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Red Rice, Quinoa, Bulgar,...
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Red Rice, Quinoa, Bulgar, Tomatoes & Olives, Ready to Eat (220g) - Valfrutta


One pack contains two servings. Ready in 2 minutes microwave or in a pan. 100% vegetable, steamed, no preservatives.

Surprising from the first taste, for the alchemy of the ingredients, which make it truly unique, this recipe is a true mix of expertly matched functional foods. Bulgur, obtained through the processing of whole wheat grains, provides energy thanks to the presence of B vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and potassium; the fibers contained in it promote intestinal transit and are useful in reducing caloric intake and absorption of fats and sugars.

Organic vegetable soup-soup-alce nero-500g Organic vegetable soup-soup-alce nero-500g
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Organic Vegetable Soup (500G) - Alce Nero


Alce Nero organic minestrone contains no added fats and is made using Italian legumes and vegetables. The recipe blends the flavours of seven kinds of vegetables, giving this dish a pleasant taste and making it easy to make – it’s ready in just 3 minutes. Alce Nero minestrone is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to give up quality ingredients and a delicious taste, yet who doesn’t have a lot of time for cooking. For best results, we recommend adding the contents to a pot, heating them for 3 minutes and then adding some extra-virgin olive oil and serving.

Suitable for vegans.

Penne-Pasta-Garofalo-Organic-Organic whole wheat pasta- Penne-Pasta-Garofalo-Organic-Organic whole wheat pasta-
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Organic Whole Wheat Penne (500G) - Garofalo


Penne is the type of pasta that you can see every week on the Italians\' table. Their versatility makes them the format to go to with all recipes, warm and cold.

This whole wheat variant from Garofalo only adds to the taste and is the right choice for a healthy meal.

Suitable for vegans.

Lactose-free Khorasan Biscuit (50g)-lactose free-biscuit-heart shaped biscuit-fidani-cuore di grano khorasan
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Lactose-free Khorasan Heart-Shaped Biscuit (50g) - Fidani


Love, softness and crumbliness nestled in this big heart made of organic flour, a source of scents, hints and memories that warm your soul while helping you keep healthy. Lactose-free.

A heart shaped biscuit baked with organic khorasan flour and honey. Perfect for Valentine\'s Day or as a Mother\'s Day gift, but also for an anniversary with your partner and any special occasion!

Pasta Making Course


Join this Pasta Making Course to learn how to prepare Italian pasta the original way!

Embrace the amazing world of authentic and traditional pasta and enjoy an unforgettable journey around Italy. Each region in Italy has a tradition, a unique method of preparation and specific sauces to serve pasta with.

Under Bellavita master-chef guidance, guests will learn how to make fresh pasta and shape it into different ways, from tasty Cavatelli to wonderful Gnocchi for example. Each region in Italy has a tradition and a unique method of preparation and specific sauces to serve pasta with.

From 6.00pm to 8.00pm or 11 am to 1 pm -> Please check the time for each date!

Aperitivo Night - POSTPONED Aperitivo Night - POSTPONED
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Aperitivo Night - POSTPONED


Aperitif Time @ Bellavita Shop

Antipasti and bottomless Finger Food all evening with Craft Beer, Wine, Prosecco and Cocktails.

Each ticket includes: 1 DRINK (wine or prosecco by glass, beer, soft drinks) + bottomless finger food.

>> Our Aperitivo nights are currently suspended. <<

Anchovy Syrup - Colatura di Alici (100ml) Anchovy Syrup - Colatura di Alici (100ml)
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Anchovy Syrup "Colatura di Alici" (100ml) - Iasa


Incredibly rare, the elixir is extracted during the anchovy curing process taking five months to produce.

One of the most treasured ingredients of the region of Naples is colatura di alici. Rich with the flavours of the sea, colatura dates back to ancient Rome. Incredibly rare to areas outside of Sicily, the production of this incredible liquid has actually dwindled so much that Slow Food International has declared the protection of this ancient ingredient. Pasta has never met a nicer friend than colatura. The most simple dish for it involves adding a dash of it to spaghetti, chili flakes and olive oil, but you can add lots of twists to this simple recipe such as lemon zest, toasted breadcrumbs or parsley.

sausage-wurstel sausage-wurstel
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Wudy Classic Chicken Frankfurters (250g) - Aia


The best-tasting, most delicate chicken and turkey Frankfurter by far: ideal for a fun main course. Fantastic when grilled and eaten in a hot dog with ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard, or great when used as an ingredient in rice salads, savoury pies, or even pizza!

Enjoy them cooked in a frying pan or on the grill for 3-4 minutes, or heated in boiling water for 3-4 minutes.

Each pack contains 3 big Frankfurters.

Artisan Gelato tub (750g)
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Artisan Gelato tub (750g)


You can now get your own Ice Cream Tub and enjoy even at home the authentic taste of our Italian Gelato. 

Mix up to 3 flavours (Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Mango, Pistachio, Milk, Hazelnut).

