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Barbaresco DOCG 2018 (75cl) - Produttori Del Barbaresco


Barbaresco is one of the finest red wines of Piedmont. It is warm and balanced red, with a dense and delicate tannic texture and hints of raspberry, blueberry and currant. It has good acidity and a persistent aftertaste.

The crops of Barbaresco are concentrated in the province of Cuneo and in the iconic Langhe area of the Langhe, ideal for the Nebbiolo grapes. It is an elegant wine, to be paired with pasta with meat sauces and risotto with truffles or mushrooms. 

Marsala "Floriovo" (75cl) - Florio


Marsala is an iconic Sicilian sweet liqueur wine, often paired with Italian desserts, enriched with the natural substances of egg yolk. This amber-coloured Marsala with coppery reflections is reminiscent of caramel due to its brightness, characterised by sweet notes of cotton candy and marzipan, followed by notes of aromatic and medicinal herbs with slight mineral puffs. The taste is soft, warm, mainly sweet, and delicate. It is rich in returns of dried fruit and a long persistence of toasted almonds. 

This wine is excellent for flavouring marzipan, making Tiramisu and Zabaglione. You can also use it to make sauces, but it is also a good company for fruit pies and dry pastries. You can drink the wine on its own as a dessert wine or as an after-dinner drink. 

Gattinara Selezione DOCG (2018) - Travaglini


Gattinara comes from the foothills of the Alps and is made with Nebbiolo grapes only and aged for 3 years. A deep ruby wine with aromas of red fruit, blackberries, plums, the spices of liquorice and vanilla and some hints of leather. These all come through on the palate with a slight creamy texture and lovely tannins. The wine has great dept and a persistent aftertaste.

This Gattinara Selezione comes in its iconic bottle shape, and can be served during the whole meal with strong flavoured first courses like fresh egg-made pasta with sauce, red meat, and cheese.

Etna Bianco DOC 2020 (75cl) - Benanti


Etna Bianco is a Sicilian wine made from the indigenous Carricante grape, with a bright yellow colour. It displays delicious ripe red and green apple aromas with a hint of ripe pear. On the palate the intense fruit is complimented by a slightly rich mouthful and balanced by a refreshing acidity and a bright aromatic persistence on the finish.

Excellent with all seafood, like spaghetti with sea urchins, grilled shrimps or swordfish. 

Etna Rosso 2019 (75cl) - Benanti


Classic blend of Nerello Mascalese (80-85%) and Nerello Cappuccio (15-20%), Benanti’s Etna Rosso comes from sandy, volcanic, mineral-rich soils located on the north, south-west and south-east slopes of the volcano. The vines, from 10 to 60 years old, are cultivated both with traditional saplings and espaliers. The result is an exemplary Etna Rosso for immediacy and territorial frankness.

Full ruby red to the eye, the bouquet is intense, with nuances of vanilla and ripe fruit. On the palate it is immediately elegant, harmonic, of remarkable persistence, with sapidity and minerality at the forefront on the good body. Perfect with earthy first courses, red meats and mature cheeses. A versatile wine that can also be paired with fish or white meat dishes.

"La Rivetta 120" Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG (75cl) - Villa Sandi


In "La Rivetta 120" the exquisite grapes of the Valdobbiadene vineyards are enhanced with parcels of grapes sourced from the unique La Rivetta estate and the second fermentation is extended to 4 months in order to produce a premium Prosecco.

Excellent as an aperitif. Perfect for tasty appetizers, ideal throughout the meal especially with fish dishes. 

Cannonau di Sardegna Lillové 2019 (75cl) - Gabbas


Cannonau di Sardegna Lillové is a pleasantly intense red wine with a fragrant bouquet of fresh raspberries, geraniums and violets. Medium in body, with soft tannins and a hint of white pepper on the palate.

The best way to pair Cannonau di Sardegna Lillové is with Sardinian pecorino, or pasta with tomato recipes. 

