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Ready-to-drink Espresso Martini (Single-serving Bag) - Spirito Cocktails


The pleasure of coffee combined with the warmth of the purest Italian vodka in one single bag of ready-to-drink Espresso Martini cocktail that satisfies all the senses. We have selected only the best Gran Aroma coffee blends, combining them with artisan vodka of the highest purity for an Espresso Martini with an intense flavour, slightly toasted, made softer by sugar\'s sweetness.

Ready-to-drink Gin... Ready-to-drink Gin...
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Ready-to-drink Gin Sensation (Single-Serving Bag) - Spirito Cocktails

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Fresh and sweet at the same time, this single bag of Bellavita Awards winning ready-to-drink gin-based cocktail\'s flavour immediately reminds us of sunshine, tropical beaches, and delicious summer cocktails. For the recipe of this fruity cocktail, the mixologist combined the softness of mango puree with the floral hints of rose and grape of lychees liqueur

The dry gin comes from a traditional Italian distillery with more than 70 years of experience and is made from an infusion of 15 natural elements such as spices, herbs, Italian juniper berries, and chinotto peel. Lime juice and ginger infusion balance the sweetness and give the drink a pleasant acidic and fresh note.

Ready-to-drink Cosmo Thai (Single-serving Bag) - Spirito Cocktails


One single bag of this exotic and irresistible, this delicious ready-to-drink Cosmopolitan drink transforms a modern classic into an experience that ignites all the senses. From the ruby color of cranberry juice to the exotic scent of lychees liqueur to the bold flavor of the purest Italian craft vodka.

Sweet at first, the Cosmo Thai presents a perfect balance between floral hints and the pleasant acidity of lime and lemon juice, leaving your mouth fresh and clean after each sip.

Ready-to-drink Mojito... Ready-to-drink Mojito...
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Ready-to-drink Mojito (Single-serving Bag) - Spirito Cocktails

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One single bag of ready-to-drink Mojito cocktail. It is probably the most appreciated among Cuban cocktails. Member of the sour family, it has a pearly color and full, smooth taste which makes it perfect as an aperitif or after-dinner drink.

A Mojito in a single-serving bag enriched by an infusion of fresh mint leaves, which gives the cocktail an even more aromatic and floral scent.

Mini Italian Spirits Negroni Mix (3x40ml) - Fred Jerbis


A set of premium handcrafted Gin + Vermouth + Bitter: the ideal ingredients and exactly the right amount you would need to make your own, plentiful Negroni cocktail, or two more moderate portions, the original and authentic Italian way. 

This product includes one shot (equal to 40ml each) of:

GIN 43: A distinctive gin with 43 botanical herbs and 43 percent of alcohol. A straw yellow colour, rich in perfumes and hints, firstly of herbs and then spicy; a complex taste, but simple at the same time, because balanced and smooth. 

VERMUT 25: 25 different botanicals combined with Verduzzo del Collio, a high-quality native wine, aged for almost a year, to enhance its flavors and fragrances, which are enriched with three different types of absinthe.

BITTER 34: 34 botanicals balanced to create a fragrant and rounded flavour although not bitter in the classical sense of the term. It mixes purely love notes to other citrus fruits and sweets that make it easy to drink.

Just add some ice cubes and a slice of orange... and the job is done!

Bitter 34 (70cl) - Fred Jerbis


An authentic bitter like no other! 34 botanicals balanced to create a fragrant and rounded flavouring ingredient - as part of a delicious aperitif or in combination to enhance the complexity of cocktails!

Handcrafted with great dedication and available in limited quantities, to offer a unique taste of Friuli Venezia Giulia! Inspired by secret recipes created in 1946, these spirits are handcrafted at every stage using only ingredients of the best quality. Bitter 34 is the first chapter of the Fred Jerbis project in which the botanicals are the Kings and Queens - perfect in combination with other drinks! This bitter has a delicate but persistent and \'embittering\' herbal tone resulting from the gentle maceration of ingredients like gentian root. The sugar and alcohol are harmonious elements here, adhering to the traditional recipe and resulting in a complex and persistent character. The finish is round and smooth, dominated by citrus fruit supported by angelica root notes. NB worry not if your bottle has a little in the way of sediment - this is entirely normal and due to the natural, quality ingredients used, and a refusal to filter.

