tagliatelle-250g-Pasta-cook-italy-pasta marilungo
  • tagliatelle-250g-Pasta-cook-italy-pasta marilungo

Tagliatelle (250g) - Pasta Marilungo


Ribbon-like strips pasta type, commonly served with pork or beef, as well as ragu alla bolognese sauce

This pasta type is prepared with exceptional artisanal care and dried at low temperature. Only premium quality durum wheat and free-range farm eggs, both exclusively sourced from Marche, Umbria and Tuscany, are used. The minimal cooking time, which takes less than two minutes, allows Pasta Marilungo to maintain its nutritional and organoleptic qualities. Famously paired with bolognese sauce (Ragu alla Bolognese), is a versatile option which can also be eaten with fresh pesto, or a mushroom sauce.



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Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina and fresh pasteurised eggs (37%)


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