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Organic Oat & Brown Rice Soup (500G) - Alce Nero


The soup with brown rice and oats and dried tomatoes is produced with Italian cereals and legumes. This soup is ready in just 3 minutes, ideal for those who do not want to give up the quality of the raw materials and an appetizing taste, but have little time to devote to cooking.

For an optimal result it is recommended to pour the contents into a pot, heat it, season to taste and serve.

Ready to Eat - Quinoa, Red Rice, Bulgar with Tomato and Olives (220gr) - Valfrutta


Surprising from the first taste, for the alchemy of the ingredients, which make it truly unique, this recipe is a true mix of expertly matched functional foods. Bulgur, obtained through the processing of whole wheat grains, provides energy thanks to the presence of B vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and potassium; the fibers contained in it promote intestinal transit and are useful in reducing caloric intake and absorption of fats and sugars.

Garden Peas (160Gx3) - Valfrutta


Valfrutta Garden Peas in Water

Valfrutta Garden Peas are picked and canned on the same day, which retains the typical sweet and delicate flavour of the earliest produce. Full of protein and fibre, Valfrutta Peas make healthy eating tastier.

Valfrutta Steamed Peas are available in a 160 g can 3-pack.