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Italian Barbecue Hamper


A delicious barbecue hamper to enjoy with your family or friends - ideal for 4 people.

This pack includes two types of artisan pork sausages, meaty burgers, chicken frankfurters, Italian mayonnaise, Italian ketchup, a soft mild cheese ideal for grilling, mozzarella slicesbruschetta bread, a side of chopped vegetables, a large bottle of premium Poretti lager (660ml), a sparkling lemon beverage, a sparkling orange beverage and, to end on a sweet note, delicious Millefoglie puff pastry sticks!

This pack is also ideal as a gift idea, as it can include your personal, hand-written gift card, free of charge. Simply leave your message as a comment when you checkout.

2022 Italian Grand Tour Hamper


The ultimate Food & Wine hamper celebrating Italian provenance and regionality through a culinary journey that will make you feel like you were in Italy! It could be the perfect gift for you and your loved ones.

The box includes \'spaghetti alla chitarra\' from Gragnano (near Naples) to be seasoned with a delicious seafood sauce, but also a great Ligurian tomato sauce with Taggiasche olives, the iconic Parmigiano Reggiano (from Emilia Romagna), a whole piece of artisan \'Nduja (a gourmet spreadable pork salami from Calabria), the original wavy potato crisps from Milan, extra-virgin olive oil flavoured with black truffle from Molise, and three exquisite desserts for all chocolate lovers: crispy wafers filled with dark gianduja chocolate cream (a classic of northern Italy), a tray of Aragostine pastries filled with hazelnut chocolate cream (typical of Southern Italy), and iconic Piedmontese Krumiri biscuits.

Finally, to enjoy this grand tour to the fullest, you will also find a bottle of excellent Sicilan white wine and one of premium Tuscan red wine.

These products can come together with your personal, hand-written gift note, free of charge. Simply leave your gift message as a comment at checkout.

Nutella Biscuits (304g) - Ferrero


A crunchy biscuit with your favourite Nutella hazelnut spread with cocoa. Either for breakfast or for your coffee break, Nutella can now also be eaten in biscuit form! It is the perfect choice alongside your morning coffee or cappuccino.

Pistachio Cream "La Golosa" (200g) - Bacco


An extremely delicate and genuine pistachio spread in which the distinctive flavour of the pistachio nuts. Try a single teaspoon for 100% pleasure, even better if spread on fresh bread, pancakes or as a cake filling!

This sweet spread is produced in a town called Bronte on the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily. The location is known for its Bronte pistachio. The properties of the lava soil give this pistachio a unique, fragrant taste.


Anelli Siciliani PGI (500g) - La Fabbrica della Pasta


Bronze die Anelli Siciliani - also known as Anelletti (Italian for Sicilian rings or little Sicilian rings) - have a distinctive shape making it the right ingredient for a wide variety of oven-baked pasta-based dishes or pies with crusts, originally made on festive occasions and extremely popular in Sicily.

Artisan Spaghetti alla Chitarra PGI (500g) - Pastificio Carmiano


Spaghetti alla Chitarra (guitar in Italian) are also known as Tonnarelli. Particularly good with many traditional Roman pasta sauces, including \'Cacio e Pepe\' and \'Carbonara\'. IGP (PGI)* certified.

\'Chitarra\' is a pasta making tool made of a wooden framework with metallic strings attached to it, and it resembles a small guitar. These thick, square spaghetti are made by pushing layers of pasta dough down the strings of the chitarra, using a rolling pin. The metallic wires cut through the dough and shape it into noodles.

This pasta is made from premium durum wheat semolina and water only. 

*IGP (PGI) is short for Indicazione Geografica Protetta (literally "Protected Geographical Indication"). This certification identify an agricultural product, raw or processed, which quality, reputation or other characteristics are linked to its geographical origin.

Dairy-Free Pesto alla Genovese (130g) - La Malva Rosa


Our delicious dairy-free basil pesto is rich in nutrients thanks to its artisan recipe.

