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Spelt Fettuccine  (250g) - Pastificio Marilungo- pasta-cook-italy
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Spelt Fettuccine (250g) - Pasta Marilungo


A delicious alternative to standard pasta, made with premium ingredients, including free range eggs from the region of Marche and spelt, an ancient grain type with a delicious flavour and smooth texture.

Its natural versatility makes this Fettuccine delicious with all types of condiments. They are excellent as a first course, perfect with fish-based sauces or butter and sage or white sauces made from soft cheeses and cream.

Egg pasta squares-pasta-pasta marilungo-250g-cook-italy
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Small Egg "QUADRUCCI" Pasta (250g) - Pasta Marilungo


Little squares of fresh egg pasta (Quadrucci in Italian), also known as pastina.

Quadrucci are tagliatelle cut crosswise into little squares, ideal for soup and broth but also in various forms of pastasciutta. Only premium quality durum wheat and free-range farm eggs both exclusively sourced from Marche, Umbria and Tuscany are used. Their natural versatility makes them delicious with all types of condiments.