White & Red Wine Duo in Gift Box - Villa Sandi


An elegant Villa Sandi branded case, perfect as a gift at any time of the year. It includes two of the most iconic wines from this premium brand: a white wine: Pinot Grigio Veneto and red wine: Cabernet Sauvignon Venezia. 

Pinot Grigio Veneto is an incredibly popular wine, well-known for its refreshing lightness. Marked by fruity and flowery notes that are reminiscent of the Italian countryside, this Pinot Grigio has a dry, round and flavoursome taste that\'s well-structured with a fruity, warm and well-balanced finish. A subtle, unobtrusive intensity of flavour, that is elegant, mineral and complex. 

Cabernet Sauvignon Venezia is a fresh, medium-bodied and supremely digestible wine. Like the Merlot it is a relative lightweight wine in terms of alcohol at 12.5% - but possibly more appealing as a result.

Organic Chianti Biskero DOCG 2020 (75cl) - Salcheto


Red, deep, full-bodied wine with a strong structure. Intense nose, floral and fruity. Intense aromas of currant, strawberries, berries and blueberries. Very tannic but well integrated. Balanced, a real Tuscan red wine, with a final persistent touch. Perfect with meat-based dishes and with matured cheeses. 

Organic Fiano IGT 2020 (75cl) - Caiaffa


Tropical and balanced. Lively and fresh white wine, with delicate flavours and aromas of ripe citruses fruit, stone fruits and white flowers. Great acidity and well balanced with a lovely long finish. 

Perfect for aperitif, with white fish or light pasta dishes.

Franciacorta Cuvée Imperiale Brut (75cl) - Berlucchi


Refined at least 18 months in bottle, this premium Franciacorta spumante features fresh fruit sensations with yellow flesh and citrus. A soft and generous foam, a straw yellow colour with subtle greenish tints, it is excellent for aperitifs, starters, pasta, white meats, full-bodied fish and fresh cheese as its rich and complex taste enhances the flavour of all dishes.

It comes in its elegant case, making it perfect also as a great gift for a special occasion.

Franciacorta Spumante Alma Cuvée Brut (75cl) - Bellavista


Finest sparkling Franciacorta Spumante with a bright and brilliant yellow colour, a marked greenish reflections, a pale, lively and persistent foam. The bouquet is inviting, with rich notes of white flowers and ripe fruit, and subtle hints of vanilla. Elegant and balanced, and persistent in the mouth, is perfect as a classsy aperitif and when served with fish-based dishes.

Pinot Nero DOC Alto Adige 2020 (75cl) - St. Michael Eppan


Pinot Nero is one of the most famous Italian wines in the world. With its garnet red colour, elegance and aromas, it enjoys great prestige. On the nose, you can smell aromas of wild berries, raspberries, and blackberries. On the palate, it is elegant, compact and fruity.

Best served with cooked meat, lamb, goat cheeses or mature cheeses.

Morellino di Scansano "La Mora" 2020 (75cl) - Cecchi


Morellino di Scansano has a pretty intense ruby red colour and balsamic notes of cherries pleasant to the nose. Although soft on the palate, a touch of acidity just raises the final note.

It is a wine made of Sangiovese that can be served both with a tasty starter or a main course.

Lagrein Alto Adige DOC 2020 (75cl) - St. Michael Eppan


Lagrein Alto Adige is a premium fruity wine. Its intense aromas of cherry and blackberry, those of dried plums and dark chocolate on the finish, give a ruby red colour with luminous flashes.

With its complex taste made of several aromas and a strong structure, it is best served with meat and pasta.

Gewurztraminer Alto Adige DOC 2020 (75cl) - St. Michael Eppan


An Italian white wine, fresh and balanced with a bright straw yellow colour. With its different aromas, such as rose, pear, citrus, passion fruit, or even honey, Gewurztraminer Alto Adige is a rich, fresh and fruity wine with a very pleasant olfactory and gustatory tasting.

Best paired with refined aperitif, dishes based on fish and shellfish, both raw and steamed, and dishes of oriental cuisine.

