'Four Hops' Premium Lager Beer (66cl) - Poretti

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Double the taste with a larger bottle of '4 Hops' Poretti premium lager beer! The same beer - just a bit lighter - but twice as large as the regular 33cl beer, and equally refreshingly crisp.

Poretti's 'Four Hops' premium lager is characterised by a fine head with a clear appearance and straw-like colour. An ideal accompaniment to full flavoured first courses and medium aged cheeses.

Ideal for summer, but equally good all year long! With its moderate carbonation, light body and moderate bitterness, this premium lager is easy to drink and versatile to pair with food. In particular, the fourth variety of hops enhances the hoppy taste and strengthens the head. Made with raw materials only: water, barley malt, glucose syrup and hops, its alcohol volume is 4.8% ABV and it should be served at a temperature of between 6-8 °C.



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Quantity: 1 x 660ml bottle. 

Ingredients: water, Barley Malt, glucose syrup, Barley, hops. DOMINANT HOP: Columbus. Medium alcohol volume (4.8% Vol).



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