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Fratelli Branca Distillerie S.r.l. is an Italian company founded in Milan operating in the spirits sector. This entrepreneurial story began in 1845, when Bernandino Branca invented the Fernet-Branca, an intense and bitter liqueur famous in all over the world. Its secret formula is a great example of experience and passion for "doing", which adds value to the Fernet-Branca quality.

Stravecchio Branca and Brancamenta are other two historic products of the company.

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Fernet Branca (70cl) - Branca Distillerie
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Fernet Branca (70cl) - Branca Distillerie


This is the star product of the Branca family and company! Fernet Branca bitter is still made with the same unique formula with over 30 different roots and herbs, including gentian, camomile, saffron and rhubarb.

A famous Italian Bitter founded in Milan by the noble Branca di Romanico family in 1845. Fernet Branca is made from 30 different roots and herbs, and aged in Slovenian oak vats for one year. The production process is complex an involves numerous different types of macerations - indeed the distillery covers an entire city block and its labyrinth of rooms appear filled with maceration vessels, tanks and wooden vats of every shape, size and type. Best served as a shot, even if it is traditionally served over plenty of ice cubes with a slice of lemon or orange. The drink is so popular in Argentina that the family set up a distillery in Buenos Aires in 1935. The Argentina\'s Fernet Branca drink is mixed with seven parts of cola!

Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth (1lt) - Branca Distillerie
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Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth (100cl) - Branca Distillerie


A rare speciality, unique for its bouquet and produced in limited quantity with wise craftsmanship and available in precious numbered bottles of blown glass, from the inventors of Vermouth, Carpano.

A reproduction of a vermouth recipe from Benedetto Carpano dating from 1780s. Presented in a hand-blown individually numbered bottle. This was the first vermouth used to make the forerunner to the classic martini, The Martinez, mixed with Bokma Genever, which was the first gin to hit prohibition in New York. The bottle, fitted with a cork, is packed as a precious package. Have it cold also delicious at the end of a meal in combination with sweet pastries.

Branca Menta (70cl) - Branca Distillerie


An unmistakable mint-flavour liqueur, it gives you an intense pleasure thrill at every sip. Its secret formula includes herbs imported from four continents and the finest peppermint essential oil in the world. Natural and specially refreshing, it\'s a drink perfect for all seasons.

Branca Menta was created in the mid-60s, when fashionistas began asking for a glass of Fernet-Branca with a hint of mint syrup, thus unconsciously giving birth to a tonic and refreshing drink. The liquor was launched in 1965 and was an overnight success. Brancamenta is made using the same formula of more than 30 different herbs and spices as Fernet Branca but with the addition of oil of peppermint. Like the original Fernet-Branca, it undergoes a 12 month maturation period in Slovenian oak vats. Best summed up as being a "minty amaro", Branca Menta combines rooty herbal bitterness with invigorating and cleansing mint freshness.

Borghetti di Vero Caffé Espresso (70cl) - Branca Distillerie


The Italian most favourite coffee liqueur! a freshly brewed espresso coffee with nutty finish lingering milk chocolate. Yummy!

The best-selling coffee liqueur in Italy by far, Borghetti "a liqueur of real espresso coffee" is made with three separate and distinctive blends of arabica and robusta coffee, drawn from the three distinctive styles of coffee found in the various regions of Italy. The further you go north in Italy, the darker they roast their coffee: Branca sources its blend from 3 Italian suppliers, one in the North, one in the middle of the country and another in the South. The coffees are blend according to Borghetti\'s original recipe - steeped in grain alcohol, blended and sweetened with sgar. No coffee aromas, chocolate, extracts or distilled additives are added. Borghetti is simply flavoured with high quality roasted coffees and nothing else.