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  • Region: Emilia Romagna

Unsalted Artisanal Butter (250g) - Poggiocastro


A light butter that tastes like nature.

Unsalted butter of the highest quality, produced by centrifuging the milk just milked, and always coming from a spinneret at a low temperature. This keeps many of the excellent characteristics of the milk from which it derives. Its fat has the characteristic of melting at a temperature of 30° C, lower than that of the human body. This makes this butter easily digestible and rapidly assimilable.

Stracchino Soft Cheese (250g) Stracchino Soft Cheese (250g)
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Stracchino Soft Cheese (250g) - Poggiocastro


A soft, melt-in-the-mouth cheese that perfectly expresses the natural flavour and aromatics of a good quality milk.

Also known simply as Crescenza, Stracchino (also known as Crescenza) is characterised by a delicate yet velvety taste, full of the natural flavour and aromatics of a good quality cow milk. It is a soft cheese, with a smooth, almost paste, consistency. Spread it on crostini, or melt it into a grilled sandwich or into a cream sauce over pasta.