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Red Cherry Tomatoes (250gr)


Tomatoes are an all-rounder, which is why you should invest in the very best. 

With a rich, full-bodied, mildly acidic flavour, cherry tomatoes have long been a staple in Italian cuisine. Cook them into a passata and then use as a base for a range of dishes such as pasta alla norma, eat them in a caprese salad or roast them in the oven to have for breakfast with scrambled eggs.

Pappardelle (250G) - Pasta Marilungo


Large flat pasta type cut into a broad ribbon shape

This pasta type is prepared with exceptional artisanal care and dried at low temperature. Only premium quality durum wheat and free-range farm eggs, both exclusively sourced from Marche, Umbria and Tuscany, are used. The minimal cooking time, which takes less than two minutes, allows Pasta Marilungo to maintain its nutritional and organoleptic qualities. Pappardelle pasta is a wider version of tagliatelle, or fettuccine, making it suitable for rich sauces with mushrooms, ragu or even with game.

Sordough Bread "Struan" (800G)
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Sordough Bread "Struan" (800G)


A light sourdough loaf with its distinctive sour flavour.  WE ALLOW TO PURCHASE JUST 1 LOAF PER ORDER.

Also, please be aware that if your order includes the Sourdough bread, you must select 2 days delivery date from your order, so we can add a freshly baked product.

If not, please, be aware that we will delay of 1 day the order.

Cavatappi (500g) - La Fabbrica della Pasta


Best served with both thin and chunky sauces. Ideal for a pasta salad.

The Italian word for corkscrew, it\'s s-shaped like its namesake and is thick and hollow. This is pasta made with 100% durum semolina wheat and water from the springs of Mount Vesuvius to preserve the traditional, natural flavours that brought pasta worldwide recognition. Due to its array of health benefits (it\'s rich in proteins and other macro-nutrients) and its particularly good cooking qualities, durum wheat has been an integral part of Mediterranean gourmet cuisine for centuries. The twists and spirals of cellentani allow it to embrace both thin and chunky sauces. The perfect choice for a pasta salad (pasta fredda) as it can hold both the oil and the pieces of other ingredients well.

Spicy Schiacciata Salami sliced (80g) - Suppa


When cut, the sweet fragrance of chili pepper and paprika can be perceived, combined with the scent of the small deli artisan shops and balsamic notes. The taste opens sweet and the gradually improves and closes with strong spicy hints, still not invasive.

A dry Italian sausage made in the traditional manner for this salami with an oblong and flattened shape. Schiacciata salami may be seasoned with sweet ingredients or spicy ingredients to provide a sweet mellow flavour or a "piccante" spiced taste. The raw material used is the typical local pork thigh, minced with or without flavourings and characterized by a spicy flavour. Looking at the slice, the low-fat and fat parts, cut with the knife, can be clearly distinguished. The colour tends to brick red and the shape is typically flattened. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Grissini Breadsticks Covered with Extra-Dark Chocolate (200g) - Barbero


Typical from Piedemont, breadsticks coated in dark chocolate. A surprising match!

Not only you will get two super typical products of Piedmont in one single bite, but you cannot beat the quality. The breadsticks are crunchy and lightly salted, whereas the coating chocolate is uncompromisingly bitter and lovely. Just be aware that you will never get enough of them.

Tortiglioni (500g) - Pastificio Carmiano


Coming from the word torquere (’to twist’), thanks to the spiral shape. Pasta made of durum wheat drawn in bronze and dried slowly and naturally.

Larger than fusilli but sharing the same characteristic design from, they best pair with light, smooth sauces which will cling to the twists, such as pesto.

Spaghetti Chitarra (500g) - Pastificio Carmiano


Chitarra (‘guitar’ in Italian) is a pasta making tool made of a wooden framework with metallic strings attached to it, and it resembles a small guitar. These thick, square spaghetti are made by pushing layers of pasta dough down the strings of the chitarra, using a rolling pin. The metallic wires cut through the dough and shape it into noodles.

"Taleggio" Soft Cheese (100g)


A mildly-flavoured whole cows’ milk cheese from Northern Italy with a soft texture and a fruity, creamy character. Irresistible!

"Taleggio" is a typical soft white cheese with an edible thin rind, naturally pink in colour with a characteristic light sage-coloured mould (green-grey). It is softer and creamier just under the rind. Dig in! This cheese has a delicate but at the same time intensive flavour, with an underwood aftertaste and a characteristic aroma. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Potatoes (500g)


A superlative potato variety for all uses! 

The origin of "Primura" name stands for "excellent" or "first", and, in fact, this variety has emerged for over 30 years in the province of Bologna, for the organoleptic quality and fitness for all uses. Has an oval shape - stretch, adjust, with firm flesh and tend to pale yellow in colour, it has a smooth skin with light shade. A superlative variety, such as "Primura", is grown in an optimal environment by having farmers who operate in common, as well as a production regulation, even the great goal to meet and gratify the consumer who buys a healthy, good, well-kept and also beautiful!

Aragostine filled with Hazelnut cream (150g) - Di Forti


An Italian Specialty, a Flaky Pastry in the Shape of a Lobster Tail, Filled with Hazelnuts Chocolate Cream and Dusted with Icing Sugar.

A’ sfogliatella, sometimes called a lobster tail in English, is a shell-shaped filled Italian pastry native to Campania. Sfogliatella means "small, thin leaf/layer", as the pastry\'s texture resembles stacked leaves. In this case filled with delicious hazelnuts chocolate cream.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taralli (300G) - Piaceri Italiani


Crispy and crumbly savoury snack, ideal for a light and tasteful break!

Tarallini are a delicious snack obtained by the simple processing of flour, oil and wine. There are different types of taralli, from the classic made with white flour, to those with fennel, or chilli. In this recipe of taralli, they propose the classic taste with extra virgin olive oil.

