• Agromonte


    Situated in the farthest South-eastern area of Sicily - Chiaramonte Gulfi - and 700 metres above sea level, Agromonte specialises in one of Sicily's most renowned delicacies: Tomatoes. While their roots are firmly in their region's heritage, their approach is undoubtedly modern, aware of how the quality of the product can be the key to success.

  • Amica Chips

    Amica Chips

    Amica Chips born in 1990 thanks to two friends Alfredo Moratti and Andrea Romanò. They created a little company in Castiglione delle Stiviere but now Amica Chips is famous all over the world.

  • Apicoltura Comaro

    Apicoltura Comaro

    The history of the Comaro family and their honey dates back to 1870, with their knowledge and passion for honey being passed down through several generations. And their Made-in-Italy heritage only adds to their honey’s great taste. 

  • Arcaffè


    Arcaffè strive to find out everything there is to know about coffee and transform this knowledge into absolute quality. From travelling the length and breath of Bahia in Brazil, to the mountains in Guatemala, riding on rickety minibuses down dusty roads in south-west India... knowledge is power, and our intense research all over the world means that we are able to produce luxury quality, artisan blends.

  • Armatore Cetara
  • ArtigianQuality 


    An artisan charcuterie Producer based in the heart of Bologna, using only meat that has been exclusively selected from Tuscan-Emiliano farms in the Italian Apennine mountains. 

  • Auricchio


    Auricchio is the world leader in Provolone and also produces great cheeses of the Italian tradition, such as Ricotta, stretched curd cheeses like Auricchietto, and Crescenza.

    It is a family-run business rooted in long-standing dairy traditions and driven by innovation. Their passion for quality, the loyalty of their clients, and their respect for their consumers are the key for their future.

  • Azienda Agricola Bertinelli

    Azienda Agricola Bertinelli

    In the hills of Medesano (Parma) in the heart of Parmigiano Reggiano production area, the farm belonging to the Bertinelli Family has been producing milk since 1895. Today the farm is a unique enterprise where expertise, nature and innovation combine to give rise to top quality healthy and authentic foods. Bertinelli's farm is one of the rare examples of a vertically integrated production chain, where all the crops are used to feed the cattle, whose milk is used in the farm dairy to produce cheese, including "BVeggie" vegetarian cheese and Parmigiano Reggiano.

  • Azienda Agricola Fontefico

    Azienda Agricola Fontefico

    Fontefico is an organic boutique winery that always ensures an exceptional quality, with a strong focus on producing highly territorial wines from the local Montepulciano, Pecorino and Aglianico varieties. 

  • Azienda Agricola Pizzavacca

    Azienda Agricola Pizzavacca

    Starting off with just a small laboratory inside their farmhouse, the success of Azienda Agricola Pizzavacca is all down to their completely artisanal processing which strictly follows the ancient recipes of the so-called "Bassa Piacentina” area. Whether its a jam, a fruit nectar, a pickle or a sauce, everything is made in-house, according to the "farm-to-glass" philosophy.

  • Azienda Agricola San Salvatore

    Azienda Agricola San Salvatore

    San Salvatore's close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea provides the perfect setting to ripen the grapes of the Aglianico, whilst the Fiano gains strength and flavour, and the Greco develops an explosive taste. This deep connection with the land is not only part of the reason their wines taste so good, but is also the inspiration behind their production.

  • Azienda Il Grillesino
  • Azienda Vinicola Palladino

    Azienda Vinicola Palladino

    The estate lies in the heart of Piemonte: here you can feel the history of Langa, surrounded by the vineyards of Serralunga d'Alba, in the heart of the production of Barolo.  

  • Azienda Vitivinicola Chiorri

    Azienda Vitivinicola Chiorri

    The 20 hectare Chiorri estate is located on the Strada del Cantico wine route in Central Italy's 'green heart' of Umbria, a few kilometres from the famed hilltop capital of Perugia, where it was established in the late nineteenth century on the gently undulating, picturesque slopes at Sant'Enea  - with sweeping views that takes in the towns of Assisi and Todi.

  • Aziende Agricole Associate

    Aziende Agricole Associate

    Aziende Agricole Associate select only the best milk from the PDO area in the Campania Region, famous for Mozzarella di Bufala making. 

  • Bacco


    Bacco is an artisan company of pistachio production and transformation.

  • Baglio dei Fenicotteri

    Baglio dei Fenicotteri

    Alongside his wife Ada and his children Francesco and Mattia, Giuseppe Squasi produces his wine in an area with particularly favourable climate conditions. Il Baglio dei Fenicotteri is devoted to the research and production of local varieties of wine that depict the terroir of beautiful Sicily. 

