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Artisan Gelato tub (1kg)


You can now get your own Ice Cream Tub and enjoy even at home the authentic taste of our Italian Gelato. 

Mix up to 4 flavours (Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Mango, Pistachio, Milk, Hazelnut).

Leave us a message with you mix of flavours at the check-out!

Sangiovese Toscana IGT Vigna Flavia 2012 (75cl) - Colle Santa Mustiola


Sangiovese Toscana IGT is a very pleasant red wine with great drinkability and able to evolve pleasantly for a few years. It presents a fruity aromatic profile with spicy notes in the background and a vibrant, fresh, and very enjoyable mouth, with pleasantly tasty tannins.

It is paired best with first courses, elaborate meat dishes and aged cheeses.

Ixe IGT Toscana 2016 (75cl) - Pietro Beconcini


A red wine with violet and blue highlights. On the nose, there are floral and fruity fragrances, but its principal power is in the intense minerality and savoury attributes. On the palate, it is very smooth, but it becomes more complex with a higher acidity, making this wine very fluid and drinkable.

It should be served with sweet and sour braised or overdone meat, game, or preparations with chocolate.

Pugnitello Toscana Rosso IGT 2013 (75cl) - San Ferdinando


A deep ruby red colour with an intense, shiny purple. On the nose, there is a wide range of aromas; rich and ripened fruit, black currant, dark berry fruit, enlivened with a delicate vein of spice. On the palate, it is full and well-rounded, with notable refined, silky tannins.

It pairs well with beef and venison.

Barbarossa Riserva Vigna Del Dosso IGT 2012 (75cl) - Fattoria Paradiso


Barbarossa Riserva Vigna Del Dosso is a ruby red with garnet hints. The perfumes are floral, mainly violet and peony, fruity, mainly cherry, and plum, and a bit spicy, mainly cinnamon, mineral, and ginger. It has a great aromaticity, soft tannins, and a gentle freshness. A long finish with aromatic persistent aftertaste.

It pairs nicely with aged cheeses, white meat, and red meat.

Gruajo VDT NV (75cl) - Firmino Miotti


A ruby red, mellow, and vigorous wine. It has a pleasant flavour of morello cherries and little berries. A dry, well structured, fresh wine, with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

It matches well with dishes of games, red meat, and mature cheese.

Cabernet Franc Isonzo DOC 2015 (75cl) - I Feudi Di Romans


This Cabernet Franc has an intense ruby red colour, tending towards blue. It has a full and fragrant bouquet with a very intense herbaceous aroma. Its taste is dry, bodied, tannic and sapid.

This wine should be paired with broiled or grilled red meat but is also excellent with game birds or aged cheese. In the Friulian cuisine, it is often paired with pan fried salami with onions and vinegar, jugged hare, dried sausages, and wild boar stew.

Mornasca Provincia Di Pavia Orione IGP 2011 (75cl) - Cascina Gnocco


This wine has a dense ruby red colour. On the nose, it has notes of red fruit and black predominate, lifted by a smooth impression of spice and a crisp hint of black liquorice. On the palate, you get the optimum balance between alcohol, tannins, and acidity, which offers perfect support to a superb structure.

It pairs best with the finest meat, game, as well as aged cheeses.

Artisan Gelato tub (750g)


You can now get your own Ice Cream Tub and enjoy even at home the authentic taste of our Italian Gelato. 

Mix up to 3 flavours (Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Mango, Pistachio, Milk, Hazelnut).

Leave us a message with you mix of flavours at the check-out!

Vallee d'Aoste Torrette Sup Vigna Rovettaz DOC 2016 (75cl) - Grosjean


This wine has an intense and bright ruby red colour. Its intense bouquet brings to mind ripe wild berries with sweet floral hints of violet and wild rose which are followed by sweet spicy notes. In the mouth, it opens up its fruity bouquet, which becomes stronger thanks to the mineral note, the light acidity blends with the tannins.

It goes great with dishes prepared with red meat and meat from farmyard animals.

Recantina Augusto Montello DOC 2015 (75cl) - Giusti Wine


An intense and bright ruby red with excellent transparency. It is intense with fruity notes of red plum and black currant and floral notes of violets and cyclamen. This is also the moss and mineral notes reminiscent of freshly tilled soil. In the mouth it is soft and velvety, with sweet tannins and a pleasantly acidic aftertaste.

Best paired with red meat and game. It is also excellent with duck breast, baked guinea fowl, and medium-aged cheeses.

Carmenere IGT Veneto 2016 (75cl) - Ornella Bellia


A vivacious red with violet highlights. Intense herbaceous hints and fragrances reminiscent of raspberries and red currants. The wine has a good structure, is broad and soft on the palate, and ends dry with pleasant tannins.

Pairs excellently with roast and braised meat. The full flavour of the wine goes well with medium hard and hard cheeses.

Taurasi DOCG Opera Mia 2012 (75cl) - Tenuta Cavalier Pepe


Taurasi DOCG is a dense ruby red with garnet reflections. It has aromas of red fruits and ripe berry fruit including cherry and blueberry, complemented by a spicy note of coffee and chocolate and a balsamic finish. It tastes deep and complex on the palate, with great refinement and elegance, intense and persistent.

Paired excellent with roasted meat dishes, game, ageing cheeses, sausages, braised and stuffed pasta and elaborate ethnic dishes.

Umbria Rosso Sfide IGT 2015 (75cl) - La Madeleine


The wine has a deep red colour with purple reflection. The smell has great hints of ripe red fruit, amplitude, and a great persistence. The taste has a great structure and softness and there are ripe and silky tannins.

This wine pairs best with beef and venison.

Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC "Conca d'Oro" 2017 (75cl) - Az. Agr. Giribaldi


An intense red wine with ruby red colour with orange reflexes. On the nose evident roses, raspberries vanilla and balsamic notes. In the mouth it is dry, round and full-bodied with young arrogant tannins, fruit syrup and cinnamon. Balanced and long in the mouth.

Excellent with red meats, garlic dips, game, roasted meats and very strong cheeses.