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Fennel Taralli (300G) - Piaceri Italiani


Naturally handmade, ideal to serve with your aperitifs, this kind of taralli is also a perfect match to any of your meals and a simple, yet tasty and genuine snack.

They are made following old recipe with the main ingredient varying depending on the flavour, in this case: fennel. Selection of the best ingredients and accurate baking make these Fennel Taralli exquisite to eat during the meal or as a tasty snack throughout the day. Bear in mind that they can be quite addictive!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taralli (300G) - Piaceri Italiani


Crispy and crumbly savoury snack, ideal for a light and tasteful break!

Tarallini are a delicious snack obtained by the simple processing of flour, oil and wine. There are different types of taralli, from the classic made with white flour, to those with fennel, or chilli. In this recipe of taralli, they propose the classic taste with extra virgin olive oil.

Chilli Taralli (300G) - Piaceri Italiani


A savoury speciality from the Italian region of Puglia. For chilli lovers!

Taralli are amongst the best known snacks in southern Italy. Typical dish of Puglia, the flavour of these taralli biscuits is unique. Fragrant, crisp and tasty, these chilli Taralli are distinguished from others by double cooking, which makes them unbeatably crunchy .