Sicilian Lemon IGP 500gr (£5.50)
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Lemon Amalfi (500g)


You have never tried real lemons, unless you\'ve tasted Sicilian lemons.

Brought to Italy by the Arabs from across the Mediterranean Sea, the lemons found their resting place on the Isle of Sicily and never looked back. Known as the lemon capital of the world, many Sicilians say that no lemon is a true lemon unless grown on Sicilian soil. The volcanic ground helps provide the lemons with a unique flavour that is yet to be rivaled from around the world. The citrus fruit, known for its sourness and sweetness, has been part of recipebooks across Italy for generations. Whether it is a light squirt over the top of some chargrilled fish on the coast, or the strong zing within a Pannacotta, the zesty fruit is sure to not disappoint. Away from food, who can forget Limoncello. The classic way to finish a meal.

Ditaloni (500G) - Garofalo


This pasta format is ideal for soups and broths, and, thanks to the mastery of pasta Garofalo makers, it will always be al dente.

This type of pasta is of very old and antique descent, and their names come from thimbles, ditali in Italian, the tools to protect fingers while sewing.

Gluten Free Spaghetti (400G) - Garofalo


A classic in the world of pasta, this Spaghetti with wholegrain rice flour may be Gluten Free, but they sure are full of taste.

Their amazing texture is a great match for both cold and warm dishes

The history of spaghetti is a very interesting one. Originally a simple dish, seasoned with only olive oil, pepper and cheese, while in 17th and 18th century tomato sauce became popular.

A nice testament to that is in a presepe (nativity scene) in Caserta, where we can see two farmers eating a spaghetti dish

Toma di Gressoney (100g) - Panizzi


Toma is a cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk.

Appreciated at the table, the Gressoney Toma cheese is still produced using traditional methods. The evening milk is left to rest for 24 hours and then skimmed. The morning milk undergoes a slight skimming after 12 hours of rest and is then mixed with the previous batch. When the temperature of the mixture reaches 35° C, calf rennet is added and the mixture is left to coagulate. We then proceed with the breaking of the curd in order that, once extracted, it is placed into molds in a generally dry room. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Cow's Milk Ricotta "Fiocco di Neve" (500g) Cow's Milk Ricotta "Fiocco di Neve" (500g)
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Cow's Milk Ricotta "Fiocco di Neve" (~300g) - Poggiocastro


Ricotta\'s delicate flavour pairs well with both sweet and savoury dishes. Ideal for healthy baking and pasta sauces!

Made without any additives, naturally low in fat and rich in proteins, undoubtedly, the best ricotta you’ll ever experience comes straight from the farm - such as this one. An underrated cheese if ever there was one, this soft, white and delicately sweet ricotta is great on its own, but also marries beautifully with both sweet and savoury dishes. A light, fresh variety whose potential comes through best when it\'s a supporting actor, its delicate, creamy flavour compliments other ingredients rather than clashing with them, mellowing out strong, robust flavours and lending creaminess to dry foods. From salty cured hams, fresh figs and honey to classic spinach and ricotta ravioli, to ricotta salads, to desserts such as cannoli and Neapolitan pastiera and even pancakes.

Orecchiette (500g) - La Fabbrica della Pasta


Famously from Puglia. Best served with thick sauces.

The trademark of the Puglia region, orecchiette literally translates to little ears. Supposedly, everyone in Puglia has big, bent thumbs from speedily pressing the pasta into little ear shapes when they make it, which is where its name comes from. This is pasta made with 100% durum semolina wheat and water from the springs of Mount Vesuvius to preserve the traditional, natural flavours that brought pasta worldwide recognition. Due to its array of health benefits (it\'s rich in proteins and other macro-nutrients) and its particularly good cooking qualities, durum wheat has been an integral part of Mediterranean gourmet cuisine for centuries. A full-bodied disc shape allows it to perfectly capture the sauce. The most famous dish using the pasta is certainly orecchiette allecime di rapa, which combines it with seasonal greens like turnip tops or tender stream broccoli, and a touch of garlic.

Albacore White Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil (200g) - Iasa


Favoured by restaurants, albacore tuna is one of the most sought after fish around the world.

Iasa have been working with tuna since 1980, which is now one of the company\'s most popular products. Caught tuna is sustainably caught from boats off the Amalfi Coast and is ready to be processed on site within a few hours, to ensure ultimate freshness and flavour. Carefully selected fish are then steamed and dried under vacuum to keep them as tender and flavourful as possible, with a luxurious silky texture. Albacore tuna (Thunnas alalunga) is one of the most sought after fish around the world, firm in texture with a rich, clean taste. Also known as the white meat variety of tuna, it\'s thickly cut and packed into glass jars with premium Italian extra virgin olive oil. Hand-packing them in extra virgin olive oil not only guarantees a great, fresh taste, moist tenderness and authenticity, but also improves the tuna\'s health benefits. The nutrient-rich albacore tuna and the extra virgin olive oil impart their subtle flavours on one another, so be careful not to discard the oil. Perfect a top a Salade Nicoise or as part of an Antipasto Platter served with peppadew peppers. Or you can simply top the fillets with capers, chopped fresh herbs and a squeeze of lemon.

Gnocchi (250G) - La Tua Pasta


According to the tradition Gnocchi are the "Thursday dish", and the art of making Gnocchi is handed down by grandmas in Italian families.

They\'re so popular in Italy that there are a lot of regional versions, Alla Sorrentina, Alla Napoletana, Alla Bolognese, thanks to how well they pair with all kind of sauces, from meat ragù to seafood sauces.

These Gnocchi from Pastificio "la Tua Pasta" are handmade with carefully selected ingredients, they will bring you straight to Italy in one bite.