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Cuor di Mela (250g) - Mulino Bianco


Delicious apple biscuits by Mulino Bianco. They contain a filling of jam and small, soft pieces of apple; simply irresistible! It can be enjoyed any time of the day but is especially very tasty with a cup of tea and a bit of honey.

Nutella Biscuits (304g) - Ferrero


A crunchy biscuit with your favourite Nutella spread. Either for breakfast or for your coffee break, Nutella can now also be eaten in biscuit form! It is the perfect choice alongside your morning coffee or just as an afternoon snack.

Granturchese Biscuits (400g) - Colussi


A popular breakfast cookie in Italy. Its simple sweetness makes it perfect for in the morning to dunk in your milk. It is free from palm oil and 70% lower in saturated fats than the average Italian best-selling breakfast cookie.

Tarallucci (400g) - Mulino Bianco


A classic Italian biscuits like grandma used to make. These fragrant pastries are light and delicious, making them an ideal way to start your day. Perfect for breakfast and ideal to dip into your morning milk, tea, or coffee.

Baci Di Dama White (150g) - Diforti


Baci Di Dama\'s translates directly to \'\'Lady\'s kisses\'\', since these biscuits are sandwiched together with a delicous dark chocolate filling so it appears they are \'\'kissing\'\' eachother. They are an ideal food gift to treat a loved one, and they are perfect for occasions like Valentine\'s Day - but for an Italian, any day is good for a kiss!

Pavesini (200g) - Pavesi


Light sweet Italian biscuit which melt into your mouth. They have no added fat and this makes them a great snack for anyone who wants a quick low calorie snack.

You can even use them as an ingredient for your homemade Tiramisu!

Almond Cantucci IGP (250g) - Masini


When it comes to the absolute best Italian snacks, none will leave your mouth watering quite like Cantuccini Alla Mandorla - a crisp almond biscotti straight from Italy. 

These Tuscan biscuits are well-known and appreciated all over the world. Delicate and crisp, they\'re made using a traditional recipe of just a few ingredients including toasted almonds flavoured with natural vanilla. Ideal to enjoy at the end of a meal accompanied by a classic Tuscan Vin Santo or a good dessert wine. Also excellent with a cup of coffee or cappuccino or a refreshing cup of ice-cream.

Sweet & Savoury Christmas Hamper


The ultimate Christmas hamper to satisfy both your sweet and savoury cravings! Make someone\'s Christmas very special with lots of amazing Christmas treats including also one bottle of red wine and one of white wine.

Nastrine (240g) - Mulino...
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Nastrine (240g) - Mulino Bianco

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These Nastrine are wonderful and light brioche pastries. Its soft puff pastry has been naturally leavened, which makes it delicious straight out of the pack. You can also heat it in the oven to make it even better.

Classic Panettone Christmas Hamper


Panettone & Prosecco is the most iconic pairing for an Italian Christmas! Surprise your loved ones with this amazing hamper filled with goodies such as Aragostine, Oat Cookies, Almond Nougat, Cantucci, and of course your classic Panettone & Prosecco!

Classic Pandoro Christmas Hamper


A wonderful classic Pandoro hamper makes for a perfect Christmas gift! This hamper is packed with delicious almond treats, as well as some Prosecco & Pandoro. It is the perfect gift for everyone!

Chocolate Lover Christmas Hamper


Our \'\'Chocolate Lovers Hamper\'\' is the ultimate gift for any chocoholic. Inside this hamper you will find the most amazing Italian chocolate treats, like a Cocoa Panettone and some Baci di Dama biscuits, and to make it even better some Prosecco to go along with it!

Pistachio Lover Christmas Hamper


Who doesn\'t love Pistachio? This hamper is filled with delicious, artisanal Pistachio products. And to make it even better, we also added some Prosecco! For any Pistachio lover, this is the perfect gift, especially around Christmas time.