - Sanvitis


Flaminio Lazio IGT has a pale-yellow colour with golden reflexes. The scent is extraordinary with a perfume of citrus and spices. An elegant taste, with an evident freshness and a structured flavour.

It goes great with white fish.

Pagadebit Piti' Trufi' DOC 2017 (75cl) - Fattoria Paradiso


A straw yellow colour with green hints. This wine is a good balance between freshness and alcohol, a long finish with memories of aromatic perception of sage. Scents like dried flowers and lemon blossom, tropical fruit, and apricot, and sage and nutmeg can be recognised.

Best paired with appetizers, vegetarian dishes, seafood, cheese, and eggs.

Trideo Pignoletto DOC 2016 (75cl) - Merlotta


Trideo Pignoletto DOC has an intense and bright straw yellow colour. It has a good structure and an appropriate smoothness. The well-balanced acidity and sharp sapidity of this wine make it very pleasant on the palate. Impressively wide-ranging bouquet aromas dominated by fruity and floral notes with a clear-cut and distinctive personality.

This wine goes well with pasta, shellfish, lean fish, mature and hard cheese, and cured meat.

Friulano Isonzo DOC 2016 (75cl) - I Feudi Di Romans


This wine has a straw-yellow colour, tending towards a greenish colour. It is fine, delicate, with an intense fragrance reminiscent of wildflowers. Bone-dry, fresh, soft, velvety, with a clear hint of bitter almonds, very round, with medium alcohol content and little acidity.

It goes great as an aperitif. It is traditionally associated with two typical Friulian elements: Montasio cheese and San Daniele ham but is also great with all other kinds of fresh cheese and first courses.

Colli Novaresi DOC Bianco Il Criccone 2017 (75cl) - Rovellotti


Colli Novaresi DOC Bianco has as pale straw yellow colour with greenish reflections. The scent of this wine is complex with hints of hay, rue grass and white fruits. In the mouth, it tastes dry refined and has elegant body, white fruit sensations.

The wine can be paired very versatile, from an aperitif through to fish-based and medium weight dishes.

Kerner Trento DOC 2017 (75cl) - Pravis


Kerner Trento DOC is a lovely, powerful, full bodied and well-structured white wine. It is grown in almost extreme conditions at a high altitude. This Kerner is very floral, with good acidity and an aromatic finish. It enhances the taste of our apples and Mediterranean citrus.

It is paired best with white fish.

Valle Isarco Sylvaner Alto Adige DOC 2018 (75cl) - Cantina Bolzano


This grape variety, most probably originally from Germany, was introduced to Alto Adige in around 1900. Today it is cultivated mainly in the Valle Isarco. Sylvaner prefers the well-ventilated and sunny hillsides at intermediate altitudes, in the mid Valle Isarco. The loose and gravelly soils provide this wine with unique breed and although similar to its homonyms from the other side of the Alps, it retains the unmistakable typicality of Valle Isarco wines.

The colour goes from pale yellow to greenish; the nose is pleasantly fresh and fruity, with hints of peach, apple and apricot. Dry,, aromatic, pleasantly fresh, with harmonious body.

Matches with light appetizers, asparagus, wine soups, poached or grilled fish, and as an aperitif.

Insolia "Sciare di Est" IGT 2017 (75cl) - Antichi Vinai


The hand picking on the hills of the Agrigento area, the soft pressing and the controlled temperature are the cures from which a brilliant straw-colored wine is born, with the golden nuances typical of this pure Sicilian grape. The scent is intensely fruity, and its soft and enveloping taste pleasantly accompanies seafood and fish dishes.

Greco di Tufo "Nestor" DOCG 2018 (75cl) - Tenuta Cavalier Pepe


The Greco di Tufo grape variety flourishes in the clayey volcanic soils found in the Province of Avellino (Campania region) where the D.O.C.G. is located.

The aromas are complex with notes of white fruits, citrus and mineral intemingled and the palate is full, rich and suave with pure fruit as the backbone underpinned by a stoney minerality, making this a superb food partner. Try it with shellfish or sea fish, it works a treat.

Best with white fish.

Chardonnay Langhe Serbato DOC 2019 (75cl) - Batasiolo


Batasiolo Langhe DOC Chardonnay Serbato has a pale straw yellow with greenish reflections, clear and bright. The nose is fresh and floral, of good intensity and persistence. Dry, pleasantly fresh and long lasting. The final sensation reminiscent of almonds is typical of the denomination.

Great served as an aperitif, with appetizers, pasta dishes, vegetable soups, white meats, fish and shellfish in general. Fresh cheeses enhance its peculiarities.

Regaleali Bianco Sicilia DOC 2019 (75cl) - Tasca d'Almerita


For the past 60 harvests, this wine fully represents the estate it’s named after. It expresses the full aromatic potential of the territory. A great classic wine, distinguishable for its Rhenish style bottle. This wine is a blend of three local vineyards, cultivated on the high hills, Inzolia, Grecanico e Catarratto, with a small addition of Chardonnay.

Best with shellfish, fish or vegetarian dishes.

Critone IGT Calabria 2017 (75cl) - Librandi


A white wine with a great personality and a distinct freshness, the product of international grapes grown in Calabria: blend of Chardonnay (90%) and Sauvignon Blanc (10%).These two grape varieties are joined to give birth to a fresh and savory wine, deep and lingering at the same time: our idea of an ​​international white.

Bellone del Lazio IGT 2017 (75cl) - SanVitis


Bellone is an ancient vine, already Pliny in Roman times quotes it as a “uva pantastica”. A wine of over 2000 years, widespread in Castelli Romani area and also known as Cacchione, Arciprete or "grape bread" for its subtle and delicate skin. It is one of the classic Lazio native vines, rediscovered on the territory and its represents the real production challenge of SanVitis.

The colour is a brilliant straw yellow with fruity notes of citrus, peach and almond.

Falanghina del Molise "Fannia" DOC 2018 (75cl) - Campi Valerio


This Falanghina is on the lighter side, with notes of tropical fruit, limoncello, and even a bit of spicy vanilla on the nose, and robust citrus fruit flavors that dance on the back of the tongue for a persistent finish. 

It paires at its best with pasta, vegetarian dishes, appetizers and snacks, lean fish or seafood, cured meats and cheeses.