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Italian Food & Drink Hamper


This hamper includes a selection of premium Italian products, ideal as a gift for a special occasion!

It includes artisan pappardelle, a gourmet tomato sauce, Friarielli in extra-virgin olive oil, sesame flavoured breadsticks, an elegant bag of mixed artisan chocolates and a shareable cocoa biscuit. On the drink side, we have included a bottle of premium Pinot Grigio, an artisan IPA, an artisan amber beer and a tin of full-bodied ground coffee.

These products come with an elegant white box with a silky ribbon, and your personalised hand-written gift card. Simply do not forget to leave a gift message as a comment at checkout, we will do the rest!

Hand Sanitiser Gel  (100ml)...
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Hand Sanitiser Gel (100ml) - Sifarma

£2.49 £4.98

Hydro-alcoholic gel for your hands, with sanitising and antibacterial substances. It ensures accurate skin hygiene due to its content of highly sanitising agents. Denatured Alcohol (60%): rapid sanitiser for effective hand cleaning. Immediate effect, no need to rinse. Pour a sufficient quantity of the product on the hands and rub until completely dry.

Freshly Breaded Chicken 'Cotoletta' with Turkey (2x110g)


Exp. Date: 26/06/2021

2 fresh and crunchy chicken \'Cotoletta\' (Italian for \'Cutlets\') of around 110g each that will delight your taste buds! Enriched with nutritious turkey, these crispy cutlets are full of flavour thanks to their breading made from wheat flour seasoned with paprika and turmeric.

Ready meal. Simply cook them in a frying pan for 3 minutes or in the oven at 225°C for 10 minutes.

Keep them in a refrigerator. They can also be safely frozen.

breadcrumbs-250g-Crai-pan grattato-250g
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Breadcrumbs (250g)

£0.77 £0.90

Classic Italian \'Pangrattato\' (breadcrumbs), great for topping casseroles, stuffing poultry, thickening stews, or making a crisp and crunchy covering for fried foods, including the iconic Cotoletta and Arancino.

Wild Boar Mortadella with Truffle, Sliced (80g) - Renzini


Mortadella made from wild boar meat mixed with pork in perfect proportions, and then flavoured with Summer Truffle from Norcia (Umbria) for a unique taste. This Mortadella is gluten-free, slowly dried and hand binding. As this Mortadella is made from lean and healthy meat, it is also low in fat. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Plain Yoghurt, 0.1% Fat (2x125g) - Latteria Vipiteno


Two fresh, low-fat yoghurts made with only fresh Alpine milk, in a small Italian town called Vipiteno, close to the border with Austria. Thanks to local sourcing and responsible farming, these soft and creamy yoghurts are of a particularly high quality and will give you great pleasure. And they are also free from gluten.

Fresh Tortellini with Prosciutto Crudo (250g) - Fini


Tortellino is a ring-shaped pasta originally from the Northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, here stuffed with exquisite Prosciutto Crudo. Traditionally served with broth, these fresh Tortellini taste equally good when served with either fresh tomato passata or double cream and cured ham.

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Italian Summer Barbecue Hamper

£45.00 £50.00

A delicious barbecue hamper to enjoy in the sun with your family or friends - ideal for 4 people.

This pack includes two types of artisan pork sausages, meaty burgers, chicken frankfurters, Italian mustard, Italian ketchup, a soft mild cheese ideal for grilling, fresh potatoes that you can bake in a foil parcel, bruschetta bread, a side of chopped vegetables, two Ichnusa Sardinian lagers, a sparkling lemon beverage, a sparkling blood orange beverage and, to end on a sweet note, delicious apple biscuits!

This pack is also ideal as a gift idea, as it can include your personal, hand-written gift card, free of charge. Simply leave your message as a comment when you checkout.

Guanciale (80g) - Bedogni


Guanciale is a cut of meat from the throat of the pig salted with herbs and spices, before leaving it to mature for about 3 months.

A deli meat with a characteristically dense consistency. A classic ingredients for two main Italian-recipes: Amatriciana and Carbonara pasta. Also try it with polenta or with truffle. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Fresh Asiago Cheese PDO (100g)


Fresh and pressed cow’s milk cheese, matured for at least 20 days. DOP (PDO)* certified.

The colour is white or pale straw yellow, it is characterised by marked and new milk; it is delicate and pleasant and melts in the mouth leaving an irresistible sweet and slightly acidulous flavour. Asiago cheese originates on the Asiago Plateau, in a place surrounded by nature where the mild climate, the healthy air, the pure water and the rich vegetation provide the pastures with the nutritious elements most suited for the production of a genuine milk that becomes a healthy and produced following a strict procedure. Behind Asiago PDO there are a traditions that are maintained and enriched every day. Asiago Cheese is excellent for snacking, for serving with crusty breads, or for melting over various dishes.

