List of products by brand Terra Aqua

Terra Aqua is synonymous with natural, genuine Italian jams. These gourmet products, based on ancient recipes,originate from Sicilian mono-variety fruits, selected in person and processed by hand at the right level of ripeness.

Terra Aqua has a selected and limited production, based on seasonality. The fruit is selected in person by Alessandro Rossi only after careful analysis of the soil, of the chemistry in the products, of the flavours and the aromas. That means each fruit is picked and processed by hand, each package is completed with a precious and exclusive label also applied by hand. The fruit processing has been researched and chosen in a way that is both simple and at the same time technologically advanced, respecting the fruit itself, the components, the recipes and the tradition.

Each type of fruit comes from a single harvest at the right level of ripeness. The origin of the fruit is declared on each jar where the geographical coordinates of the field from which it comes make it possible to verify the orchard of origin.

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