Italian Spirits Trio


Italian liqueurs are a key element for any Aperitivo or after-dinner digestive.

The pack includes three wonderful Italian liqueurs: Martini Rosso (the most iconic and historic vermouth), Limoncello di Sorrento (a refreshing liqueur infused with Sorrento lemon peels) and Campari (an intense bitter, obtained from the infusion of herbs and fruit).

This set may also be the perfect Christmas present, as it can include your personal, hand-written gift card, free of charge. Simply leave your message as a comment when you checkout.

Aperol Bitter (1L) - Campari


The only and unique Aperol for your perfect Italian aperitivo! Do you know how to make a perfect Aperol Spritz?


- A bottle of chilled Prosecco

- A bottle of Aperol Bitter

- Soda, served from a chilled bottle

- Large wine glasses

- Ice cubes

- Slices of orange


- Fill a large wine glass with ice

- Add Prosecco followed by Aperol in equal parts

- Add a dash of soda water and stir

- Garnish with an orange slice

- Enjoy!

Ichnusa Lager Beer (33cl) - Ichnusa


Quality Sardinian pale lager with a balanced taste, light colour, a discreet aroma and pleasantly bitter note. Moderately crisp and refreshing, it has a persistent tight foam, fine grain and leaves a light pleasant scent of hops. Ideal for your Italian Aperitivo.

Limoncello Di Sorrento (70cl) - Piemme


This Limoncello liqueur is obtained from the infusion of PGI (protected origin certification) Sorrento lemon peels in pure alcohol and sugar according to traditional recipes of Sorrento.

It\'s a traditional spirit that you can relish, served at 4°-7°, in every moment of the day and in every season of the year.


Campari Bitter (70cl)


Campari bitter has always been a symbol of intrigue and pleasure when it comes to Aperitivo. The intense aroma and inspiring flavour creates a captivating and unique drinking experience. These are the values that have made the Campari brand famous throughout the world as an icon of passionate Italian style and excellence.

It\'s used as a mixology base for many cocktails: Campari Spritz, Campari&Soda, Americano, Negroni and many more!

Amaro Montenegro (70cl)


Amaro Montenegro is a traditional amaro distilled in Bologna, Italy. It is made from a secret blend of 40 botanicals, including vanilla, orange peels and eucalyptus.

It\'s known as a digestif or after-dinner liquor for its ability to settle the stomach even after a very abundant meal. 

Italian Beer Starter Pack


Did you know Italy is also the land of both artisan and broadly known beers? This Starter Pack can give you a clear idea of how good Italian beer is - and might be the perfect treat for yourself and/or your friends and family!

This hamper includes 2 bottles of premium Poretti \'4 hops\' lager from Lombardy, 2 bottles of iconic Ichnusa lager from Sardinia, 2 bottles of historic Messina lager from Sicily, and 2 bottles of artisan Na Biretta Rossa amber beer from Lazio. We have also included some mouth watering nibbles such as shelled almonds, a mix of 3 mini savoury snacks: pretzel, salty sticks, and saltine crackers, and a fantastic combination: pizza flavoured Grissini breadsticks, classic crisps "Roma", lime and pink pepper flavoured crisps "Capri", and their perfect matching dipping sauce: a delicious green olives and lemon paté.

Aperol Spritz Hamper


It\'s Spritz time! Enjoy your Aperol Spritz aperitif with some delicious Italian olives and taralli, already included in this pack. The perfect treat for yourself or your beloved ones. A classic of Italian Aperitivo. 

Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth (1L) - Branca Distillerie


A rare speciality, unique for its bouquet and produced in limited quantity with wise craftsmanship and available in precious numbered bottles of blown glass, from the inventors of Vermouth, Carpano.