  • Baratti & Milano

    Baratti & Milano

    Opening in Turin in 1858, Baratti&Milano is one of the grandest patisseries in Italy and abroad, making the highest quality sweets in Torino. 

  • Barbero Torroneria e Cioccolateria

    Barbero Torroneria e Cioccolateria

    Ever since 1883, the Barbero family has produced the handmade crumbly nougat and fine chocolate that Turin is world famous for. Using the same recipe, artisan techniques and raw, local materials, Barbero Torroneria e Cioccolateria's products are so popular that their "crumbly Piemontese" recently received government certification.

  • Bargilli


    Bargilli is a small family business that ever since 1936, has been producing a very special wafer. 

  • Bernardini Gastone

    Bernardini Gastone

    Bernardini Gastone  produces and distributes products of the highest quality, made with the wisdom and care of a time in compliance with modern production standards and using only valuable raw material

  • Bertolini
  • Bevi Più Naturale

    Bevi Più Naturale

    Bevi più Naturale’s mission is to search, identify and market beverages with a strong natural connotation.

  • Birra Barbanera

    Birra Barbanera

    Doctor Barbanera ian elusive and imaginary alchemist, whose main life aim was to brew the nectar that would disclose in a sip the essence of your memories and of your lost loves.

  • Birrificio Angelo Poretti

    Birrificio Angelo Poretti

    A Brand Story based on passion, heritage, tradition & innovation. Brewed in Valganna, Italy since December 26th 1877, Birrificio Angelo Poretti has authenticity, expertise and innovation at the heart of the brand which brings you a real quality beer with a story to tell. 

  • Bisci
  • Bodegas Peñafiel

    Bodegas Peñafiel

    In Bodegas Peñafiel, they work from the heart and keep a watchful eye on what really matters, to offer you the finest delight in the shape of a glass of wine.

    Located in an unbeatable environment, right in the Golden Mile and under the watchful eye of the castle of Peñafiel; they exert themselves everyday to be able to offer you their more painstaking and intimate interpretation of the art of crafting wines.

    Bodegas Peñafiel selects their finest vineyards and harvests their wines at its optimal maduration level. A refined care through the entire process, rested in selected barrels for elegance and refinement, followed by the necessary time of bottle ageing for you to enjoy at its best.

  • Ca' del Bosco
  • Campi Valerio

    Campi Valerio

    While the estate once belonged to the Prince Pignatelli, it's now in the hands of the Valerio family, who are re-writing the history of wine-making. The only producer of Pentro wine, and the first in its region to produce wine using age-old classical methods, Campi Valerio aim to restore the native grapes of Sannio Pentro. 

  • Cantina Avide

    Cantina Avide

    Avide winery established more than a hundred years ago in the midst of stamps and notarial acts, as a result of the Demostene and Calcaterra families' work and passion.

  • Cantina Giovanni Ederle

    Cantina Giovanni Ederle

    It is said that the hills of Torricelle near Verona are the witnesses of many great stories. On the top of the hills lies a tiny farm, which was only recently founded, called Giovanni Ederle. Here, a team of young people work in the fields to make a product like no other: fully organic, handcrafted wine. 

  • Cantine Di Criscio

    Cantine Di Criscio

    The Cantine di Criscio estate lies in a large volcanic area just west of Naples. Due to the volcanic nature of the soil where their vineyards grow, their wine showcases an intense minerality as well as a pleasant fruity aroma. Notes of white fruits and spring flowers are present in their white wine, balanced by a remarkable acidity.

  • Cantine Militerni

    Cantine Militerni

    Militerni produce their wines through a manual harvest, which is a lot slower and more expensive than the mechanical method that most other companies use, but allows for a much more accurate selection of the grapes. By hand-picking their produce they ensure that only the best quality grapes are used and thus produce a higher quality wine.

  • Cascina del Pozzo

    Cascina del Pozzo

    Situated in the Roero area of Piedmont and surrounded by beautiful hills, the Cascina del Pozzo winery has spanned five generations of the Marchisio family. The tradition has been handed down from father to son, with their wine production still abiding by the same techniques and vines from the 40s. 

