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Fruit mustard-sperlari-380g-mustard with fruit-mustard
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Candied Fruit Mostarda (380g) - Sperlari


A Northern Italian classic condiment made of candied fruit and a sweet-spicy flavored syrup.

\'Mostarda\' enhances the food taste with creativity and colours. Sperlari has been producing it since 1836, following an accurate process that goes from the selection of the best raw materials, picked at the right point of ripening, to the candying procedure, till the immersion in a sugary syrup flavored with \'Mostarda;, the unmistakable essence that characterises the product with an original sweet-spicy flavour.

Ferrero Rocher (Pack of 3)...
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Ferrero Rocher (Pack of 3) - Ferrero


One of the most popular and iconic Italian pralines. A whole hazelnut covered with delicious layers of crispy wafer, a velvety filling, smooth milk chocolate and finely chopped hazelnut pieces.

This smart pack of 3 is the ideal little treat for you and your loved ones.

Chocolate bar-bacco-100g-pistachio chocolate bar-pistachio chocolate-italian chocolate
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Pistachio Chocolate Bar (100g) - Bacco


Chocolate lovers won\'t be able to say no to this delicacy that combines the sweetness of white chocolate with the unique flavour of wholesome Sicilian Bronte pistachios!

Mouthwatering speciality that will satisfy even the most demanding palates, a sweet and wholesome chocolate bar just too delicious to resist.


chocolate-spread-chocolate spread-nutella-200g-ferrero-nutella spread chocolate-spread-chocolate spread-nutella-200g-ferrero-nutella spread
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Nutella (200g) - Ferrero


An authentic taste of hazelnuts and cocoa with a unique creaminess which intensifies its flavour. A classic Italian experience! Enjoy your breakfast in many ways with the great and unique taste of Nutella spread... and do not forget to reuse the empty jar of Nutella as your water glass!