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Vermentino di Gallura Superiore "Cucaione" (75cl) - Piero Mancini


This Vermentino – one of Piero Mancini’s masterpieces – has been created to celebrate the charm of Gallura.

A straw yellow colour with greenish glints. Elegant and refined with an intense and typically aromatic scent. Balanced flavour with a good grade of taste and mineral quality.

Particularly suited as an aperitif and with fish dishes.

Bellone del Lazio IGT 2017 (75cl) - SanVitis


Bellone is an ancient vine, already Pliny in Roman times quotes it as a “uva pantastica”. A wine of over 2000 years, widespread in Castelli Romani area and also known as Cacchione, Arciprete or "grape bread" for its subtle and delicate skin. It is one of the classic Lazio native vines, rediscovered on the territory and its represents the real production challenge of SanVitis.

The colour is a brilliant straw yellow with fruity notes of citrus, peach and almond.

Falanghina del Molise "Fannia" DOC 2018 (75cl) - Campi Valerio


This Falanghina is on the lighter side, with notes of tropical fruit, limoncello, and even a bit of spicy vanilla on the nose, and robust citrus fruit flavors that dance on the back of the tongue for a persistent finish. 

It paires at its best with pasta, vegetarian dishes, appetizers and snacks, lean fish or seafood, cured meats.

Organic Pecorino Superiore DOC 2018 (75cl) - Fontefico


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% A wine - not the cheese! With notes of basil, chamomile and apple.

Native to Abruzzo, Pecorino is a fresh and perfumed wine variety, that\'s both pleasant and complex at the same time. The nose opens with subtle notes of basil, chamomile flowers and apples, then continues with tones of citrus fruit - namely grapefruit and cedar - and a hint of mango.

Sauvignon Grave Friuli DOC 2019 (75cl) - PIGHIN


Straw yellow wine with delicate greenish tinges. It\'s nicely layered and concentrated, with varietal notes of tomato leaf, nettle, sage and yellow bell pepper. In the mouth it is dry and displays an excellent body and aromatic length.

It nicely complements creamy vegetable soups, soufflés and fish pies, and eggs and asparagus. Excellent with charcuterie.

Soave DOC 2018 (75cl) - Tamellini


A fresh, simple and easy-drinking white wine, vinified only in steel tanks. It is immediately pleasant and very aromatic, with delicate and fresh scents of almonds, fresh and citrus fruits. 

Serve as an aperitif, delicate pasta dishes, pizza margherita with mozzarella di buffalo and basil

Pinot Grigio Riserva DOC 2017 (75cl) - Castel Firmian


This wine presents a light yellow colour and notes reminiscent of ripe fruit (white peaches, pears and mature chamomile) mingle with sweet notes of vanilla deriving from the refinement in oak. Harmonious, elegant, refined. This is a smooth and deliciously creamy wine that delivers a subtle touch of rich oak spice on the finish. 

Ideal as an aperitif. It pairs well with polentas, au gratin dishes, fish and white meats. It is the perfect complement to pasta with Porcini mushrooms.

Catulliano Lugana DOCG 2018 (75CL) - Az. Agricola Pratello


This Lugana has pale greenish shades and it is well-structured. The nose shows floral and fruity hints, medium bodied whose smoothness is shows clean sensations of juniper berries and then Golden Delicious apple and finishes beautifully with pear William. 

In the mouth this wine is very soft, having almost perfect equilibrium, where the bitter, sour, sweet and salty flavours are well distributed in the glass.

Wine accompanies a wide gastronomic ranger, with a predilection for both dishes based on fish of the sea and lake, and pasta and rice dishes as well as second courses always of sh, grilled, in casseroles, baked, Mediterranean fried, gratins, soups in various ways, and according to local tradition.

Serve at a temperature between 12/14°C, in a glass tulip-shaped.

Pinot Bianco 2018 (75cl) - Tenuta J. Hofstätter


Pinot Bianco of Tenuta J. Hofstätter displays a straw-yellow color, a fresh peach aroma combined with apple and pear, an elegant and zesty taste on the palate. It is harmonious in structure, round with masses of finesse and a hint of nut on the finish.