  • Caseificio Poggiocastro

    Caseificio Poggiocastro

    Caseificio Poggiocastro are an agro-food farm located in Pavullo in the heart of the Parmigiano Reggiano Tresure Island. They biologically produce all the milk that they then transform into Parmigiano Reggiano, soft cheeses and yogurt and adhering to strict quality controls. From farming, to harvesting, to breeding and processing, Poggiocastro are highly committed to producing the very best, natural, genuine dairy products for your table.

    They also won the Bellavita Platinum Award at our Chicago Expo for their aged Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

  • CIOCIO Truffle

    CIOCIO Truffle

    Ciocio Truffle is based in Biccari, a small village at the base of Cornacchia Mountain, in the Italian region of Apulia. This modern, dynamic company is at the forefront of technology whilst keeping its roots in the past, in direct contact with the local territory.

  • Codici
  • Compagnia del Montale

    Compagnia del Montale

    Compagnia di Montale has a mission: to promote the quality and culture of real PDO balsamic vinegar, in a market where there is an abundance of cheaply made fakes, which often use caramel and are created over just a few weeks.

  • Cossu


    Focusing on sheep's milk products, the company remains committed to keeping a strong traditional identity, founded in 1949 by great grandfather Angelo, the fourth generation of the family is now at its helm. 

  • Diforti


    Diforti owns a wide selection of gourmet Italian products.

  • Dolciaria Loison

    Dolciaria Loison

    Born in 1938 as local bakery in Veneto, Loison now specialises in biscuits and panettone style baked artisan products. The family business is now in its third generation, and Dario and Sonia run the company with the same passion for quality, design and innovation as their ancestors.  

  • Elav Brewery

    Elav Brewery

    Their origin lies where all great ideas begin: the pub. In a small village near Bergamo, founders Antonio and Valentina, who already owned the Clock Tower pub, embraced their passion for craft beers even further and went around the world collecting hundreds of different labels. 

  • F.lli D'Acunzi
  • F.lli D’Acunzi

    F.lli D’Acunzi

    With a deep knowledge of the agriculture, history and exuberant cuisine, Fratelli D' Acunzi create the most high-quality, authentically Italian products using Campania's most prized possession: tomato.

  • Famiglia Pomponio

    Famiglia Pomponio

    The Pomponio family produces traditional Olive Oil in a 100% organic and artisanal way. With 65% of the regions land used for wine and oil production in the Chieti area, they obtain their oil directly from the pressing of olives which have been harvested by hand. 

  • Fattoria Fontetto 

    Fattoria Fontetto 

    The Fattoria Fontetto farm lies in the hills of Riccione, in the east side of Emilia Romagna. There, four different breeds of native cow are organically reared to produce the best possible quality of meat. The farm's philosophy is to blend the oldest tradition with the latest technology and to create a product that is truly special.

  • Fattoria Mancini
  • Fattoria Ramerino

    Fattoria Ramerino

    Fattoria Ramerino is set on the hills of Bagno a Ripolo which surround Florence, where olive trees have been grown for many centuries. In fact, the title of their oil - Guadagnòlo - gets its name from an ancient terra cotta jar that was found on the land, which was once used to retract oil after the olives had been processed. 

  • Favella


    Favella produces natural food & beverages thanks to the precious ingredients that they produce on the Calabrian territory.

  • Felsineo Spa Group

    Felsineo Spa Group

    As a producer of all natural products, Felsineo constantly aim at offering a range of organic, healthy and functional products, able to supply high-quality nutrition, in terms of taste and well-being.

  • Fidani
  • Fidani Healthy Food

    Fidani Healthy Food

    Finely baked sweets, so simple and genuine, made from carefully selected ingredients, without neither chemical preservatives,
    nor additional emulsifiers, palm oils, margarine.
    A traditional method grounded on a rigorous timing experience, as imposed by the natural leavening of the dough, the hand cutting moment, the constant use of blast chillers. This is how a high standard of quality can be achieved. The result is an excellent product based on a lactose-free concept, but also available without nickel, sugar, eggs, gluten, for a “feel good” experience!
  • Flott


    Inside every Flott jar, there is an Italian story that starts from ancient times. 

  • Forno Amato

    Forno Amato

    Founded in 1968, Forno Amato is a small Apulian bakery specialised in the production of artisanal Taralli, Friselle bread and sweet biscuits of various types and flavours, religiously still baked in a wood oven.

  • Fratelli Branca Distillerie S.r.l.

    Fratelli Branca Distillerie S.r.l.

    Fratelli Branca Distillerie S.r.l. is an Italian company founded in Milan operating in the spirits sector. This entrepreneurial story began in 1845, when Bernandino Branca invented the Fernet-Branca, an intense and bitter liqueur famous in all over the world. Its secret formula is a great example of experience and passion for "doing", which adds value to the Fernet-Branca quality.

