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Spaghetti (500G) - Garofalo


Probably one of the most popular pasta shapes, these long, thin spaghetti are extremely versatile and go with any kind of sauce, from meat to fish.

Thanks to bronze drawing this Spaghetti are rough to the touch thus holding very well the sauce, for an explosion of flavour.

The first mention of “Spaghetti” comes from the 1819th first Italian dictionary by Niccolò Tommaseo and Bernardo Bellini, where is described as ’a pasta thin as a twine’

The traditional Neapolitan recipe for this pasta is with clams

Rigatoni (500G) - Garofalo


The word rigatoni comes from the Italian word rigato which means "ridged" or "lined", making sauces and grated cheese stick to it much better than its smooth-sided cohort. It\'s a particular favourite in southern and central Italian cuisine where it is widely used - especially in Sicily. Due to its shape and texture, rigatoni works well with either fairly thick cream or tomato based sauces as its shape holds the sauce well, so enhance it with simple ingredients and seasonal products like beans and mushrooms.

Penne Ziti Rigate (500G) - Garofalo


These penne will bring to your table all the flavour of the ripe wheat.

The texture obtained through bronze drawing is accentuated by the finerighe (lines) and will hold the sauce like no other pasta.

Thanks to the high quality of the ingredients, the al dente cooking point is guaranteed.

The traditional recipe for this pasta is with a spicy tomato sauce.

Penne Ziti Lisce (500g) - Garofalo


One of the most traditional pasta format, the Neapolitan recipe for this shape is with Lard, San Marzano Tomatoes and chilli flakes

The slanted cut tip of the penne,though, are a great match for fish-based sauces

Thanks to bronze drawing, this pasta is rough and porous, great to the bite and full of taste

Organic Whole Wheat Penne (500G) - Garofalo


Penne is the type of pasta that you can see every week on the Italians\' table. Their versatility makes them the format to go to with all recipes, warm and cold.

This whole wheat variant from Garofalo only adds to the taste and is the right choice for a healthy meal.

Organic Whole Wheat Fusilli (500gr) - Garofalo


Fusilli come from the most ancient pasta tradition of the Campania region, from the south of Italy.

According to the tradition, the curly shape reminds of the spindle to spin wool. In the past, they were made using a knitting needle.

The beautiful curly shape of the fusilli makes them the best match for any kind of sauce, the whole wheat flour only adds to the taste.

Orecchiette (500G) - Garofalo


Originally from Apulia, this pasta is now popular all over Italy, the perfect combination among tradition and innovation.

The roughness obtained with the bronze drawing process makes for a pasta that holds the sauce, for the best experience of flavour.

The tradition wants this pasta with Cime di Rapa, though we love a classic, it can go with all kinds of sauces.

Mezze Maniche Rigate (500G) - Garofalo


Originally from Nothern Italy and now an Italian short pasta classic, the Mezze Maniche rigate exalt even the thickest sauce. The external ridges and the  round shape are perfect for adhering to condiments.

This pasta is IGP (Protected Geographic Indication) and bronze drawn, for an amazing texture and the always al dente cooking point.

Lumaca Rigata (500G) - Garofalo


Inspired to the harmonious shapes of nature, the Lumaca is a pasta ‘shell’ made for rich and tasty sauces.

This pasta is IGP (Protected Geographic Indication) and bronze drawn, for an amazing texture and the always al dente cooking point.

The traditional recipe for this format is, of course Lumaca ca sarza vulluta (Snails with hot sauce).

Linguine (500G) - Garofalo


This Pasta from the gulf of Genova, born to to be the other half of an amazing pesto alla genovese dish, is best paired with vegetable and fish sauces.

The flat shape and the rough texture are great to hold delicate and gentle flavours.

We suggest serving the Linguine al Pesto adding a bit of fresh pomodorini (tomatoes) that will add colour and texture to the dish.

Gluten Free Spaghetti (400G) - Garofalo


A classic in the world of pasta, this Spaghetti with wholegrain rice flour may be Gluten Free, but they sure are full of taste.

Their amazing texture is a great match for both cold and warm dishes

The history of spaghetti is a very interesting one. Originally a simple dish, seasoned with only olive oil, pepper and cheese, while in 17th and 18th century tomato sauce became popular. A nice testament to that is in a presepe (nativity scene) in Caserta, where we can see two farmers eating a spaghetti dish.

Gluten Free Mafalda Corta (400G) - Garofalo


This Pasta originally comes from the land of Napoli, with its traditional curly edges.

The name was given in honour of Princess Mafalda di Savoia. The curly edge makes for an extremely versatile pasta, and this Gluten-Free version will allow anyone to have an amazing experience of flavour.

Gluten Free Gnocco Sardo (400G) - Garofalo


Thanks to the twisted shape with the cut in the middle, this pasta perfectly combines with the sauce for an amazing taste experience.

The Gluten Free version is a great alternative for those who don’t want to give up on flavour

This format is a reinterpretation of the classical malloreddu sardo that connects this pasta to the sheperds’ tradition of Sardinia.

Gluten Free Fusillone (400G) - Garofalo


Fusilloni are a reinterpretation of the traditional fusilli from the south of Italy.

This ‘giant’ version is Gluten Free, made with high-quality ingredients, for a dough full of flavour that will guarantee cooking al dente style. 

Gluten Free Caserecce (400G) - Garofalo


The Caserecce remind of artisanal quality from their very name (Casarecce, in Italian, means homemade). This gluten-free version is made for those who won’t give up the flavour of the traditional pasta.

The shape is twisted and open in the middle, to grab the sauce, and the texture is rough, for an amazing al dente experience. The special recipe with cornflour, rice, potatoes and quinoa is designed to create an excellent taste for coeliacs and gluten intolerant. 

Fusilli (500g) - Garofalo


Fusilli is a southern Italian word to indicate a kind of pasta similar to a spindle. Traditionally a knitting needle was used to form the spindle shape. Other dialectal denominations in the different regions of Italy are: curls in Calabria, incannulate in Puglia, turcinateddi or fusiddi in Sicily, maccarones a ferritus in Sardegna. Some families still prepare fusilli handmade according to the Italian tradition.

Try this pasta with tomato sauce, red pesto, genovese pesto or other vegetables sauces!

Farfalle (500G) - Garofalo


The name comes from its shape of a butterfly and its origin are very old, about XVI century. It isn\'t part of the Italian gastronomic tradition but it gained great success especially in some dishes for example with salmon.

Ditaloni (500G) - Garofalo


This pasta format is ideal for soups and broths, and, thanks to the mastery of pasta Garofalo makers, it will always be al dente.

This type of pasta is of very old and antique descent, and their names come from thimbles, ditali in Italian, the tools to protect fingers while sewing.

Cous Cous (1KG) - Garofalo


Cous Cous is the perfect go-to dish to experiment and try, it goes with all sorts of foods and sauces

The symbol of the nomadic tradition of north African regions, it arrived in Italy in the second half of the 19th century, landing on the coasts of Sicily.

Soon this aliment became part of the Sicilian tradition, masterfully mixed with fish

Cannelloni (250g) - Garofalo


Cannelloni are the ideal kind of pasta for the most creative recipes! They have a cylindrical shape and are generally prepared with a salted filling and then put into the oven. They come from Emilia Romagna traditionally but there exist different variants from all Italian regions.

Try them with meat ragú!