A reproduction of a vermouth recipe from Benedetto Carpano dating from 1780s. Presented in a hand-blown individually numbered bottle. This was the first vermouth used to make the forerunner to the classic martini, The Martinez, mixed with Bokma Genever, which was the first gin to hit prohibition in New York. The bottle, fitted with a cork, is packed as a precious package. Have it cold also delicious at the end of a meal in combination with sweet pastries.

Martini Rosso Vermouth (1L) - Martini


Martini Rosso is an iconic Vermouth that needs almost no introduction. This Vermouth was presented in Turin, Italy back in 1863 by Luigi Rossi and Alessandro Martini as the very first vermouth in the world.

On the palate, Martini Rosso may have a bittersweet taste, and at the same time it is a full-bodied and soft drink, with pleasant aromas of fruit, herbs, and slightly sweet caramel notes that resonate in the background. Made with over 50 herbs and spices, Martini Rosso is particularly popular as an aperitivo or a light alternative to wine, and perfect with antipasti.

The red sweet Vermouth taste is best served with equal parts Martini Rosso Vermouth, premium tonic, ice and a slice of orange, but it is great also on its own or on the rocks with a slice of fresh orange or lemon.

4 Hops Originale Lager Beer (33cl) - Poretti


Stylish bottle of refreshingly light, crisp beer. This Premium Lager is characterised by a fine head with a clear appearance and straw-like colour. An ideal accompaniment to full flavoured first courses and medium aged cheeses.

Ideal for summer, but equally good all year long! With its moderate carbonation, light body and moderate bitterness, this premium lager is easy to drink and versatile to pair with food. In particular, the fourth variety of hops enhances the hoppy taste and strengthens the head. The raw materials are water, barley malt, glucose syrup and hops. Poretti 4 Luppoli Originale has a medium alcohol volume (5.5% Vol); it should be served at a temperature of between 6-8 °C.

Gluten-Free Italian Hamper


It may be hard to love Italian food on a gluten-free diet, but we are here to help! 

Get our carefully curated hamper for you or your loved ones and enjoy 2 amazing types and shapes of gluten-free pasta, a delicious Roman \'Cacio e Pepe\' pasta sauce, an exquisite tomato sauce enriched with mushrooms, but also crunchy wafers filled with chocolate and cannoli with salted caramel cream in almond brittle shells. All uncontroversially gluten-free products!

Also included in this hamper, 2 bottles of gluten-free Nastro Azzurro lager beer by Peroni. 

It comes in an elegant white box with a silky ribbon and your personalised gift card. Leave your message at check-out.

 PREFER NOT TO INCLUDE THE 2 BOTTLES OF BEER?  We can substitute them with 2 cans of Sparkling Sicilian Lemon Beverage by San Pellegrino (free from gluten as well). Just leave a comment with this request when you check-out.

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Non Filtrata Unfiltered Lager Beer (33cl) - Ichnusa


With its beautiful and highly recognisable brown bottle, the most popular beer company from Sardinia has recently created an unfiltered version of its flagship lager.

This unfiltered version has a more intense taste of barley malt and corn, softened by scents of fine herbs and notes of yellow fruits and apricot and an aroma that pleasantly recalls bread crust. A low fermentation, 100% pure barley malt full-bodied lager beer with an incomparable aroma, perfect for an Italian Aperitivo together with a cheese & charcuterie board, but equally good on its own as a refreshing cool-down drink.

Na Biretta Chiara Lager...
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Na Biretta Chiara Lager Beer (33cl) - Birra Damare


Unfiltered light lager beer of a straw yellow colour, clearly inspired by Czech-German Pils beer. It is produced with the best raw ingredients, giving it a good bitter content and a marked scent of hop. Alcohol, body and aroma blend perfectly, giving life to a clean and dry taste. Great with fried dishes, simple seafood dishes, pasta and as an Aperitivo.