    Stravecchio Branca and Brancamenta are other two historic products of the company.

  • Fred Jerbis

    Fred Jerbis

    Fred Jerbis produces unique distillates exclusively made using  high quality organic plants from diverse Italian regions. The company name comes from the combination of "Fred" - nickname of founder Federico - and "Jerbis" meaning "herbs" in the local Friulano dialect.

    Herbs are fundamental to all of their products, so cultivating them with single-minded dedication is both a key business requirement and labour of love.

  • GALA Fruit

    GALA Fruit

    In 1989, the thirty-eight-year-old father of four, Giuseppe Catalano left his farming village and moved to Milan with his family... and so begun G.A.L.A fruit, a story of dedication, professionalism and the fruit of intuition and experience.

  • Galbusera
  • Garofalo
  • Gay-Odin Chocolatier

    Gay-Odin Chocolatier

    Somewhere Between Taste And History. The Essence of Neapolitan Chocolate: colours, flavours, myths and legends in the shadow of Vesuvius. 

  • Genesis Food

    Genesis Food

    A family business founded in Avola, in south-east coast of Sicily, 20 km from Siracusa, in constant development, fortified by their thirty-year experience in the food sector.

  • Girba Bio

    Girba Bio

    Beekeeping family business that has decided to offer a biological and controlled product, where each jar tells the story of the place where it was produced .

  • Grissin Bon

    Grissin Bon

    Grissin Bon

  • Iasa


    Retired naval captain Francesco di Mauro founded Ittica Alimentare Salerno (IASA) as one of the first companies to preserve the bounty of tuna and anchovies brought in by the local fishermen of Cetara, a village tucked away in a small cove of the Amalfi Coast. There are only a handful of companies left in Italy that package freshly caught fish according to high quality standards. And IASA is the only one that continues to do most of the work by hand: gutting and cleaning the fish, placing layers of anchovies in drums with sea salt and hand packing the anchovies in jars.

  • Il Borro

    Il Borro

    A tour of the Il Borro Cellars is a journey to the heart of Tuscan wine-making tradition and a chance to learn more about this “art”. Here, in one of the oldest cellars in Italy, the first ever Chianti wine was produced, and today as then, the magic of winemaking continues with passion and commitment. Accompanied by experts you will see the different steps that turn simple grapes into fine wines and the vats, barrels and barriques that make this possible. This special tour ends with tasting our wines and savouring the result of a hundred-year history. Don’t call us producers, simply winelovers.

  • Illica Vini

    Illica Vini

    The Illica estate can be found in the hills surrounding Piacenza, the western city of the Emilia-Romagna region. For three generations, the Illica family have been producing wines, using their passion and love for the land and its natural products as their inspiration.

  • L' Antica Cascina
  • L'Anima di Grano

    L'Anima di Grano

    The Sorrentino factory is situated in the hillside town of Gragnano, Campania, well-known as the birthplace of dry pasta, partly due to its unique weather conditions. Production dates back to the 16th century where, as Forbes noted, Gragnano's "main street was laid out expressly to capture the mountain breeze mixed with sea air back when pasta makers hung spaghetti on drying rods like laundry." L'anima di Grano have decided to revive the age old traditions of their area and make organic pasta with a unique taste and desirable texture, that fully supports the environment and its surrounding territory.

  • L'Antica Cascina

    L'Antica Cascina

    L'Antica Cascina can be found in the heart of the Romagna region, where cheesemaking is a longstanding tradition. Their fantastic cheese is aged in a 18th century villa, in traditional subterranean caves. 

  • L'Oro di Gragnano
  • La Casa del Tè

    La Casa del Tè

    La Casa del te is a cultural association dedicated to the cultivation, transformation, promotion and enhancement of the tea and its traditions.They are part of Guinness Book Records for over 2 times for having collected more than 600 varieties of tea from all over the world and for the largest teapot and teacup in the world.

  • La Collina dei Ciliegi

    La Collina dei Ciliegi

    Born out of Gianollis’ passion for land, farming and wine, La Collina dei Ciliegi's winery sits on the Valpantena hills near Verona, a 45-hectare estate adorned with sprawling vineyards and lush cherry trees, hence its idyllic name (which translates to cherry tree hill).

  • La Fabbrica della Pasta
  • La Fabbrica della Pasta di Gragnano

    La Fabbrica della Pasta di Gragnano

    Gragnano, in the Campania region, has been the heart of production for artisanally-made durum wheat pasta for centuries. 

