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Fresh Potato Gnocchi (500g) - Fini


Fresh and soft, these Gnocchi are prepared with the best potatoes. A traditional, genuine flavoir for a great first course with an irresistible taste and ready in a very short time! Simply pour the gnocchi in a pot with boiling salted water, and cook until they float (about 2 minutes), then drain and season to taste. Best served with a fresh tomato sauce and some grated cheese on top, they can also be enjoyed with a light vegetable or cheese dressing.

Fresh Tortellini with Prosciutto Crudo (250g) - Fini


Tortellino is a ring-shaped pasta originally from the Northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, here stuffed with exquisite Prosciutto Crudo. Traditionally served with broth, these fresh Tortellini taste equally good when served with either fresh tomato passata or double cream and cured ham.

Fresh Paccheri (500g) - Fontaneto


Paccheri is a traditional Neapolitan pasta which looks like a giant macaroni. Made from durum wheat semolina, these fresh Paccheri taste delicious with any tomato or vegetable sauces, but is also really good with Bolognese ragu sauce.

Handmade Burrata & Truffle Tortelloni (250g) - La Tua Pasta


This Tortelloni are made for anyone with a sophisticated taste. The burrata and black truffles filling give these handmade filled pasta an intense, irresistible flavour. Don\'t just take our word for it: awarded by the Guild of Fine Food, these Tortelloni are a must try.

The \'big brother\' of tortellini, Tortelloni are a traditional filled pasta from Emilia Romagna, a region of northern Italy.

Artisan Braised Beef Ravioli (250g) - La Tua Pasta


Braised beef is a traditional filling for Ravioli, the tender texture and flavour of the meat infuses the fresh pasta with taste, try it with a Porcini mushroom sauce, a broth or with the classical butter and sage sauce.

Maybe no other filled pasta is as popular in Italy as Ravioli. It is hard to say when the dish was first invented, Boccaccio\'s Decameron, a collection of novellas from the 14th century is the first written record of the dish.

Artisan Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli (250g) - La Tua Pasta


Filled with a classic and rich ricotta and spinach stuffing, this is a fresh handmade versatile pasta that goes with both tomato sauce and the simple, but so flavourful, butter and sage.

Ravioli are a staple of Italian culture, first mentioned in Boccaccio\'s Decameron, a unique collection of Novellas from the 14th century. Handmade from scratch, these fresh ravioli will please everyone!

Artisan Fresh Egg Tagliatelle (250g) - La Tua Pasta


This handmade fresh egg pasta pairs well with the popular meat and tomato ragu sauce from Bologna, delivering one of the most famous Italian specialties in the world: Tagliatelle \'alla Bolognese\'.

And yet, \'alla Bolognese\' is only one of the infinite possible experiments. Try this fresh pasta with mushrooms and just some butter, or with plain meat sauce (without tomato sauce) or even with seafood. You will not be disappointed.

Fresh Ravioli del Plin...
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Fresh Ravioli del Plin (250g) - Fontaneto


Fresh ravioli filled with selected pork, Grana Padano DOP, herbs, and vegetables. As ravioli already have great flavour, it would be best to simply pair this fresh filled pasta with a light butter or extra-virgin olive oil.