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Delicious treats for Mother's Day & Easter And Many dinner ideas for a great Italian dine-in experience!

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Sicilian dinner-box-sicilian hamper-romantic dinner-mothers-day-mum-mamma Sicilian dinner-box-sicilian hamper-romantic dinner-mothers-day-mum-mamma
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Mother's Day Sicilian Dinner Hamper

£42.75 £45.00

This Mother\'s Day, surprise her with an exclusive journey through the taste of Sicily, a wonderful island in the heart of the Mediterranean see, widely famous for the quality of its products.

Included in this hamper, artisan Tortiglioni pasta, Datterini tomato sauce, Pecorino cheese and fresh Sicilian sausages with fennel: all the ingredients to make one of our favourite Sicilian dishes: Sausage & Cherry Tomato Pasta. These fresh sausages can be also served on their own as a fantastic second course.

We are also including the perfect match for this menu: a bottle of delicious Sicilian Nero d\'Avola red wine, as well as three delightful sweet snacks: a white chocolate and Sicilian pistachio bar, Sicilian cannoli filled with white chocolate and crunchy wafers with milk chocolate and Sicilian almonds - for a complete Sicilian dine-in experience!

These products come with an elegant white box with a silky ribbon, and your personalised hand-written gift card. Simply do not forget to leave a gift message for your mum at checkout, we will do the rest!

Hampers-prosecco-chocolate-aragostine-hampers for valentin's day-chocolate hampers-box Hampers-prosecco-chocolate-aragostine-hampers for valentin's day-chocolate hampers-box
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Mother's Day Prosecco + Chocolate Gift Bag

£27.55 £29.00

Looking for a bubbly and chocolatey idea for Mother\'s Day? We have just created a smart gift bag that includes a bottle of premium Prosecco by Villa Sandi and a fine selection of Italian chocolate treats: Aragostine (flaky pastries in the shape of a lobster tail) filled with hazelnut chocolate cream, Giandujotto chocolates (made from a soft cocoa and hazelnut paste), breadsticks covered in extra-dark chocolate and a delicious shareable cookie with dark chocolate and peanut butter.

These products come in a burlap sack with a silky ribbon, together with and your personalised hand-written gift card. Simply do not forget to leave a gift message for your mum at checkout, we will do the rest!

Lactose free-hamper-lactose free hamper-lactose free box-lactose free product-italian free lactose product-gift-dinner Lactose free-hamper-lactose free hamper-lactose free box-lactose free product-italian free lactose product-gift-dinner
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Lactose-Free Italian Hamper

£28.90 £34.00

Everyone including who is on a lactose-free diet can now enjoy the iconic \'Pasta al Pesto\', as here the Pesto alla Genovese sauce is absolutely dairy-free! Also included in this hamper, buffalo mozzarella, delicious almond biscuits, chocolate cookies and a Sicilian pistachio spread made from only 3 ingredients: pistachios, olive oil and sugar. All free from lactose!

We are sure that everyone will love this great selection of artisan Italian products, with no worries and no compromises.

These products come in an elegant white box with a silky ribbon and your personal, hand-written gift card, free of charge. Just leave your message at check-out.

Classic Easter Colomba Cake (1kg) Classic Easter Colomba Cake (1kg)
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Classic Easter Colomba Cake (1kg) - Loison

£14.40 £16.00

Colomba di Pasqua is the most traditional Italian Easter cake, enriched with delicious candied oranges and an almondy cover.

A soft risen dessert made by means of the natural fermentation of sourdough, with an irregular oval shape, reminiscent of a dove (\'Colomba\' means \'Dove\' in Italian). This cake is pleasantly soft thanks to its most genuine ingredients: fresh milk, fresh butter and fresh cream. It is light in texture and enriched with Sicilian candied orange peels. The loaf is covered in icing and decorated with granulated sugar and almonds.

Chocolate Easter Colomba (1kg) Chocolate Easter Colomba (1kg)
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Easter Colomba Cake with Chocolate Chips (1kg) - Loison

£14.40 £16.00

Colomba di Pasqua is the most traditional Italian Easter cake. This delicious version is enriched with irresistible dark chocolate drops.

A soft risen dessert made by means of the natural fermentation of sourdough, with an irregular oval shape, reminiscent of a dove (\'Colomba\' means \'Dove\' in Italian). This cake is pleasantly soft thanks to its most genuine ingredients: fresh milk, fresh butter and fresh cream. It is light textured and enriched with dark chocolate chips. The loaf is covered with cocoa icing and decorated with granulated sugar.