  • La Gallinara

    La Gallinara

    The company born in 1984 as a small family business producing Ligurian food specialities. Their flagship is the ‘Pesto alla Genovese’ produced with the most important ingredient of the recipe, the Genovese POD Basil certified by the Consortium. Their goal is manufacturing Ligurian and Mediterranean specialities using high-quality raw material coming from the territory, and following the Italian traditional recipes.

  • La Glacere

    La Glacere

    Glacere - ‘glacier’ in Italian - is where ice from the nearby lake was traditionally stored in the small town of Sopracastello, where the aptly named La Glacere lovingly handcraft their San Daniele prosciutto. 

  • La Malva Rosa

    La Malva Rosa

    Born from a love of carefully selected raw materials, research of ancient traditions and recipes and of course, a passion for good food, La Malva Rosa celebrates pure, simple and genuine Italian cuisine.

  • La Molisana

    La Molisana

    One of the first pastificios in Italy, La Molisana has opened their doors in 1912, with the philosophy to put quality and ingredients first. And their motto still stands today. 

  • La Tua Pasta

    La Tua Pasta

    An amazing pastificio of handmade Pasta. Simple, natural and delicious ingredients are one of the keys to their success.

  • Lavazza


    The history of Lavazza starts with a small grocery store that was opened by Luigi Lavazza in 1895, in the historic district of Turin. The small shop specialised in roasting and selling coffee, and in 1927 became what is now known as Luigi Lavazza S.p.A.

  • Le Battistelle

    Le Battistelle

    Soft hills, warm colours and boundless vineyards limited only by the rise of the mighty Alps. This is Veneto, the Italian Region where Soave-wine is one of the undisputed kings. The vine-clad hills of Soave have been recognised as a big part of Italy’s historical and rural heritage, and the vineyards are the largest and oldest specialised area in Veneto. This Veronese D.O.C. was the first Italian wine to be given an award by the National Observatory for the Rural Landscape and Traditional Agricultural Practices and Lore, set up by the Ministry of Agriculture.

  • Le Conserve della Nonna
  • Le Furezze

    Le Furezze

    Furezze is a Venetian dialect term for delicacy or deliciousness, an apt name for a company who make artisan biscuits straight from the heart. Carefully selecting the ingredients they use by paying close attention to their origin (lots of research and always local!), each pack of biscuits, whether salty or sweet, is full of light, delicate flavours.

  • Le Vigne di San Pietro

    Le Vigne di San Pietro

    The Le Vigne di San Pietro estate is located on a unique island of land on the rocky hills of Lake Garda. The location is not just stunningly picturesque, but boasts soil exceptionally suited for the production of wine grapes. 

  • Loison
  • Luzi Foods

    Luzi Foods

    Luzi Foods specialises in selecting the best organic flours, grains, legumes and pulses, offering a wide variety of choice, and working especially with wholegrain and ancient varieties. Their farro or barley pastas and grains are incredibly tasty and their semolina wheat is textured and delicious. The perfect choice for all your healthy creations!  

  • Mad4italy


    Mad4italy passion are the traditional products of the Italian cuisine: olive oil, pasta, sauces, still and sparkling wines, liquors, beers, beverages and sweets. 

    Their mission is to extend the excellence of the authentic Italian product to the world.

    Mad4italy also combines design and food quality: the packaging and the shapes are studied and designed to add value to the products.

    They offer you an unforgettable journey full of flavors, scents, craftsmanship and traditions by visiting our homeland through the selection of the best products among the local delicacies.

  • Marisa Cuomo

    Marisa Cuomo

    Stretching along 10 hectares of land, the grapes growing at Marisa Cuomo's estate, in a village clinging on to the Amalfi coast, are nurtured by the magical hands of the sun and sea. 

  • Matilde Vincenzi
  • Mazzoleni
  • Mazzoleni Formaggi

    Mazzoleni Formaggi

    Today, the company Mazzoleni is led with the same passion and care by Livio Mazzoleni, grandson of the founder Ernesto, along with Laura's sister and the wife Danila. Taleggio is still the heart of the company's production. The most important stages of the Taleggio cheese production are still carried out manually by expert cheesemakers. As in the case of salting, strictly dry, it's realised cheese wheel by cheese wheel with wise patience.

