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Bacco is an artisan company of pistachio production and transformation.

Bacco, in its production uses only the best pistachio, starts from traditional processes of preparation (from processed pistachio to half-processed pistachio, from pistachio cakes to liquor, from nougat to pistachio flour, from brittle to pistachio grains) to extend to other kinds of production, which are born out of an accurate study of compatibility between pistachio characteristics and eating habits in consumers, who mostly care not only to what is good in products, to taste and flavour (pistachio-based products are rich in vitamins, mineral nutrients, fibres and essential fatty acids) but also to the customs of a healthy diet. Pistachio shows all these qualities: good, healthy, genuine, without the addition of preservatives or of animal fats, of certified origin thanks to the acknowledgement of the PDO symbol.

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Pistachio Cream "La Golosa" (200g) - Bacco


An extremely delicate and genuine pistachio spread in which the distinctive flavour of the pistachio nuts. Try a single teaspoon for 100% pleasure, even better if spread on fresh bread, pancakes or as a cake filling!

This sweet spread is produced in a town called Bronte on the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily. The location is known for its Bronte pistachio. The properties of the lava soil give this pistachio a unique, fragrant taste.


Pistachio Chocolate Bar (100g) - Bacco


Chocolate lovers won\'t be able to say no to this delicacy that combines the sweetness of white chocolate with the unique flavour of wholesome Sicilian Bronte pistachios!

Mouthwatering speciality that will satisfy even the most demanding palates, a sweet and wholesome chocolate bar just too delicious to resist.


vegan spread-natural pistachio spread-bacco-150g-spread-pistachio spead vegan spread-natural pistachio spread-bacco-150g-spread-pistachio spead
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Dairy-Free Natural Sweet Pistachio Spread (150g) - Bacco

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A fine spread of extraordinary quality for all those in love with genuine food. Handmade sweet pistachio spreadable cream produced with three ingredients only: finest Sicilian Bronte pistachio, Nocellara dell\'Etna olive oil and sugar. Completely natural, this spread is lactose-free and preservative-free, therefore suitable for those with particular dietary requirements. Let the taste and goodness of real Sicilian pistachio nuts inebriate your senses!

This product is 100% natural and completely free from GMO, milk, dairy, emulsifiers, hydrogenated fats and palm oil.

Suitable for vegans.


Pesto with pistachio-bacco-Pesto sauce-bronte pistachio-200g-pesto bacco-pasta sauce
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Bronte Pistachio (80%) Pesto (200g) - Bacco

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Ready-to-use Sicilian pistachio pesto sauce made with selected high quality Bronte pistachios.

Try a complete new sensation. Let yourself be tempted by the taste of passion. From Sicily, this Bronte pistachio pesto brings intense and unforgettable moments. Made with 80% pistachio and Nocellera dell’Etna olive oil, this elite pesto meets the requirements of the most demanding palate and is produced with the best fruit from Etna dark and lava soil only.


Artisan Colomba Cake with... Artisan Colomba Cake with...
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Artisan Colomba Cake with Bronte Pistachio Cream (900g) - Bacco


Colomba di Pasqua is the most traditional Italian Easter cake. This artisan Colomba is enriched with Sicilian pistachio cream from the iconic town of Bronte as well as chopped pistachio drops, so as to combine the spreadable cream softness with the crunchiness of pistachios.

A soft risen dessert made by means of the natural fermentation of sourdough, with an irregular oval shape, similar to a dove (as \'Colomba\' actually means \'Dove\' in Italian).