It combines perfectly with appetizers and fish dishes!

Impero Blanc de Pinot Noir (75cl) 2018 - Fattoria Mancini


IMPERO Blanc de Pinot Noir is the result of more than forty years of experience in the production of a still white vinification of Pinot Noir and of the will to produce a white wine by only using the varieties traditionally grown by the family. This wine is produced by softly pressing whole bunches with the utmost care to minimise skin contact and colour extraction. It is barrel fermented, aged in oak for 12 months. It’s a wine with unique characters, with great complexity and extraordinary longevity.

Verdicchio di Matelica 2018 (75cl) - Bisci


Matelica Verdicchio wine is obtained entirely from Verdicchio grapes . The grapes are harvested by hand and transported immediately to the cellar where they are pressed to separate the juice from the skins. The must is lowered in temperature and then sent to ferment controlling the temperature that never exceeds 20 ° C. All winery operations are aimed at enhancing the best features of the vine respecting the grapes. Verdicchio of Matelica is a vine that requires carefulness in the processing phases because of the sensitivity of the skin of its grape. It results in must and wine with high acidity and alcoholic richness that allow a remarkable longevity, rare feature of white wines.

Gewürztraminer Alto Adige DOC 2016 (75cl) - Bozen


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% One of the most popular South Tyrolean wines, with a fruity and floral flavour.

The "Traminer" has been known in German speaking areas as far back as the 13th century and today it ranges amongst one of the most popular South Tyrolean wines. As the name itself implies, the Gewürztraminer has its roots in the small village of Tramin. With the grapes growing on steep slopes that were carefully chosen by the chief winemaker himself, they yield a wine which seduces you with its intense fruitiness, full body and zesty richness. Highly aromatic with a scent of roses, it has fruity notes of lychee, grapefruit and lime as well as hints of orange and clove.

Pinot Grigio Veneto DOC 2018 (75cl) - Villa Sandi


Fresh, subtle and fruity, this is Pinot Grigio at its very best.

An incredibly popular wine, well-known for its refreshing lightness, and for being the perfect accompaniment to a hot summer’s day. Marked by fruity and flowery notes that are reminiscent of the countryside in the summer, this Pinot Grigio has a dry, round and flavoursome taste that’s well-structured with a fruity, warm and well-balanced finish. A subtle, unobtrusive intensity of flavour, that is elegant, mineral and complex. There’s a reason this wine is an ever-popular crowd pleaser, and in the right hands, it can produce a revelation of a wine.

Ribolla Gialla DOC Collio 2018 (75cl) - Pighin


A fruity and elegant wine with a light straw yellow color. Its bouquet is delicate, floral and fruity, showing finesse and freshness.

It is harvested around the last twenty days of September and the wine rests in stainless steel tanks up to time of bottling (April).

Regaleali Bianco Sicilia...
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Regaleali Bianco Sicilia DOC 2019 (75cl) - Tasca d'Almerita


For the past 60 harvests, this wine fully represents the estate it’s named after. It expresses the full aromatic potential of the territory. A great classic wine, distinguishable for its Rhenish style bottle. This wine is a blend of three local vineyards, cultivated on the high hills, Inzolia, Grecanico e Catarratto, with a small addition of Chardonnay.

Best with shellfish, fish or vegetarian dishes.

Critone IGT Calabria 2017...
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Critone IGT Calabria 2017 (75cl) - Librandi


A white wine with a great personality and a distinct freshness, the product of international grapes grown in Calabria: blend of Chardonnay (90%) and Sauvignon Blanc (10%).These two grape varieties are joined to give birth to a fresh and savory wine, deep and lingering at the same time: our idea of an ​​international white.

Fiano d'Avellino "Tenute di...
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Fiano d'Avellino "Tenute di Altavilla" DOCG 2018 (75cl) - Villa Matilde


The wine appears a pale straw, then releases long-lasting, emphatic notes of fruit and flowers, including summer flowers, pear, and hazelnut, that evolve into hints of tropical fruit and honey. The palate, decidedly classic to the variety, is well balanced and lengthy, completing a wine that is elegant, refined, and cellar-worthy.

Best paired with fish-based plates or white meat.