  • MokaJenne Torrefazione

    MokaJenne Torrefazione

    Moka J-Enne is one of the first coffee shops opened in Italy at the end of the '800 century, representing an irreplaceable legacy of artisan culture and manufacturing excellence. Moka J-Enne is now part of the Unione Imprese Storiche Italiane, a union of historical Italian companies which are fine examples of ‘Made in Italy’ and have proved long-running and reliable, with at least 100 years of uninterrupted and ethically sound business. 

  • Molino Quaglia

    Molino Quaglia

    Molino Quaglia is a family business that from 1914 has milled only the finest grains.

    Is it possible for technology and tradition to live together over time? Yes, if they co-exist in a person's mind and temperament. In this case that person is Annito Quaglia, who lived through an era when wheat was chosen from experience matured through instinct, a ferryman towards the future of a company that has grown on the market little by little, committed to the same values as when it was still a small wooden mill on the Adige river.

  • Monari Federzoni

    Monari Federzoni

    Popular all over the world, Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale (or balsamic vinegar to most of us) often costs more than a bottle of wine (if you want the real deal). In the city of Modena, Elena Monari began making balsamic vinegar in 1912, for her humble little shop. 

  • Monelli


    A young and dynamic company, Monelli drinks are created with the barman in mind. An exciting array of fizzy drinks that offer an exotic touch to standard sodas. Sweet, sparkling and lively packaged, these are winners both inside and outside the bottle. Fully Made-in-Italy, quality is at the root of all their drinks, using the best possible ingredients, chosen and combined to create an unforgettable flavour.

  • Monolí
  • Morandin


    The Pastry-Chef Mauro Morandin is one of the few stars of Italian pastries that can boast the care of entire supply chains, in his laboratory in Saint-Vincent he produces fresh and dry cakes, leavened, confectionery and chocolate, pralines and bars in purity obtained directly transforming the cocoa beans. He personally selects with care any raw materials and is fond of ancient methods of working, staying firmly in the tradition but with an eye projected innovation and research.

  • Mozzarella De Luca

    Mozzarella De Luca

    De Luca Mozzarella is a family-owned organic mozzarella producer with a bio-dynamic approach to cheese production.

    The family has been producing mozzarella cheese in Italy since 1940, and we are now the third generation cheese company located in Lazio region, close to the ancient city of Rome.

  • Nino Gandolfo

    Nino Gandolfo

    Nino Gandolfo: Unique in making the difference!

  • Olio di Fousseni

    Olio di Fousseni

    Olio di Fousseni was founded out of a passion to promote real, high quality Sicilian food and culinary traditions, but above all, to bring the local tastes and flavours of native food and wild herbs to dining tables all around the world.

    Their products are produced in a way that preserves the natural scents, colour and traditions of the Mediterranean, Sicily and its influences, combined with a range of spices and herbs that enhance the flavour.

  • Orominerva


    At Orominerva, the wisdom of tradition combines with innovative technologies to make the most of the precious gifts that the soil of Molise region has to offer. 

  • Pala
  • Palmento Costanzo

    Palmento Costanzo

    A great producer from Sicily, Italy. The Costanzos came here in 2011 from Catania and restored the "palmento" (the world for the olive millstone which gave the farm its name). All of the wines are certified organic.

  • PaneAngeli
  • Panizzi Courmayeur

    Panizzi Courmayeur

    Homemade yogurt that is simple and natural. Made with milk of producer's cows in a variety of flavors that make it a must-eat yoghurt for anyone.

  • Parovel


    Their passion for the earth and its delicious fruits - grapes and olives in particular - was first publicised in 1976, when dad Zoran became the first in the area to offer its local wines in bottles. And so the Parovel style became popular, famous for its freshness, candour and authenticity, developed according to the rhythm and evolution of nature and man.

  • Pasta Marilungo
  • Pasticceria Fraccaro

    Pasticceria Fraccaro

    The Fraccaro’s history was born between the marvelous venetian lands, from centuries of enterprise, beauty and nobility.The base ingredient of this success lies in the skilful and accurate processing of cake mixtures and the recipes used. This passion has been kept alive to this day: the Fraccaro products are still made using artisan methods in this small family business, with the same aromas and atmosphere of eighty six years ago.

    Pasticceria Fraccaro BIO is a line of products made of completely natural, organic and pesticide-free raw materials, sourdough , no coloring agents and preservatives used. They prefer milled flours on small stone mills as they maintain their nutritional qualities and guarantee a higher percentage of fibers, mineral salts, vitamins and wheat germ. The eggs come from farms where the hens are raised outdoors and are fed exclusively with feed from organic farming. The butter used is produced by hand, without adding preservatives and dyes but rich in beneficial lactic ferments and active ingredients. The same attention is placed in the selection of candied fruit, sultanas, barley malt, cane sugar, agave syrup and natural flavors all strictly from organic farming.

