Sicilian Lemon IGP 500gr (£5.50)
  • Sicilian Lemon IGP 500gr (£5.50)

Lemon Amalfi (500g)


You have never tried real lemons, unless you've tasted Sicilian lemons.

Brought to Italy by the Arabs from across the Mediterranean Sea, the lemons found their resting place on the Isle of Sicily and never looked back. Known as the lemon capital of the world, many Sicilians say that no lemon is a true lemon unless grown on Sicilian soil. The volcanic ground helps provide the lemons with a unique flavour that is yet to be rivaled from around the world. The citrus fruit, known for its sourness and sweetness, has been part of recipebooks across Italy for generations. Whether it is a light squirt over the top of some chargrilled fish on the coast, or the strong zing within a Pannacotta, the zesty fruit is sure to not disappoint. Away from food, who can forget Limoncello. The classic way to finish a meal.

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Ingredients: Lemon.


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