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Seafood Sauce (190g) - Biffi


A delicious ready-to-use "sugo allo scoglio" (seafood) pasta sauce to enhance your first courses with a delicious twist. Try it with spaghetti, linguine, cous-cous or polenta!

Peeled Plum Tomatoes (3x400g) - Valfrutta


Made by using only the highest quality standards, this pack of three peeled plum tomatoes cans is a perfect option to make gorgeous dishes that are rich and strong in texture. Thanks to their versatility, they can be used for many types of pasta (such as \'Amatriciana\', \'Penne all\'arrabbiata\', \'Spaghetti alla puttanesca\') and to prepare main dishes as well (such as \'Pollo alla cacciatora\') or as a simple condiment for sausages and potatoes. 

These tomatoes are picked-up, carefully selected and processed after a few hours to maintain their freshness, with attention in every step of the process. After that, the tomatoes are gently steamed and the result is peeled plum tomatoes of the highest quality and freshness. The working process in South of Italy is totally environmentally-friendly, as the tomatoes are processed only by using renewable methods. 

Tomato Passata (700g) - Mutti
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Tomato Passata (700g) - Mutti

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Fresh tomato passata suitable for short cooking times. It gives great flavour to a vast range of recipes, including pasta.

This passata is made from 100% sun-ripened Italian tomatoes transformed into a sweet velvety puree with a sweet flavour as Mutti has been focused for over 120 years on transforming the best tomatoes into top quality tomato sauces. Tomatoes are crushed and heated to over 90°C. After eliminating the skin and seeds, the tomatoes are pureed to achieve a smooth texture whilst maintaining the bright red colour and naturally sweet flavour.

Tomato Passata (700g) - Valfrutta


With its delicate and gentle flavour, this \'Passata Vellutata\' (meaning \'velvety tomato puree\') can be the perfect seasoning for your favourite pasta, as it is prepared with only 100% fresh Italian tomatoes - a short and certified supply chain. Thanks to its lack of seeds and peel, this steamed tomato passata has a creamy and smooth texture.

Dairy-Free Pesto alla Genovese (130g) - La Malva Rosa


Our delicious dairy-free basil pesto is rich in nutrients thanks to its artisan recipe.

The complex selection behind each ingredient is the key to pesto\'s great taste and only Italy does it properly. Here, the basil used is DOP (PDO) certified*, cultivated in the producer La Malva Rosa\'s own land. Also, thanks to an exclusive recipe, they are the only producer to make a pesto without cooking the basil. This means that it tastes much more fresh and doesn\'t lose any of its minerals or extensive health benefits. It has a shelf-life of 24 months and it does not contain preservatives. Try it with linguine pasta (although almost any pasta shape will do), or use it to enrich your soup, salads or potatoes. It\'s even ideal with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella to prepare an Italian caprese.

*DOP (PDO): DOP is short for Denominazione di Origine Protetta (literally “Protected Designation of Origin”). This certification ensures that products are locally grown and packaged, using traditional method.

Double Cream (200ml) - Panna Chef


If you love cooking, with a little imagination you can find a thousand uses for your "Panna Chef". Thanks to its creaminess, it is ideal for seasoning a first course of pasta, binding all the ingredients together. It\'s particularly creamy and homogeneous and wraps every dish with taste, giving a "CHEF" touch that makes every occasion special.

Truffle cream-spread-lemme tartufi-90g-truffle-truffle spread-cream with truffle
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Truffle Cream (90g) - Lemme Tartufi

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This truffle \'vellutata\' is great for first courses and hot starters, and it is ready to use; just dilute it with a bit of cooking water or broth and drizzle it over the pasta. Best to be served with some extra virgin olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and parsley.

Porcini Mushroom Cream (130g) - La Gallinara


A traditional Ligurian recipe. Porcini mushroom cream is excellent as a topping to your favourite dishes, including pasta, as well as to be spread on slices of bread or crackers. Tasty and flavoured, this artisan sauce will delight your taste buds.

La Gallinara has been preparing products based on quality ingredients for more than 30 years.

Cacio e Pepe Sauce (190g) - Biffi


A delicious ready-to-use "cacio e pepe" sauce made from Pecorino Romano DOP cheese and a hint of black pepper. This is a classic of Roman Cuisine and actually a symbol of Italian Cuisine as well. Try it with your favourite pasta format, particularly with Spaghetti alla Chitarra (also knows as Tonnarelli).

Chopped Hot Chilli Peppers in Olive Oil (100g) - Iasa


A Sicilian masterpiece with the perfect balance between aroma and spiciness. Versatile but very hot.

