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  • Region: Sardinia

Pecorino Giglio Sardo (100g) - Argiolas


Pecorino Giglio Sardo is a semi-hard sheep cheese; it has hints of hay, hazelnuts, cooked milk. On the palate it is slightly grainy, sweet and soluble, the flavor is not high but it is still very tasty.A balanced cheese with a medium-long persistence and a pleasant finish.

It is compact, lightweight with eyelets. Delicate and aromatic scents, never sharp. The rind is not edible.

Capridor Seasoned Goat Cheese (100g) - Argiolas


Capridor is a semi-hard Italian cheese originating from Sardinia. It is made from goat’s milk and matures for about three months. Its edible rind is moldy, while the texture is compact and soft, and the body is straw yellow in color.

The flavors of capridor are quite mild and aromatic.