Garlic Salame sliced - vacuum packed (80g)
  • Garlic Salame sliced - vacuum packed (80g)

Garlic Salame sliced (80g) - La Glacere


This salami is cured with fresh chopped garlic, which gives it a distinctive flavour. It's great on pizza, for sandwiches and also delicious on its own as a cold meat or when served with apple and sweet pickle.

Typical Friulian salami, obtained from the finest cuts of pork. When cut, a smooth, compact slice, from coarse grinding. The taste and aroma are enhanced by the right balance between garlic, wine, salt and black pepper. This product comes in vacuum pack.

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Ingredients: Pork, pork fat, salt, spieces, aromas, dextrose, sucrose, additive E300, preservatives E252-E250. GLUTEN-FREE

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Freshly sliced and sealed in vacuum pack on the dispatch day. Shelf life is 10 days from packing, as per vacuum pack regulation.
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