Created to add a little kick to tuna and anchovies, these chilli peppers in olive have become one of the best selling products. Carefully selected chilli peppers grown in farms from Campania, south of Italy are immersed into olive oil to create a one of a kind Sicilian masterpiece with the perfect balance between aroma and spiciness. Thanks to the purity and essence of olive oil, chilli is a product that can be widely used in the kitchen to give a touch of flavour to all kinds of dishes. From pasta sauce to vegetables, it goes excellent with fish and is even delicious simply on toasted bread for an aperitif, or added to main courses for those who like a little extra spice.

Marinated FRIARIELLI in Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (270g) - Orominerva


The iconic \'Friarielli\' (also known as \'Broccoli di Rapa\', \'Cime di Rapa\' or, in English, Broccoli Rabe) of the finest quality, freshly marinated in extra-virgin olive oil.. They are excellent as a side dish for meat, sautéed with sultanas and pine nuts or used a filling for quiches and savoury pies, together with ricotta. Excellent on pizza with sausages or in a sandwich with a burger patty and a mild cheese.

Fresh Unsalted Butter (200g) - Parmareggio


Fresh cow\'s milk butter made from cream from dairies located in the provinces of Modena, Parma and Reggio Emilia, in Emilia-Romagna with a unique and unmistakable flavour, and a delicate and creamy taste. Versatile in the kitchen, it is an ideal ingredient to season pasta dishes and to prepare tasty recipes, but also to be enjoyed on its own spread on bread.

Potato Starch "Fecola di Patate" (500g) - Paneangeli


Fine and impalpable, used primarily in the preparation of desserts more delicate and friable dough and light or as a thickener for sauces, gravies, sauces and soups.

The Paneangeli Potato Starch is carefully selected and is suitable for any type of dessert: cakes, biscuits, puddings and creams. It can be used to partially or totally replace the flour, to obtain crumbly and delicate sweets.

Bronte Pistachio (80%) Pesto (200g) - Bacco


Ready-to-use Sicilian pistachio pesto sauce made with selected high quality Bronte pistachios.

Try a complete new sensation. Let yourself be tempted by the taste of passion. From Sicily, this Bronte pistachio pesto brings intense and unforgettable moments. Made with 80% pistachio and Nocellera dell’Etna olive oil, this elite pesto meets the requirements of the most demanding palate and is produced with the best fruit from Etna dark and lava soil only.


Pistachio Pesto Sauce (130g) - La Gallinara


A simple recipe resulting in a mouthwatering and distinctive product. This specialty pesto is an easy-to-use, ready-made condiment ideal to match any quirky pasta dish, meat or fish based, or simply spread on toasted bread.

The pistachio pesto is a domain with a fresh and aromatic taste that enhances the unique and unmistakable taste of these fruits. Made only with selected high quality ingredients. The pistachio pesto is the perfect condiment for fresh pasta, but can also be served with toasted crusty bread to serve as tasty snacks.

Extra Fine White Sugar "Zefiro" (1kg) - Eridania


With its pure crystals, this Italian granulated sugar is ideal for all your everyday recipes.

Pure and incredibly fine crystals that dissolve quickly, without leaving lumps: this is the secret to adding a delicate sweetness to your spoon desserts, fruit salads, yogurt and drinks. An ally always by your side in the kitchen.

Pink Pesto (130g) - La Gallinara


A ready-to-use seasoning for your favourite pasta, sliced bread, croutons, fish, pork or poultry.

This delicious Pink Pesto is an aromatic and delicate pesto made with chopped tomatoes, fresh basil, almonds, Grana Padano cheese, extra-virgin olive oil, a hint of garlic and just a light hint of gentle pink pepper. This pesto is the perfect combination of the traditional Pesto alla Genovese and the iconic Pesto alla Trapanese, a classic of Sicilian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Hare Ragu Sauce (220g) - Bernardini Gastone


A typical Italian pasta sauce made only with selected hare meat of the highest quality, roughly minced by hand.

Exclusive sauce to easily prepared gourmet recipes for finest palates. Hand cut hare meat, perfumed with spices and aromatic herbs, slowly cooked with tomato sauce .

Roe Ragu Sauce (220g) - Bernardini Gastone


A typical Italian pasta sauce made only with selected meat of the highest quality, roughly minced by hand.

Exclusive sauce to easily prepared gourmet recipes for finest palates. Hand cut Roe meat, perfumed with spices and aromatic herbs, slowly cooked with tomato sauce all the time required to obtain the perfect sauce.