  • Pastificio Carmiano

    Pastificio Carmiano

    The pasta company of Carmiano, operating in Gragnano, treasures over 500 years of passion and excellence, scrupulously observing the secret techniques of pasta production passed down through generations. 

  • Pastificio Fontana

    Pastificio Fontana

    Inspired by local traditions and Italy's long-standing history of pasta, Pastificio Fontana's pastas combine fresh, locally sourced ingredients with modern technology and production techniques. 

  • Peccati Di Capri
  • Piaceri Italiani
  • Plasmon
  • Podere della Bruciata

    Podere della Bruciata

    They are dedicated young wine artisans seeking for excellence.
    They are Tuscans through generations and respectful of their traditions but always having an eye to the future. Their cultivation method received the Organic Certification and wines are vinified naturally with indigenous yeasts, with little use of sulphites.

  • Podere Santa Bianca

    Podere Santa Bianca

    Claudio and Benedetta live and work together for  8 years at Podere Santa Bianca, a historical farmhouse located in Tuscany. Over the past years, they have learned all the secrets of a perfect flora's distillation. Everything at Santa Bianca is the product of passion, curiosity and a pioneering spirit. The blends they produce are 100% natural and organic certified - nothing else is added, not even the medications allowed by organic standards.

  • Poli
  • Poretti
  • Professor Cescon

    Professor Cescon

    The company was founded in the late 1950’s by Ivan Cescon. At that time, Ivan was employed as a biologist, researcher and Professor at the University of Milan. Although he moved to Milan, he never forgot his hometown in the Treviso area. He became very passionate about wine and with time, viticulture became his main employment and he left Milan.

  • Prosciuttificio Bedogni

    Prosciuttificio Bedogni

    Prosciuttificio Bedogni is located in Langhirano, near Parma, in the Emilia Romagna region. 

  • Pujje
  • Riso Principe
  • Ruliano Salumi

    Ruliano Salumi

    Dry-cured ham is a bit like Champagne: Although they're all called champagne, each winery is unique, with its own characteristics. The same applies to dry-cured hams: always look at the manufacturer and brand, because each manufacturer has its own processing system that strongly determines the quality of the product.

  • Salsicciamo


    Salsicciamo delivers authentic and flavoursome Italian sausages in the UK, made by Italians in the traditional Italian way; therefore offering the freshest possible produce direct to the UK market.

  • Salumificio Peveri

    Salumificio Peveri

    Shop online the "Salumificio Peveri" products. You can find a wide range of cured ham and italian salami.

  • Salumificio Squisito

    Salumificio Squisito

    This is a truly artisanal producer where the artisan pork butcher, Angelo Capasso, personally crafts and ages all of his salumi. He pays particular attention to always using only the most essential ingredients, standing by the age-old Italian phrase that "less is more". Natural, simple food made with passion results in an incredible, unique taste.

  • Salumificio Suppa

    Salumificio Suppa

    The Suppa family started their activity in the meat industry in 1900, as butchers for the small villages in Calabria. Today the company produce traditional Calabrian salami and, thanks to the introduction of modern and innovative techniques, they are also specialised in the production of halal-certified beef salami.

  • San Benedetto

    San Benedetto

    San Benedetto Group is the leading Italian-owned company in the market. It is active in over 100 countries. The story of a great 100% Italian brand. 

  • San Carlo

    San Carlo

    80 years ago, in 1936, Francesco Vitaloni opens in Via Lecco 18, in Milan, the "Rotisserie San Carlo" named after the nearby church of San Carlo al Lazzaretto. The store stands out soon for a revolutionary specialties, the "crispy fries" that are distributed daily to bakeries and bars in the district. 

  • Sergio Arrigoni
  • Tenuta degli Ultimi

    Tenuta degli Ultimi

    In the heart of the prosecco production, Tenuta degli Ultimi's bubbly captures the soul of the land, and with the perfect setting and age-old techniques, there's good reason as to why Veneto is the most productive wine area in Italy.

  • Tenuta del Paguro

    Tenuta del Paguro

    In 1998, around 2,000 bottles of the 1907 Champagne Monopole Hiedsieck Diamant cuvee were recovered from a shipwreck in the Gulf of Finland. They were auctioned off as a novelty all around the world, but little did anyone know what a revelation this wine would be. 