Leave us a message with you mix of flavours at the check-out!

biscuit-nastrine-240g-mulino bianco- breakfast
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Nastrine (240g) - Mulino Bianco


These Nastrine are wonderful and light brioche pastries. Its soft puff pastry has been naturally leavened, which makes it delicious straight out of the pack. You can also heat it in the oven to make it even better. This pack includes 6 brioches. Ideal for your breakfast or as a sweet snack.

Artisan Gelato tub (1kg)
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Artisan Gelato tub (1kg)


You can now get your own Ice Cream Tub and enjoy even at home the authentic taste of our Italian Gelato. 

Mix up to 4 flavours (Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Mango, Pistachio, Milk, Hazelnut).

Leave us a message with you mix of flavours at the check-out!

breakfast-colussi-400g-grandturchese biscuits-biscuits
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Granturchese Biscuits (400g) - Colussi


One of the most popular breakfast cookies in Italy. Great taste, light texture. Its simple sweetness makes it perfect to dunk in your milk. It is completely free from palm oil and is 70% lower in saturated fats than the average Italian biscuits.

Chardonnay-bersi serlini-italian wine-sparkling wine-chardonney wine-wine with roasted meat-white wine
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Franciacorta Brut Cuvée N°4 Millesimato (75cl) - Bersi Serlini


Franciacorta is an Italian traditional method Spumante. An intense straw yellow sparkling wine, composed of 100% Chardonnay grapes. The sparkle is fine and persistent. It reveals a sweet, gentle nose scent of chestnut, coconut and fresh bread. This biscuity side to the wine very quickly gives way to aromas of white flowers and butter. Just beneath the surface several mineral, saline notes make their appearance. The tone of the grape expresses itself in all its strength and elegance; ultimately Cuvée N°4 is masterfully refreshing for a Millesimé of full-bodied aromas. 

This wine is a wonderful match throughout a savoury meal, mostly ideal when paired with wild meats, roasted and grilled poultry. A joyful toast, perfectly combined with sea bass or grilled prawns. 

Beer hamper-beer box-italian beer hamper-italian beer box-beer starter pack-match starter pack-football starter pack-ichnusa
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Italian Beer Starter Pack


Did you know Italy is also the land of both artisan and broadly known beers? This Starter Pack can give you a clear idea of how good Italian beer is - and might be the perfect treat for yourself and/or your friends and family!

This hamper includes 2 bottles of Ichnusa (the iconic Sardinian lager), 2 bottles of Menabrea Bionda premium lager, 2 bottles of organic lager, and 2 bottles of artisan IPA. We have also included some mouth watering nibbles such as shelled almonds, sundried tomatoes in bag and a fantastic combination: breadsticks flavoured with rosemary, classic crisps "Roma", tomato flavour crisps "Napoli", and their perfect matching dipping sauce: a delicious green olives and lemon paté. 

pino bianco-bersi serlini-2015-franciacorte-brut 2015-wine for aperitivo-sparkling wine
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Franciacorta Extra Brut Millesimato 2015 (75cl) - Bersi Serlini


Franciacorta is an Italian traditional method Spumante. A golden yellow very fine sparkle, with amber yellow flashes of gold and a fresh cut. Very fine bubbles. Slightly austere approach, late evolving and expressing a vegetal tone, floral lily and mimosa. Scents of apple, pear, melon, banana and grapefruit; then again toasted hazelnut and hints of sweet lime are together to make a one-off wine. It’s fresh in the mouth, with a soft and balanced aftertaste of ripe fruit. 

This sparkling wine is dry and elegant and is an excellent wine for Aperitivo. It also wonderful when paired with seabass, crayfish, veals and mushrooms. Also great with cheese, shellfish, pasta and risotto. 

Walnuts-ventura-shelled walnuts-80g-noci-snack
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Shelled Walnuts (80g) - Ventura


Delicious shelled walnuts, perfect for a great snack. A natural food supplement which is useful for the proper functioning of the cardio-circulatory system as well. This product contains two 40-gram packs, so it easy to bring along on the road.

chocolate-spread-chocolate spread-nutella-200g-ferrero-nutella spread chocolate-spread-chocolate spread-nutella-200g-ferrero-nutella spread
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Nutella (200g) - Ferrero


An authentic taste of hazelnuts and cocoa with a unique creaminess which intensifies its flavour. A classic Italian experience! Enjoy your breakfast in many ways with the great and unique taste of Nutella spread... and do not forget to reuse the empty jar of Nutella as your water glass!

braised beef ravioli-la tua pasta-pasta-cook-italy-ravioli-fresh pasta
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Artisan Braised Beef Ravioli (250g) - La Tua Pasta


Braised beef is a traditional filling for Ravioli, the tender texture and flavour of the meat infuses the fresh pasta with taste, try it with a Porcini mushroom sauce, a broth or with the classical butter and sage sauce.

Maybe no other filled pasta is as popular in Italy as Ravioli. It is hard to say when the dish was first invented, Boccaccio\'s Decameron, a collection of novellas from the 14th century is the first written record of the dish.