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Cow's Milk Mozzarella (125g) - Valerio


Fresh cow\'s milk mozzarella also known as \'fior di latte\', made following the authentic Italian recipe, with a gentle, sweet and milky flavour. The Valerio family wanted to create a mozzarella for people who are more accustomed to the more neutral taste of cow\'s milk.

It is sold in a single 125g pack and is ready to be added to your favourite salad or sandwich, or as a topping to homemade pizza or pasta. Great Taste Awards winning product.

Grated Parmigiano Reggiano (100g) - Gran Soresina


Parmigiano Reggiano PDO is an Italian granular, hard cheese poor in water but rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. A world-famous cheese made from cow\'s milk and characterised by its straw-yellow colour and its intense but delicate taste.

This Parmigiano Reggiano has been finely grated and then packed, and therefore is ready to be used to enhance the taste of a vast range of recipes, including as a topping to your favourite pasta dishes, risottos, soups and broths.

This product is naturally free from lactose due to the characteristics of its production.

Classic Tangerine-shaped Provolone Cheese (100g) - Auricchio


A 100 gram piece of the Tangerine-shaped Spicy Provolone. The unique Auricchio spicy Provolone is world famous for its unique taste, and it makes it instantly recognizable among all other cheeses.

It is recommended to eat this cheese as an aperitif, grated on pasta or in flakes on fresh carpaccio. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Smoked Scamorza Cheese (200g) - Caseificio di Pasquo


The intense flavor of a perfectly smoked scamorza cheese, perfect for grilling thanks to its compact peel and soft filling.

Give your recipes an inimitable flavor with the authentic Di Pasquo smoked scamorza: crunchy crust and tender stringy heart, for a perfect result every time.

Tuscan Pecorino PDO (100g) - Caseificio Manciano


Pecorino Toscano PDO is a classic fresh, soft paste sheep’s cheese, made from pasteurized sheep’s milk with the addition of selected indigenous cultures, rennet and salt. The minimum aging is 20 days as required by the production regulations to affix the PDO mark in ink. It is eaten usually after 30-45 days, and its sweet and delicate flavor evokes the scent of Maremma and Tuscan pastures.

Today the Manciano Cheesemaking Factory produces about 435,000 wheels of Pecorino Toscano PDO annually, both fresh and aged, distributed in Italy and exported worldwide. Fresh Pecorino is known for its slightly straw-colored crust, white paste, tenderness and fragrant, distinctive flavour.  If it could be described all in one word, it would be “sweet.” The aged product, however, has a crust ranging from yellow to deep yellow, a pale-yellow paste and a fragrant flavor, intense but never spicy.

Pecorino Giglio Sardo (100g) - Argiolas


Pecorino Giglio Sardo is a semi-hard sheep cheese; it has hints of hay, hazelnuts, cooked milk. On the palate it is slightly grainy, sweet and soluble, the flavor is not high but it is still very tasty.A balanced cheese with a medium-long persistence and a pleasant finish.

It is compact, lightweight with eyelets. Delicate and aromatic scents, never sharp. The rind is not edible.

Capridor Seasoned Goat Cheese (100g) - Argiolas


Capridor is a semi-hard Italian cheese originating from Sardinia. It is made from goat’s milk and matures for about three months. Its edible rind is moldy, while the texture is compact and soft, and the body is straw yellow in color.

The flavors of capridor are quite mild and aromatic.

Lactose-Free Buffalo Mozzarella (125g) - Aziende Agricole Associate


The lactose-free version of one of Italy\'s most sought after exports. So you don\'t have to skip the good stuff.

Continue to enjoy your favourite Italian dishes with this lactose-free version of Italian Buffalo Mozzarella. The producer states that \'the use of milk produced in our own farms provides a system of total traceability, that begins with feeding the buffalo and ends in our mozzarella, as we aim to establish a strong trust with our customers. All of our products also undergo regular inspections at all stages of production at our internal analysis lab.\' Before eating mozzarella, immerse it (while still in the packet) in a bowl of warm water for 20 minutes to release all its flavours.

Buffalo Mozzarella Bites (300g) - Aziende Agricole Associate


One of Italy\'s most sought after exports - in bite-sized pieces.

As well as having a lower cholesterol than regular milk, Buffalo milk is also extremely rich in calcium and a good source of minerals (especially magnesium, potassium and phosphorus). Mozzarella di Bufala is well known all around the world for its decadently rich, slightly acidic milk, full of dense flavour, and stringy texture. The good stuff like this is almost unrealistically soft, so these little "bites" are especially handy. It\'s so easy to love them (and to finish them!). Before eating mozzarella, immerse it (while still in the packet) in a bowl of warm water for 20 minutes to release all its flavours.

Asiago Dop (100g)


Full-cream Cow’s milk Cheese, matured for at least 20 days

The colour is white or pale straw yellow, it is characterised by marked and new milk; it is delicate and pleasant and melts in the mouth leaving an irresistible sweet and slightly acidulous flavour. Asiago cheese originates on the Asiago Plateau, in a place surrounded by nature where the mild climate, the healthy air, the pure water and the rich vegetation provide the pastures with the nutritious elements most suited for the production of a genuine milk that becomes a healthy and produced following a strict procedure. Behind Asiago PDO there are a traditions that are maintained and enriched every day. Asiago Cheese is excellent for snacking, for serving with crusty breads, or for melting over various dishes. This product comes in vacuum pack.