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The Suppa family started its activity in the meat industry in 1900, as butchers for the small villages nearby, which has been handed down for four generations. Today the company continue the
production of traditional spicy Calabrian salami and by the introduction of modern and innovative techniques for the production of halal certified beef salami.

The Salumificio Suppa’s production includes a rich variety of specialities, each with its own peculiarity of genuineness and goodness, but all realised with the same criteria. Only high-quality meat is chosen, by an accurate selection of animal fed in a certain way and from precise stock farming, specific techniques, inspection and supervision to guarantee quality certified. An excellent product needs a sublime meat!

HALAL BEEF PRODUCTS: For this reason, the Suppa Family selects one by one the meats used for the production with care and attention, by only choosing the suppliers that respect the values of quality and genuineness, the breeding and feeding methods of the bovine chosen in order to deliver a high quality product. Beef sausages and salamis produced perfectly respect all the rules and procedures of the Halal method. The slaughtering of animals is done, according to the Islamic procedure and treatment, with relative Certificate that confirms that. The beef meat is, then, labelled by a progressive lot number and sausages are made in the following way: Meat is minced using an appropriate mincing machine, then salt, pepper, natural flavours and preservatives are added. After that, the beef meat is mixed. When it is ready, sausages and salamis are made according to the size of the synthetic bowels. After preparation is completed, sausages and salamis are hanged for a short time in room at an ambient temperature in order to let they dry. When ready, salamis are put in a maturing room at the requested temperature. When the maturing process has concluded, products are packed in apposite vacuum food bags. All their sausages and salamis are labelled with a lot number, CE regulations and Halalitalia logo (The Official Italian Institution for Halal Certification for Italia n Companies).

TRADITIONAL PRODUCTION: Fundamental attention is paid to the type of pig used for the production of cold meats. The choice falls on the so-called "heavy pig" or "mature" so defined for its weight characteristics, massive constitution, well-muscled and a precise and balanced relationship between fat cuts and lean cuts that is in favour of the latter. The pig is slaughtered when it reaches the ideal weight, has precise morphological characteristics and represents the raw material that best suits the typical quality production.

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Sweet Soppressata (400g)
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Sweet Soppressata (350g) - Suppa


Rich and with a sweet flavour, this is a gourmet option for sweet meat fans.

A coarse ground salame with rich ingredients, crisp flavour and a smooth, clean finish. It is made with high-quality meat from domestic pigs, which, according to tradition, is smoked with the fumes of oak firewood and seasoned raw. Lactose-free and gluten-free, this is a quality piece of meat that doesn\'t rely on the addition of anything but pure meat and herbs. Sweet Soppressata is an excellent meat for sandwiches or on a pizza.

Spicy Schiacciata Salami sliced (80g) - Suppa


When cut, the sweet fragrance of chili pepper and paprika can be perceived, combined with the scent of the small deli artisan shops and balsamic notes. The taste opens sweet and the gradually improves and closes with strong spicy hints, still not invasive.

A dry Italian sausage made in the traditional manner for this salami with an oblong and flattened shape. Schiacciata salami may be seasoned with sweet ingredients or spicy ingredients to provide a sweet mellow flavour or a "piccante" spiced taste. The raw material used is the typical local pork thigh, minced with or without flavourings and characterized by a spicy flavour. Looking at the slice, the low-fat and fat parts, cut with the knife, can be clearly distinguished. The colour tends to brick red and the shape is typically flattened. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Halal Beef Spicy Ventricina (80gr) - Suppa


A certified spicy beef salami made from quality meat which is coarse ground and seasoned with pepper and natural aromas

The raw material used is halal certified beef, minced with aromas, spicy, stuffed into natural casing, seasoned and smoked naturally. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Halal Beef Spicy Pancetta Arrotolata (80g) - Suppa


Tired of the classic Pancetta and looking for new flavours? It\'s time to try the beef spicy pancetta!

The Pancetta Arrotalata is a cured meat obtained from the cow’s belly. The meat is salted for a short period of time, then washed in running water, preserved with pepper and natural flavourings, aged and smoked naturally. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Halal Beef Spicy Nduja Spreadable Salami (350g) - Suppa


Soft spreadable spicy salami made from selected halal-certified beef, flavoured with top quality chilli pepper, aged and smoked naturally.

All Salumificio Suppa products are good for appetisers and starters or in the preparation of delicious and exquisite recipes that exalt their flavours.They are always looking for genuine meat whose origins are controlled and certified, using only basic ingredients as the traditional family recipe wants. A perfect gift for all the halal salumi lovers!

'Nduja Spicy Spreadable Salami (450g) - Suppa


A palate invading, sensory addictive fiery pork paste from Calabria. It\'s the must have ingredient for a bit of a kick!

Nduja is a unique salume from Calabria: a soft spreadable salami obtained from selected pork meat, flavoured with top quality chili, matured and smoked in a natural way. The strange name is related to the French andouille and, though nduja is also packed into that rather worrying lower end of the gut to form its singular shape, it has nothing to do with the much more polarising (and let\'s face it, poopy) andouillette. Thinly spread on toasted bread, on pizza, used as a base for a stew or in a pasta dish with shellfish or stuffed squid, it spreads its rich flavour and tingling spiciness in the subtlest way right into the part of the brain that stores the best memories of food. You will want more.