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Bernardini Gastone  produces and distributes products of the highest quality, made with the wisdom and care of a time in compliance with modern production standards and using only valuable raw material

The name is associated with the finest art of charcuterie: for over 150 years Bernardini Gastone painstakingly prepared high-quality meats and game, applying their experience while meeting the quality and safety standards required by the modern food industry.

Select raw ingredients, chosen and inspected on site; qualified staff, traditional working methods, and a pinch of their own creativity: it all goes into offering you the very best.

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Hare Ragu Sauce (220g) - Bernardini Gastone


A typical Italian pasta sauce made only with selected hare meat of the highest quality, roughly minced by hand.

Exclusive sauce to easily prepared gourmet recipes for finest palates. Hand cut hare meat, perfumed with spices and aromatic herbs, slowly cooked with tomato sauce .