Gluten & Lactose-Free Grape Jam Crostata (500g) - Fidani


This is the gluten-free and lactose-free version of the classic Italian Crostata, the traditional Italian tart, here filled with grape jam strictly made from Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

Bringing back childhood memories. All the Italian grandmothers will be proud of you! Gluten-Free & Lactose-Free.

Finest Italian Cheese & Charcuterie Platter (540g)


A great selection of our best Italian cheeses and cured meats ready to eat! A stress-free idea for your Aperitivo or romantic dinner at home with your special one.

In this exclusive cheese & charcuterie platter you will find: Truffle Cheese (100 grams); Gorgonzola DOP Dolce Blue Cheese (100 grams); Pecorino Romano (100 grams); Mortadella with Pistachios (80 grams); Salame Milano (80 grams); Speck IGP (80 grams). All vacuum packed.

Pair these delicacies with fresh bread and a glass of Prosecco or a refreshing Italian beer for a complete experience.

*As all of our products are made in very small batches in Italy, we may occasionally run out. If this is the case, we will replace it with something just as appetising and equal in value.

Tonno-tuna-bluefin tuna-armatore-100g-tuna roe Tonno-tuna-bluefin tuna-armatore-100g-tuna roe
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Bluefin Tuna Roe Bottarga (100g) - Armatore

£11.00 £21.99

This delicacy of salted, cured tuna roe, known in Italy as Bottarga, has a rich but delicate aroma. Just grate some grams on your favourite fish-based dish, especially pasta, and unleash its wonderfully intense sea flavour!

Known as the Mediterranean’s caviar, Bottarga is obtained from the roe pouch of the Bluefin tuna, which is progressively pressurised, salted and dried really slowly, according to the natural method. Rich in proteins and Omega3 with an incredible nutritional value, this premium Bluefin tuna roe is fished exclusively in the Mediterranean Sea, where the best examples swim, in the full respect of the fishing sum assigned.

It comes in a beautiful red box, ideal as a gift for someone you want to impress with something original.

vegan spread-natural pistachio spread-bacco-150g-spread-pistachio spead vegan spread-natural pistachio spread-bacco-150g-spread-pistachio spead
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Lactose-Free Natural Pistachio Spread (150g) - Bacco

£10.19 £16.99

A fine spread of extraordinary quality for all those in love with genuine food. Handmade sweet pistachio spreadable cream produced with three ingredients only: finest Sicilian Bronte pistachio, Nocellara dell\'Etna olive oil and sugar. Completely natural, this spread is lactose-free and preservative-free, therefore suitable for those with particular dietary requirements. Let the taste and goodness of real Sicilian pistachio nuts inebriate your senses!

This product is 100% natural and completely free from GMO, milk, dairy, emulsifiers, hydrogenated fats and palm oil.

Ultimate Cheese & Truffle Dinner Hamper


The ultimate cheese & truffle hamper includes a classy 4-course menu carefully selected from start to finish.

As an Aperitivo, will find delicious Gorgonzola blue cheese and Fontina cheese that you can cut and nibble together with extra-virgin olive oil flavoured taralli. As a starter, tortelloni filled with burrata and truffle to be served with a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of grated or shaved Pecorino Romano cheese. As a main course, truffle Caciottina cheese and Acacia honey flavoured with truffle, to be served jointly! To end your dinner on a sweet note, we have included crumbly Baci di Dama biscuits filled with dark chocolate.

Finally, a bottle of Barbera d\'Alba, a great red wine from Piedmont is also included as the perfect pairing.

Italian Dinner for Two Hamper


Stay in for an exclusive Italian dinner, and enjoy our 3-course menu plus an extra chocolatey finish!

This pack includes a mix of delicious olives for your Aperitivo, artisan pasta to be seasoned with exclusive pink pesto as your starter, and a board of Prosciutto Crudo San Daniele, Mortadella and Gorgonzola blue cheese, to taste together with a delicious black olive spread, as your main course. This pack also includes three irresistible chocolatey desserts: Baci di Dama biscuits filled with dark chocolate cream, breadsticks covered in extra-dark chocolate and Giandujotto hazelnut chocolates.

We are also including an exclusive bottle of premium bubbly Prosecco Rosé as the perfect wine pairing.

These products come together with an elegant white box with a silky ribbon.