*DOP (PDO) is short for Denominazione di Origine Protetta (literally \'Protected Designation of Origin\'). This certification ensures that products are locally grown and packaged, using traditional method.

This product comes in vacuum pack.

Sliced Bread for Bruschetta (400g) - Gecchele


Sliced bread ready to be toasted and dressed for your perfect Italian Bruschetta!

Toast the bread and drizzle it with chopped tomatoes and a hint of garlic, and sprinkle it with a bit of oregano; add some extra-virgin olive oil on top and enjoy it! This bread is ideal for your Aperitivo with a delicious charcuterie and cheese board.

Baci di Dama white biscuits (150g) - Di Forti


Baci di Dama means \'Lady\'s kisses\' in Italian as these biscuits are sandwiched together with a delicous dark chocolate filling making them appear as they were \'kissing\' each other. They are an ideal gift for your loved one, perfect for any romantic occasions.

Wholemeal Gemmole Biscuits (350g) - Balocco


A delicious, healthy alternative made with whole-wheat flour, high-quality fresh milk, fresh eggs from free-range hens and cane sugar, with a mix of precious sprout of spelled, wheat and buckwheat cereals. Perfect for breakfast or a quick break at any time of the day, together with tea or coffee.

Homemade Freselle from Calabria (400g) - Borghi d'Italia


Freselle are a bread typical of South Italian regions such as Calabria and Apulia. Best when lightly moistened with fresh water and served as an appetizer in the style of bruschetta, dressed with chopped tomatoes, olive oil, and fresh leaves of basil.

This irresistible artisan version made in the province of Cosenza, in the region of Calabria, is particularly crunchy and can be also a great substitute for bread, best with vegetables, cheeses, Prosciutto Crudo or salami.

Fresh Scamorza (~300g) - FrescoLatte


Scamorza is one of the most iconic South Italian cow’s milk cheeses. A stretched curd paste, white, soft and elastic when bitten, fresh scamorza can be consumed it on its own or as a topping. For example, melted on toasted bruschetta together with a hint of olive oil and pepper, as well as on pizza or pasta.

Wholemeal Cuor di Cereale Fruit & Fibre Biscuits (300g) - Gullón


A wholemeal snack with oat flakes, a high fibre content and a tempting mix of fruits. Discover a healthier way to take a break with these irresistible rolled oat biscuits, to be enjoyed at any time of the day! Gemmole do not contain palma oil, any additives, colourings or hydrogenated fats, and are free from genetically modified ingredients.

Parmigiano Reggiano PDO - Aged 30 months (100g)


One of the best cheeses in the world, this 30-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano is full of nutritional elements.

This hard cheese has a strong, yet well-balanced flavour that goes hand in hand with an intense, lingering aroma. High-quality milk and a 30-month long maturation make it an exceptional cheese. To fully appreciate it taste it in slivers and you will experience the fragrance of the herbs and flowers typical of the area where it is produced. Alternatively, enjoy it grated or shaved and enhance the flavour of your most sophisticated or traditional recipes.

Wonderful when served with red wine, fruit compotes, and balsamic vinegar of Modena. It comes in a vacuum pack.

italian meat-sliced meat-meat-cured meat-spicy meat italian meat-sliced meat-meat-cured meat-spicy meat
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Spicy Caciospianata Salami, Sliced (80g) - San Vincenzo

£1.19 £2.38

Caciospianata is a cured meat typical of the province of Cosenza, in the southern region of Calabria. It consist of spianata, a salami made from pork leg, minced and spiced with a hint of chili. The salami is then wrapped by melted Provolone cheese, made with cow\'s milk. Excellent when finely sliced and served as a starter or as a pizza topping.

Corn Breadsticks (150g) - Le Sfilatine


Crumbly breadsticks made with corn flour following the most traditional recipe. You can have them as a healthy substitute for bread or as an appetizer together with a board of cheese and charcuterie, or a snack at any time of the day.

Crostini-soups-san carlo-italian croutons
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Golden Salted Croutons (75g) - San Carlo

£1.13 £1.25

The authentic Crostini Dorati (golden croutons) combining tradition and quality. Genuine and fragrant slices of fried bread. Rich in flavour and always crispy, excellent as a quick snack or to prepare delicious canapé recipes paired with a drink. Also great in fish soups, creams, with mussels or clams.

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Kinder Colazione Più (290g) - Ferrero

£2.79 £3.99

\'Colazione\' means \'breakfast\' in Italian as these nutritious brioches are ideal for breakfast. Their incomparable taste is given by a unique blend of 5 cereals, milk, a pinch of malt, and delicious cocoa. They are equally good as a snack at any time of the day, as they are of the right size to be kept in your bag.

This pack includes 10 brioches.