The complex selection behind each ingredient is the key to pesto\'s great taste and only Italy does it properly. Here, the basil used is DOP (PDO) certified*, cultivated in the producer La Malva Rosa\'s own land. Also, thanks to an exclusive recipe, they are the only producer to make a pesto without cooking the basil. This means that it tastes much more fresh and doesn\'t lose any of its minerals or extensive health benefits. It has a shelf-life of 24 months and it does not contain preservatives. Try it with linguine pasta (although almost any pasta shape will do), or use it to enrich your soup, salads or potatoes. It\'s even ideal with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella to prepare an Italian caprese.

*DOP (PDO): DOP is short for Denominazione di Origine Protetta (literally “Protected Designation of Origin”). This certification ensures that products are locally grown and packaged, using traditional method.

Hand Sanitiser Gel  (100ml)...
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Hand Sanitiser Gel (100ml) - Sifarma

£2.49 £4.98

Hydro-alcoholic gel for your hands, with sanitising and antibacterial substances. It ensures accurate skin hygiene due to its content of highly sanitising agents. Denatured Alcohol (60%): rapid sanitiser for effective hand cleaning. Immediate effect, no need to rinse. Pour a sufficient quantity of the product on the hands and rub until completely dry.

Sparkling Orange Beverage "L'Aranciata" - (R)Evolution Edition (33cl) - San Pellegrino


"L\'Aranciata" by San Pellegrino has a history dating back to 1932. The quality of the ingredients gives the iconic "L\'Aranciata" its lively orange colour, and fine bubbles. Delicate on the nose with notes of juicy squeezed oranges, "L\'Aranciata" has a medium sweetness that is balanced with subtle bitter notes of natural orange carried through to a caramelized orange finish, creating a truly unique taste that dances in the mouth. It comes in its Italian (R)Evolution Edition and it is free from gluten.

"L\'Aranciata" is best served cold at 2-4° C. Garnish with an orange slice or juniper berries to elevate the unique flavours of this drink.

Prosecco + Chocolate Gift Bag


Looking for a handy, tasty and bubbly gift?

We have created a elegant gift bag including premium Prosecco by Villa Sandi and a fine selection of chocolate-based treats: a bag of mixed artisan chocolates, a tray of Aragostine pastries filled with hazelnut chocolate cream, and a dark chocolate bar with 52% minimum cocoa.

These products come in an elegant bag with a red silk ribbon, together with and your personalised hand-written gift card. Simply do not forget to leave a gift message as a comment at checkout, we will do the rest!

'Four Hops' Premium Lager... 'Four Hops' Premium Lager...
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'Four Hops' Premium Lager Beer (33cl) - Poretti

£1.80 £2.40

Stylish bottle of refreshingly light, crisp beer. Poretti\'s \'Four Hops\' premium lager is characterised by a fine head with a clear appearance and straw-like colour. An ideal accompaniment to full flavoured first courses and medium aged cheeses.

Ideal for summer, but equally good all year long! With its moderate carbonation, light body and moderate bitterness, this premium lager is easy to drink and versatile to pair with food. In particular, the fourth variety of hops enhances the hoppy taste and strengthens the head. Made with raw materials only: water, barley malt, glucose syrup and hops, its alcohol volume is 5.0% ABV and it should be served at a temperature of between 6-8 °C.

Guanciale (80g) - Bedogni


Guanciale is a cut of meat from the throat of the pig salted with herbs and spices, before leaving it to mature for about 3 months.

A deli meat with a characteristically dense consistency. A classic ingredients for two main Italian-recipes: Amatriciana and Carbonara pasta. Also try it with polenta or with truffle. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Bucatini (500g) - La Molisana


Long, narrow, hollow tubes of pasta. They may look like thick spaghetti, but have a hole running their length, making them similar to a straw. The hole allows the sauce to spill inside the pasta as bucatini are great when served with classic tomato sauce or, we suggest, with the traditional "alla Norma" sauce recipe, characterised by tasty chunks of aubergine and a generous sprinkling of salty ricotta.

Macine (350g) - Mulino Bianco


Shortbread biscuits prepared with simple, natural ingredients, including fresh eggs from free-range hens, and enriched with fresh cream. Rich tasting biscuits with an extremely pleasant and genuine flavour. Ideal for everyone\'s breakfast, they can also be eaten at any time of the day as healthy food. Best served with a cup of tea, coffee or dipped in hot milk. 