Seafood Dinner for Two Hamper


We have selected some of the best fish-based recipes and great food for a special dinner for two!

This menu includes a delicious seafood salad as your Aperitivo, Spaghettoni from Gragnano (the homeland of pasta) to be seasoned with an exquisite seafood sauce by Biffi, as well as mackarel fillets in olive oil, anchovy paté and crispy crackers for you to create tasty canapes. To end on a sweet note, we have also included Aragostine (flaky pastries in the shape of a lobster tail) filled with hazelnut chocolate cream, as Giandujotto hazelnut chocolates.

Finally, we have included a bottle of fruity and fresh rosé wine by Campi Valerio as the best drink to be paired with this seafood-based menu.

These products come with an elegant white box with a silky ribbon.

Italian Lager Beer Starter Pack


Did you kwow that Italy is also the land of both artisan and broadly known lager beers? Our Italian Lager Beer Starter Pack can give you a clear idea of how good Italian lager is - and might be the perfect treat for yourself and/or your friends and loved ones!

This hamper includes 2 bottles of Poretti 4 hops premium lager, 2 bottles of Menabrea Bionda premium lager, 2 bottles of iconic Sardinian lager Ichnusa, and 2 bottles of the exclusive unfiltered Ichnusa lager. The pack also includes some mouth watering nibbles such as Bella di Cerignola green olives, Kalamata dark purple olives and shelled and peeled almonds, and finally a fantastic trio: breadsticks flavoured with rosemary, classic crisps from Milan, and their perfect matching dipping sauce: a delicious black olives and orange paté.

Italian Liqueur Trio - Chilled Version


Italian liqueurs are a key element for any Aperitivo or after-dinner digestive.

This trio can be the perfect gift for your loved ones! The pack includes three wonderful Italian liqueurs: Branca Menta - a mint-flavoured liqueur, Limoncello di Sorrento - a refreshing liqueur infused with Sorrento lemon peels, and Campari - an intense bitter, obtained from the infusion of herbs and fruit, perfect as a base for many cocktails!

These three drinks should be stored in a refrigerator and served chilled.

Italian Liqueur Trio - Deluxe Version


Italy is known for its high-end, premium yet delicious liqueurs.

This luxury trio can be the perfect gift for your loved ones! The pack consists of three delightful liqueurs: Amaro Montenegro - made from a variety of botanicals, Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth - a unique and rare recipe dating from the 1780s, and Frangelico Hazelnut liqueur - a sweet yet refreshing golden elixir.

These three drinks can be served at room temperature.

Aperol Spritz Hamper


It\'s Spritz time! Enjoy your Aperol spritz aperitif with some delicious Italian olives and taralli, already included in this pack. The perfect treat for yourself or your beloved ones. A classic of Italian Aperitivo. 

2021 Italian Grand Tour Hamper


The ultimate Food & Wine hamper celebrating Italian provenance and regionality through a culinary journey that will make you feel like you were in Italy! This hamper may be the perfect gift for your loved ones.

The hamper includes \'spaghetti alla chitarra\' from Gragnano (near Naples) to be seasoned with a delicious \'cacio e pepe\' sauce (typical of Rome), the iconic Parmigiano Reggiano (from Emilia Romagna), a sweet Soppressata (typical salami from Calabria), the Classic potato crisps from Milan, extra-virgin olive oil flavoured with black truffle from Molise, and two exquisite desserts: barchette pastries with chocolate hazelnut cream (a classic of southern Italy) and crispy wafers filled with a with a velvety milk chocolate cream and delicious Sicilian almonds.

Finally, to enjoy this grand tour to the fullest, you will also find a bottle of excellent Sicilian white wine and a bottle of premium Venetian red wine.

Mediterranean Flavours Hamper


With this hamper, perfect also as a gift for your loved ones or yourself, we want to celebrate the great Mediterranean taste and its health benefits!

In addition to a bottle of Italian Pinot Grigio white wine and a bottle of Spanish Rioja red wine, here you will find delicious tagliatelle pastaMediterranean pasta saucecous-cous, seafood sauce, rosemary flavoured extra-virgin olive oil, and piadina wraps that you can fill with a mix of Italian charcuterie and tomatoes - all included in this hamper! This pack also contains feta cheese and kalamata olives, for a little evocation of Greece, as well as exquisite artisan almond biscuits.

"Il Fresco" Prosecco Brut DOC (75cl) - Villa Sandi


Fresh, fruity and perfect as an aperitif. DOC* Certified.

