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Ferrero Rocher (Pack of 3)...
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Ferrero Rocher (Pack of 3) - Ferrero


One of the most popular and iconic Italian pralines. A whole hazelnut covered with delicious layers of crispy wafer, a velvety filling, smooth milk chocolate and finely chopped hazelnut pieces.

This smart pack of 3 is the ideal little treat for you and your loved ones.

Walnuts-ventura-shelled walnuts-80g-noci-snack
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Shelled Walnuts (80g) - Ventura


Delicious shelled walnuts, perfect for a great snack. A natural food supplement which is useful for the proper functioning of the cardio-circulatory system as well. This product contains two 40-gram packs, so it easy to bring along on the road.

iasa-tuna-tuna paté-tuna spread-tuna with olive oil-90g-tune olive oil
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Tuna Spread with Olive Oil (90g) - Iasa


Only tuna and olive oil are used to give this paté a unique, delicate and unmistakable flavour.

Iasa have been working with tuna since 1980, which is now one of the company\'s most popular products. Caught tuna is sustainably caught from boats off the Amalfi Coast and is ready to be processed on site within a few hours, to ensure ultimate freshness and flavour. Carefully selected fish are then steamed and dried under vacuum to keep them as tender and flavourful as possible, with a luxurious silky texture. Perfect for appetisers and aperitifs. It is also delicious when spread on crispbread or used to fill fresh cherry tomatoes.