Bolgheri Rosso DOC 2019 (75cl) - Grattamacco


Bolgheri Rosso DOC combines the generosity of the Tuscan soil and modern elegance for an intense ruby red wine. On the nose, notes of sour cherries, plum, and cherry arrive first, followed by spicy nuances. In the mouth, it is round and soft, fresh and balanced.

Best paired with red meat, cheeses and pasta.

Chianti "Gli Scudi" 2020 (75cl) - Cecchi


With its ruby red colour and a strong, persistent taste, Chianti is one of the most popular Italian wines. Although its taste is pronounced, it is well balanced and smooth on the palate.

It should be served with red meat or cheeses.

Sassella DOCG 2018 (75cl) - Nino Negri


Sassella is a typical wine from Lombardy. It has a brilliant and deep garnet color. Its complex smell with aromas of strawberries, roses, and ripe black cherries brings in at the end a pleasant smell of dry prune and spices.  DOCG* Certified.

When tasted, it is soft but sustained, which goes wonderfully with roasted red meats or strong cheeses.

DOCG* Certification: This classification denotes the highest quality recognition for Italian wines. In addition to the conditions required for DOC, the wines must be "guaranteed" by passing an analysis and a tasting by government-licensed personnel before being bottled. Also, DOCG rules reduce the allowable yield of grapes to produce the wine, limit specific alcohol levels, and minimum aging requirements.

Rosé "Aragosta" 2020 (75cl) - Santa Maria La Palma


"Aragosta" is a high-quality rosé wine made in Sardinia from Cannonau (60%), Cabernet Sauvignon (20%), Cagnulari (20%). It has a bright and sparkling pink colour, and a fresh and refined aroma with a slight hint of roses and wild fruits. Although it is a pleasant fruity and harmonious taste, it is a rather strong, dry, and lively wine on the palate.

It is best served with starters, fish-based dishes or white meats.

Organic Prosecco Brut DOC ''Il Fresco'' (75cl) - Villa Sandi


Organic Prosecco by Villa Sandi is a refined, elegant and refreshing drink. The wine has a very pale straw yellow colour with fine and persistent perlage. The aroma is both fruity and flowery with hints of ripe golden apple and small mountain flowers. On the palate, it has a dry, soft, and flavoursome sensation, which is followed by a fruity and harmonious aftertaste.

This wine is excellent as an aperitif, or served as an accompaniment to shellfish or fried fish.

Prosecco Rosé Brut DOC Millesimato "Il Fresco" (75cl) - Villa Sandi


Prosecco Rosé almost needs no introduction, with its elegant pink hue with copper highlights and a lively and persistent perlage. Its aromatic freshness offers a bouquet of red fruits and floral scents in particular notes of pomegranate and rose. On the palate it is silky and full, with a very pleasant balance.

Excellent for your Aperitivo! Best served with finger food, cheese, charcuterie, pasta and pastries.

Priorat D.O.Ca. "Príncep del Priorat" 2015 (75cl) - Bodegas Peñafiel


This wine is part of our Spanish wine selection. Príncep del Priorat has an intense colour and aromas and a surprising palate. It shows a bright deep cherry colour, with ripe red fruits (strawberry, blackberry and raspberry), and sweet spices (thyme and heather) combined with subtle hints of vanilla and cinnamon from the wood. It is savoury in the mouth, deep and lingering. This wine improves over time.

This wine pairs well with red meat, strong cheeses, and sweet and spicy recipes.

Ribera del Duero D.O. "Baron de Filar" Crianza 2015 (75cl) - Bodegas Peñafiel


This wine is part of our Spanish wine selection. It has an intense purple colour with cherry red hues. A fresh nose with red fruits, balsamic and spice notes such as coffee and coconut. A powerful round-mouth wine, elegant but easy to drink. It is a wine with a more modern and elegant style so that everyone can enjoy it.

This wine pairs excellently with grilled meat, stew, and lamb.