Halal Beef Sweet Soppressata (250g)-halal meat-halal beef-suppa
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Halal Beef Soppressata (~230g) - Suppa

£6.29 £8.99

A perfectly seasoned but not too spicy soppressata made with certified beef meat. This is great with mozzarella on a panino, or on an antipasto platter.

One of the noblest traditional Calabrian cured meats, the raw ingredient used is halal-certified beef, in a sweet version, then stuffed into natural casings, aged and smoked naturally.

Whole Wheat Maccheroni (500g) - La Molisana


Maccheroni, in Italy, is the name for a type of pasta shaped like a short tube. This wholemeal pasta is made from 100% Italian stone-hulled wheat and bronze drawing, and this makes the surface porous and "sauces-catching". Try these Maccheroni with a delicious mix of fresh and dried green tomatoes, some anchovy fillets and a sprinkling of salted ricotta and sliced almonds.

Spaghetti (500g) - La Molisana


One of the most famous pasta shapes, it pairs well with smoother, olive oil and tomato based sauces.

Surely one of the most loved and popular pasta shapes in Italy, Spaghetti is a stark reminder that sometimes, you just can\'t beat simplicity. Due to its intense popularity, almost every Italian region boasts its own signature Spaghetti dish - Spaghetti alla Carbonara, Spaghetti al Pesto and Spaghetti with Black Squid Ink, to name just a few.

Misto Corto (500g) - La Molisana


This kind of pasta, typical of South Italy, is often use for soups or minestrone with legumes, and it is cooked for the traditional "Pasta e Patate" - meaning pasta and potatoes. Children love it.

Penne Rigate (500g) - La Molisana


The word "rigate" refers to the ridged outer shell of the pasta, traditionally cooked "al dente". Classic, timeless type of pasta, Penne Rigate is very popular shape in South Italy, where people generally like thicker and furrowed shapes that trap the sauce.

Orecchiette Pugliesi (500g) - La Molisana


Traditional Southern Italian pasta characterised by a disc shape and a rustic texture.

The trademark of the Apulia region, \'Orecchiette\' literally means \'little ears\'. A full-bodied disc shape with an edge that is just a bit thicker than its inner part, and an authentic wrinkled texture that can perfectly capture the pasta sauce. The most famous recipe associated with this pasta type is certainly \'Orecchiette alle Cime di Rapa\', which combines it with seasonal greens like turnip tops or broccoli, extra-virgin olive oil and a touch of garlic.

Fusilli (500g) - La Molisana


Fusilli are the best known twisted pasta shape. These fusilli have two curls and a beautiful and delicate stretched shape. The texture is slightly thicker than normal. Best served with thick, chunky sauces.

Gourmet Truffle Cheese (180g) - TreValli


Fresh cheese with a smooth and creamy texture, enriched with truffles and made with a great blend of cow\'s mill and sheep\'s milk. This light and nutritious cheese is the result of a careful selection of raw materials. Best eaten by the slice with fresh homemade bread or as a part of fresh salads. It goes well with richly flavoured but delicate white wines.

Whole little piece of truffle cheese with edible rind in its own elegant package.

Wild Boar Mortadella with Truffle, Sliced (80g) - Renzini


Mortadella made from wild boar meat mixed with pork in perfect proportions, and then flavoured with Summer Truffle from Norcia (Umbria) for a unique taste. This Mortadella is gluten-free, slowly dried and hand binding. As this Mortadella is made from lean and healthy meat, it is also low in fat. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Kinder PlumCakes with Greek...
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Kinder PlumCakes with Greek Yoghurt (192g) - Ferrero

£1.89 £2.90

All the goodness of Kinder for the first time in a soft Plumcake. An extremely tasty but yet light option for your and your children\'s breakfast, ideal also a snack at any time of the day. The dough is prepared with 10% poured yoghurt, according to the Greek recipe.

This pack includes 6 plumcakes.

Cocoa Ringo (165g) - Pavesi


These delicious Ringo by Pavesi are made of 2 biscuits (one milk and one cocoa) filled with cocoa cream. Ideal for breakfast or as a coffee break. Most loved by Italian teenagers. Free from palm oil.