"Il Fresco" Prosecco Brut has a fine, persistent perlage, and a fruity, flowery aroma with hints of ripe golden apple and small mountain flowers. The dry, fresh and flavoursome sensation on the palate is followed by a fruity aftertaste. Citrus and melon aromas fill the nose with hints of fruit trees and a touch of vanilla.

*DOC stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata (Denomination of Controlled Origin). A wine marked DOC is produced in a specific, well-defined region in Italy, according to defined wine making rules that are designed to preserve local traditions.

Buy a case of 6 bottles and save 10%.

Aragostine with Hazelnut Chocolate Cream (150g) - Di Forti


Handmade Italian specialty. A flaky pastry in the shape of a lobster tail, filled with hazelnut chocolate cream and dusted with sweet icing sugar.

This "sfogliatella", sometimes called lobster tail in English, is a classic Italian pastry native to Campania, in Southern Italy. Sfogliatella means small, thin leaf/layer, as the pastry\'s texture resembles stacked leaves. Enjoy this delicacy with a cup of coffee or tea at the end of your lunch or dinner.

Giandujotto Chocolates (Pack of 6) - Barbero


Giandujotto is a glorious smooth chocolate from the region of Piedmont in North-West Italy, made from a soft gianduja (chocolate and hazelnut) paste. Barbero revisits the traditional recipe with a higher concentration of Piedmont hazelnuts and cocoa, thus giving an intense and luxurious nutty flavour.

These Giandujotti are sold in a pack of 6, making it the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Gluten-Free Italian Hamper


It may be hard to love Italian food on a gluten-free diet, but we are here to help! 

Get our carefully curated hamper for you or your loved ones and enjoy two amazing shapes of gluten-free pasta, pesto sauce, tomato and olive sauce, almond biscuits, teff biscuits, torroncino hazelnut spread and the original San Carlo crisps! Gluten-free Italian food lovers rejoice! 

Parma Classics Italian Food Hamper


The city of Parma and its region (Emilia Romagna) are known for their delicious food: from Prosciutto Crudo di Parma to Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, from Bolognese Ragu sauce to Lambrusco red wine vinegar, from Mortadella to salami, and obviously homemade filled pasta such as Tortellini and Cappelletti.

We have raised the bar by selecting the very best examples of Parma, Bologna and Modena produce from our family of Italian artisan producers: the lucky recipient of this gift will get to try something they have never experienced before!

As a perfect pairing for this hamper, we have selected and included a bottle of Garbino, an intense ruby red wine with purple reflections made of Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Southern Italy Food Hamper


This hamper celebrates Naples and two other amazing south Italian regions: Sicily and Calabria.

The hamper contains the iconic tomato passata, fresh buffalo mozzarella, two artisan pasta formats from Gragnano (including must taste squid ink linguine), chopped hot chilli peppers, Calabrian broccoli in olive oil, and a classic of South Italian cuisine: anchovy fillets in olive oil. To finish on a sweet note, delicious Sicilian Cannoli with Pistachio cream are also included.

As a perfect pairing, we have selected and included a bottle of Falanghina del Molise, a highly enjoyable white wine with notes of tropical fruit, limoncello, and even a bit of spicy vanilla on the nose.

Baci di Dama biscuits (150g) - Barbero


Shortbread-style biscuits with Piedmontese hazelnuts and a chocolate filling. Known for their romantic connotations.

An Italian specialty from Turin (also home to the world\'s best hazelnuts), Baci di Dama literally means \'Lady\'s Kisses\', due to the two biscuit parts being paired together to resemble lips about to kiss. A chocolate filling joins the two almost shortbread-like buttery biscuits, which are slightly crispy from the nuts for a unique, romantic treat. They are especially good eaten alongside an espresso.

Baci di Dama white biscuits (150g) - Di Forti


Baci di Dama means \'Lady\'s kisses\' in Italian as these biscuits are sandwiched together with a delicous dark chocolate filling making them appear as they were \'kissing\' each other. They are an ideal gift for your loved one, perfect for any romantic occasions.

Italian hamper-box-picnic-italian picnic-picnic box-picnic hamper-italian box Italian hamper-box-picnic-italian picnic-picnic box-picnic hamper-italian box
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Italian Picnic Hamper


Indulge in a selection of your favourite Italian savoury and sweet food at the park, garden, beach or your own terrace with our Italian hamper! Perfect for an Aperitivo for two people.