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Tuscan Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Cultivar Moraiolo (250ml) - Fattoria Ramerino


This lovely Tuscan oil is medium fruity, produced from green olives. The oil is well balanced with notes of artichoke, fresh herbs and spices.

Cultivar Moraiolo is one of the best pressings obtained from Moraiolo olives, and especially local variety. Picked at peak ripeness, they are pressed in several batches, each of which is then carefully tasted and chemically analysed, and the best is singled out to make up the final bottles of Cultivar Frantoio. A medium fruity oil made from green olives with hints of artichoke, fresh herbs and spices. It is recommended as the perfect extra virgin olive oil for dressing Insalata Caprese, and is also ideal on white meat or fish. This perfectly complements boiled potatoes, and simply prepared asparagus and zucchini.

Tuscan Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Guadagnòlo Dulcis (250ml) - Fattoria Ramerino


A medium fruity olive oil with notes of almond and dried fruit.

Named after a distinctive terracotta jar that was recovered on the landscape - a Guadagnolo - these jars are now nearly impossible to find, and known only through the stories of locals, passed down through generations. This oil thus portrays the setting\'s natural aptitude for olive oil production and the country\'s long history with the golden nectar, as well as the rural acknowledgement that every drop of it was precious. Guadagnolo Dulcis has a fruity olive oil taste that\'s of medium intensity, with notes of almond and dried fruit. There\'s a perfect balance between the pungent flavours and natural bitterness.This olive oil works especially well with dishes where olive oil is the main ingredient, so it can take centre stage. The typical garlic bread of Tuscany is called fettunta and distinguishes itself from its other common counterparts due to being generously drizzled with a good quality olive oil - cue a bottle of Cultivar Frantoio. It also works well with pinzimonio, an olive oil based dip you eat with crudités, or drizzled over fresh, grilled fish.

Organic Chianti Classico...
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Organic Chianti Classico DOCG 2016 (75cl) - Il Molino di Grace


This is a Chianti Classico that perfectly fuses earthy Chianti tradition with modern ripe fruit and silky texture.  It\'s mouthwatering they way any fine Chianti should be and finishes with plenty of ripe tannins, that\'s been polished fine and ripe. While you can certainly enjoy this with anything from the Tuscan table, you\'ll love it with burgers and grilled chicken, too.