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Mini Caramel Chocolate Eggs...
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Mini Caramel Chocolate Eggs (160g) - Novi


Mini extra-fine milk chocolate eggs with caramel filling enriched with salted butter, individually foil wrapped. Enclosed in an elegant sachet each containing 160 grams of little sweet eggs, they can be a fun gift for the little ones (or for yourself)... let your Easter egg hunt begin!

Gluten Free.

Vegan Crumbly Torroncini...
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Vegan Crumbly Torroncini with Almonds (200g) - Barbero


An exquisite vegan alternative to traditional Torroncini nougats. Made using only high quality ingredients and following the recipe used since 1883, these crumbly nougats are perfect for those who are on a vegan diet but still want to enjoy one of the most traditional Italian sweets with their family and friends.


Fruit mustard-sperlari-380g-mustard with fruit-mustard
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Candied Fruit Mostarda (380g) - Sperlari


A Northern Italian classic condiment made of candied fruit and a sweet-spicy flavored syrup.

\'Mostarda\' enhances the food taste with creativity and colours. Sperlari has been producing it since 1836, following an accurate process that goes from the selection of the best raw materials, picked at the right point of ripening, to the candying procedure, till the immersion in a sugary syrup flavored with \'Mostarda;, the unmistakable essence that characterises the product with an original sweet-spicy flavour.

Crema-Pan di stelle-Cream-mulino bianco-hazelnut spread-330g-chocolate spread-chocolate cream
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Pan Di Stelle Hazelnut Cocoa Spread (330g) - Mulino Bianco


A magical encounter between a sweet hazelnut cocoa spread and little chips of the iconic Pan di Stelle biscuits, for a little extra goodness! Made in Italy with no palm oil, this delicious spreadable cream tastes great anytime of the day on toast, pancakes, fruit, crackers, rusks or as an ingredient for your homemade crostata!

chocolate-spread-chocolate spread-nutella-200g-ferrero-nutella spread chocolate-spread-chocolate spread-nutella-200g-ferrero-nutella spread
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Nutella (200g) - Ferrero


An authentic taste of hazelnuts and cocoa with a unique creaminess which intensifies its flavour. A classic Italian experience! Enjoy your breakfast in many ways with the great and unique taste of Nutella spread... and do not forget to reuse the empty jar of Nutella as your water glass!

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Kinder Colazione Più (290g) - Ferrero


\'Colazione\' means \'breakfast\' in Italian as these nutritious brioches are ideal for breakfast. Their incomparable taste is given by a unique blend of 5 cereals, milk, a pinch of malt, and delicious cocoa. They are equally good as a snack at any time of the day, as they are of the right size to be kept in your bag.

This pack includes 10 brioches. 

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Kinder Panecioc (290g) - Ferrero


A soft, naturally raised cocoa sponge cake with two sweet layers of chocolate cream in the middle. With its unique chess board design, Kinder Panecioc is a fun and delicious snack that the whole family can enjoy at breakfast or at any time of the day, as it of the right size to be kept in your bag.

This pack includes 10 brioches.