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Garlic Salame sliced (80g) - La Glacere


This salami is cured with fresh chopped garlic, which gives it a distinctive flavour. It\'s great on pizza, for sandwiches and also delicious on its own as a cold meat or when served with apple and sweet pickle.

Typical Friulian salami, obtained from the finest cuts of pork. When cut, a smooth, compact slice, from coarse grinding. The taste and aroma are enhanced by the right balance between garlic, wine, salt and black pepper. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Mortadella with Pistachios sliced (80g) - vacuum pack Mortadella with Pistachios sliced (80g) - vacuum pack
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Mortadella with Pistachios Sliced (80g) - ArtigianQuality

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Genuine melt-in-your-mouth Mortadella with pistachios, freshly sliced. Bologna’s signature salume, with a rich taste and a tender texture.

Mortadella is not just a salume, but rather an institution. Hailing from the food rich town of Bologna, Romans apparently used to grind pork with spices in a mortar. The term mortar gets its name from the Latin word murtatum (which means ground meat in a mortar), and is often thought to be the origin of the word mortadella. These days, traditional mortadella is still made from finely minced pork, using traditional techniques and high quality ingredients. The addition of Pistachios up the ante to ultimate indulgence. Try these thinly sliced pieces with some fresh sourdough bread and a slice of Pecorino cheese. Life won\'t be the same anymore... This product comes in vacuum pack.

Culatta Ham "Don Romualdo"... Culatta Ham "Don Romualdo"...
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Culatta Ham "Don Romualdo" Sliced (80G) - Salumeria Peveri


A prestigious italian charcuterie product, produced in the traditional artisan method

Culatta is made exclusively from selected, heavy-weight national pig hind legs. Only selected national heavy pigs are used to produce it, and the processing operations must take place in the lowlands of Parma and Piacenza only. The slice colour is intense red, with fat white in the exterior; the aroma is an intense fragrance of cellar seasoning; and the taste is soft and sweet like Parma Ham, but with a consistent taste like Culatello. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Sweet Soppressata (400g)
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Sweet Soppressata (350g) - Suppa


Rich and with a sweet flavour, this is a gourmet option for sweet meat fans.

A coarse ground salame with rich ingredients, crisp flavour and a smooth, clean finish. It is made with high-quality meat from domestic pigs, which, according to tradition, is smoked with the fumes of oak firewood and seasoned raw. Lactose-free and gluten-free, this is a quality piece of meat that doesn\'t rely on the addition of anything but pure meat and herbs. Sweet Soppressata is an excellent meat for sandwiches or on a pizza.