  • Tenuta J. Hofstätter
  • Tenuta Le Potazzine

    Tenuta Le Potazzine

    One of Montalcino’s top estates, Le Potazzine's vineyards are among the three highest in the area, reaching 1,663 feet above sea level. These vineyards stretch over five hectares, all destined to produce Brunello wine. While three are located near the cellar, the remaining two are situated further south, planted in 1996 - the same year that Sofia was born.

  • Tenuta Mara
  • Tenuta Venterra

    Tenuta Venterra

    Olive trees that grow in the farm of Tenuta Venterra, a family run business exclusively dedicated to the production of premium quality extra virgin olive oil. Using delicate cold-pressed methods and same-day milling to process their oil means that they maintain a unique, natural freshness. A kitchen staple that's famously rich in nutrients, olive oil reminds us that eating is experiencing a part of history, culture and tradition.

  • Tenute Olbios

    Tenute Olbios

    Tenute Olbios winery is in Gallura, on the north-east side of Sardinia, a territory particularly favourable to the production of the white grape variety Vermentino, in fact, this area has acquired the only DOCG of Sardinia: Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, which is also the only Denomination in the world where Vermentino is the main grape Variety. The characteristic of this territory is the soil particularly rich in granite, which provides the Vermentino di Gallura wines with a natural and prominent minerality, acidity and salinity. The particular micro-climate, the proximity to the sea, just a few kilometers away from the vineyards, and the consequent and constant salty sea breeze, also have an important and positive impact on Tenute Olbios grapes farming and wine production.

  • Terra Aqua

    Terra Aqua

    Terra Aqua is synonymous with natural, genuine Italian jams. These gourmet products, based on ancient recipes,originate from Sicilian mono-variety fruits, selected in person and processed by hand at the right level of ripeness.

  • Terre sul Dirillo

    Terre sul Dirillo

    Terre sul Dirillo Società Agricola was founded in 2011 by two young entrepreneurs with a passion for their local territory and agricultural production. Their olive groves are located on an ancient field where cattle used to roam, situated close to the river Dirillo, which provides the perfect setting for 4,000 luscious olive trees, both centuries-old and newly planted.

  • Teruzzi
  • Toscobosco


    Italy is renowned for both its art and for its food, but what happens if you combine the two, and put art straight into the kitchen? That's the inspiration behind Toscobosco, a company who celebrates the finest ingredient of Italian cuisine: truffles.

  • Tre Marie
  • Usiglian del Vescovo

    Usiglian del Vescovo

    Around the hills of Lucca, the owners produce wines full of characters with local grapes as well as supertuscan style, adopting modern vinification practices. A hidden gem that will surprise you, Usiglian del Vescovo offers wines of outstanding quality. 

  • Valfrutta
  • Vigna Dorata Franciacorta

    Vigna Dorata Franciacorta

    Production at the Vigna Dorata farm bestows on all its wines the gift of attention to detail and love and care for the fruits of one’s own land. Cultivation of Chardonnay and Pinot Nero started in 1980 when the family decided to dedicate itself to the world of wine and give up the mixed farming started at the beginning of the last century. The Vigna Dorata brand was created in 1995 when the company’s first bottle with secondary fermentation was officially produced. Each bubble encapsulates the passion, the pride and the emotion of making excellent wine: a work of the hand and the heart. 

  • Villa Sandi

    Villa Sandi

    Villa Sandi’s long history, tradition and devotion to winemaking not only marks them as an iconic premium Prosecco producer, but their extensive knowledge and expertise has also contributed to the incredible rise of Prosecco over the last decade, allowing this Italian treasure to become one of the most appreciated wines all over the world.

  • Villani Carni & Salumi

    Villani Carni & Salumi

    Villani Carni & Salumi family business is now in its third generation of animal production and processing, with their artisanal craftsmanship and traditional techniques being passed down from father to son.

    With an array of different salami, sausages and cold cuts, this is the go-to Italian butcher for exceptional quality meat.

    All their products are also lactose-free and gluten-free - a real comment on the purity of their products. With nothing extra added, just incredible quality meat.

  • Vincenzo Caputo

    Vincenzo Caputo

    The story of Vincenzo Caputo starts in the 1930's, when young Vincenzo would buy the best local dried fruit to sell it all over Italy. Today, quality and sourcing policy remain the same, but making use of a modern factory that can offer the latest technology, still with tradition firmly rooted, to offer the best and freshest dried fruit available.

  • Vis