Culatta Ham "Don Romualdo" Sliced (80G) - Salumeria Peveri


A prestigious italian charcuterie product, produced in the traditional artisan method

Culatta is made exclusively from selected, heavy-weight national pig hind legs. Only selected national heavy pigs are used to produce it, and the processing operations must take place in the lowlands of Parma and Piacenza only. The slice colour is intense red, with fat white in the exterior; the aroma is an intense fragrance of cellar seasoning; and the taste is soft and sweet like Parma Ham, but with a consistent taste like Culatello. This product comes in vacuum pack.

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Ingredients: Pork, salt, spices, flavorings. Preservatives: potassium nitrate

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Freshly sliced and sealed in vacuum pack on the dispatch day. Shelf life is 10 days from packing, as per vacuum pack regulation.


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