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Shop online the "Salumificio Peveri" products. You can find a wide range of cured ham and italian salami.

All products by Salumificio Peveri are obtained from pigs raised in Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy regions, where the ancient arts of the butchery masters, combined with a unique and inimitable microclimate, make these products a real masterpiece.

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Semi-Matured STROLGHINO Salami (~240g) - Salumificio Peveri


Short-matured sausage, prepared with fine grinded Culatello meat (the lean leg meat of domestic pig).

The relatively short curing time results in a very tender salami. It is particularly lean and has a sweet, delicate flavour. This Strolghino Salami is prepared with the addition of just a small amount of salt and spice.

Pre-Cooked Zampone...
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Pre-Cooked Zampone ''Fagotti di Cielo'' (~1.1kg) - Salumificio Peveri


Cooked salami made with pork meat, minced and kneaded within three days of slaughter, not frozen.

Zampone is pork leg filled with salami dough, enriched with fresh garlic macerated in Gutturnio red wine, sea salt, aromatic plants extracts and whole spices. The flavour is dense, strong, and very aromatic.

This Zampone by Salumificio Peveri was named by Gambero Rosso among the 10 best Italian Zampones and is gluten free.

The product is sold inside its hermetic pack and box.

Matured "PEVERISSIMI" Salami with Fennel (~190g) - Salumificio Peveri


A traditional Italian dry cured sausage blended with fennel.

This seasoned pork sausage is made from the finest pig’s meat and has been enriched with aromatic fennel before being stuffed into natural pork casings. Produced from meat of the belly and shoulder combined with just the right amount of fennel, this is a traditional italian sausage that everyone will love.

La Mandòla Salami, Sliced (80G) - Salumificio Peveri


Unique salami made from short-aged ham meat that will impress even the snobbiest salami eaters!

This exclusive salami Mandòla, whose name recalls the Italian traditional music instrument, the mandolin, is made exclusively from selected, heavy-weight national pig. Prepared with sea salt, whole spices and left to soak in Gutturnio red wine. Perfect with white bread, seasonal fruit and red wine. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Culatta Ham ''Don Romualdo'', Sliced (~100g) - Salumificio Peveri


Prestigious Italian charcuterie produced in the traditional artisan method, culatta is made exclusively from selected, heavy-weight national pig hind legs.

Only selected Italian heavy pigs are used to produce it, and the processing operations must take place in the lowlands of Parma and Piacenza only. The slice colour is intense red, with fat white in the exterior; the aroma is an intense fragrance of cellar seasoning; and the taste is soft and sweet like Parma ham, but with a consistent taste like Culatello. 

Coppa Piacentina PDO, Sliced (80g) - Salumificio Peveri


Traditional Cured Pork shoulder slices produced in the city of Piacenza. DOP (PDO)* certified.

Obtained using the cervical muscles of pigs raised in the Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy regions, where the ancient art of the butchery masters, combined with a unique and inimitable microclimate, make this product a real masterpiece. When cut, the slices of Coppa Piacentina are compact and homogeneous. The scent is delicate, with a seasoned meat aroma, and a slight spicy fragrance of pepper. The flavour is characterised by an outstanding sweetness.

*DOP (PDO) is short for Denominazione di Origine Protetta (literally \'Protected Designation of Origin\'). This certification ensures that products are locally grown and packaged, using traditional method.

This product comes in vacuum pack.